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WayForward Confirms Mighty Switch Force 2 For 3DS

Posted by Andy Green

Forcing its way into the 3DS eShop

Mighty Switch Force has been a successful title for WayForward Technologies. The 2D platformer has been in the 3DS eShop since 2011, and recently an updated HD version came out on the Wii U eShop in the form of Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition.

In an interview with Destructoid, director at WayForward Austin Ivansmith announced that Mighty Switch Force would be getting a sequel — and it'll be in the 3DS eShop in the first or second quarter of this year.

Patricia Wagon is set to feature, though apparently she won't be doing her usual police work — maybe she's had a career change?

In other WayForward news, the developer has confirmed via Twitter that Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition will soon be released on the Wii U eShop in Australia.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming release of Mighty Switch Force 2? Will this be something you'll be downloading? Let us know in the comments section below.


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User Comments (39)



BenAV said:

Great news.
Mighty Switch Force! is my favourite eShop title, so definitely looking forward to what a sequel might be like.



allav866 said:

I'm looking forward to this, but I'm still wondering about that sequel for Shantae they announced a while back.



Prof_Clayton said:

I honestly didn't love this game. The platforming just felt... uninspired and easy. All you had to do was take your time to win, but most people rushed to get a good time.
But the visuals are certainly top-notch as well as the overall production values. But please include a noticeable story and / or tutorial please.



FineLerv said:

How about confirming Mighty Switch Force for the Wii U in Australia first?



Emaan said:

Yay! A sequel! I really liked the original game, especially its groovy soundtrack. Looking forward to the new one.



SirQuincealot said:

good news, looking forward to this, i would, like to see it be a little longer though, and if they added the challenge mode from the wii version that would completly sell me on it



EpicMegaman64 said:

This will be a day one download for me. Hopefully the soundtrack will be just as amazing as it was for the first game. I agree with SirQuincealot, this game needs to be longer than the last.



lebad said:

Great I've just downloaded the HD version from European eshop which is 4.99€



Znerd said:

man wayforward is really on it when it comes to these games cant for more



Gate_Shikimuri said:

Dude, just because they said sequel doesn't mean it's Mighty Switch Force 2. Has everybody forgotten Mighty Flip Champs and Mighty Milky Way already?



Smitherenez said:

More MSF Loved the 3DS version and I just bought the WiiU version for more platforming goodness.



parutena said:

@speedyExpertist Austin Ivansmith definitely said Switch Force 2. The Destructoid link has a short bit of the interview. The entire interview is really cool, I encourage everyone to watch it. He also mentions that Pirate's Curse was announced a bit earlier than they would have normally done b/c Nintendo Power asked them to be on the cover. I don't want to butcher what Ivansmith says further so, again, I encourage everyone to watch it when they release the full interview!



Windy said:

A treat seems to be announced everyday! Great news and a great soon to be series!



brandonbwii said:

The problem I have is that Pirate's Curse and Switch Force 2 may come to Wii U. If that's the case then I've just wasted my money on the inferior version.

Then again what if it DOESN'T come to Wii U, I mean, how long should I hold on to my wait and see approach?

It's like when Devil Survivor Overclocked was released on 3DS, then Devil Survivor 2 came to DS. I then waited for an Overclocked 2 and that never happened. Ugh, frustration, who to trust?



Vallu said:

I'm so hyped about this. I have both 3DS and WiiU version of the first game, I can't wait for this!



Yasume said:

Yes Yes Yessss!! I love you, Wayforward. Make sure to give this one an amazing soundtrack as well.



Drawdler said:

Meh. Never cared much for the original, and I still don't see why it's regarded so greatly to this day. I agree with @Prof_Clayton's thoughts on the game. I'm going to skip out on this sequel because I just don't like the game.



Henmii said:

Good news! Mighty switch force was pretty fun, though I have yet to finish it!



LordessMeep said:

The first was great, I was hoping they would bring the second one to the 3DS! That soundtrack was incredible. But this game needs to be longer.



Royalblues said:

I will faithfully buy that game on the first hour of the first day it becomes available. WayForward knows how to make games. I expect the same level of awesome music.
And while they're at making Mighty sequels, make a sequel to Mighty Milky Way!!



aaronsullivan said:

Finally got to play this game because of the Wii U version. I'm really digging it. How can Patty leave the police force though!? I love the little cops and robbers it has going.

I've seen it said before, but I believe WayForward really could make a very interesting 2D Metroid game. I'd like to see what they'd do with it.

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