Now that the Holiday season has passed many would be forgiven for fantasizing about warmer days of summer — unless you're reading this from the southern hemisphere, in which case we hope you're enjoying the warm season. A popular pastime in the hot months of the year is heading to a theme park for some roller coaster fun, something that Big John Games and Gamers Digital hope to recreate in their upcoming 3DS eShop release, Coaster Creator 3D.

This title is due to arrive on the platform soon, with a final release date currently being agreed, and promises to bring roller coaster creation, customisation and sharing to the platform. It'll include a career mode with 20 design challenges, with unlockable theme park locations, decals and similar extras. The main feature for creative thrill seekers will be the Coaster Sandbox, which combines with the Track Editor to allow quick and easy customisation of rides, with options to run 3D simulations and also edit the surrounding park environment. Throw in something called the Star Roller game to ride the tracks, along with QR code sharing, and this may be a download to watch.

It'll be interesting to go hands-on and see whether the concept works well in practice, and we may not have too long to wait and find out. The video below does show the track editor in action, so have a watch and let us know whether you'll be keeping your eye on this particular attraction.