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  • News Nintendo Launches Official Nintendo Power Podcast

    Now you’re playing with power!

    One of the most celebrated publications in gaming history is that of Nintendo Power, the long running magazine that covered all things Nintendo. Though the changing times ultimately led to the magazine’s demise, it’s legacy has still been fondly remembered by the community, with projects like Nintendo Force...

  • News Nintendo Files Patent for a 'Passive Walking Device'

    Probably not for a LEGS sequel to ARMS

    Nintendo's made it clear for many months that it is still looking at ways to expand its business outside of video games. We haven't seen any recent firm updates on the 'Quality of Life' initiative, but it seems the company is exploring options to produce products with potential medical or scientific uses. In...

  • Watch The Game Awards - Live!

    Will Nintendo be big winners?

    The Game Awards are here, a rather enjoyable annual event in which lots of games are praised, we roll our eyes at some annoying commercials, and many jokes are made in the live chat. It's a tradition we wouldn't miss for the world, and Nintendo has a good chance of winning lots of awards; perhaps there'll be a reveal or...

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RUMOR: New Super Mario U and Luigi U may be Switch-bound this year.
Quick, before the mods come!

Quick, before the mods come!

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Feeling sad about Wii U, but also loving it very much
SSBU Pre Order

SSBU Pre Order

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Switch Physical Boxed Games List & Release Dates (US & CA)
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Pokemon GO Friend Codes

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch

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