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  • Watch The Game Awards - Live!

    Will Nintendo be big winners?

    The Game Awards are here, a rather enjoyable annual event in which lots of games are praised, we roll our eyes at some annoying commercials, and many jokes are made in the live chat. It's a tradition we wouldn't miss for the world, and Nintendo has a good chance of winning lots of awards; perhaps there'll be a reveal or...




  • News Nintendo is Now 128 Years Old

    From Hanafuda playing cards to video game world domination

    On September 23rd, 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi established the Nintendo Playing Card Company in Kyoto. Over one century later and a couple of Yamauchi generations since, would he have ever believed that we are now associating the word Nintendo with a pair of plumbing brothers and their strangely...

  • Review It's All Business As We Play Monopoly Gamer

    Monopoly meets Mario Party

    A few months ago Hasbro and Nintendo announced a brand-new board game: Monopoly Gamer. After a first glance of the packaging we instantly thought it’d be yet another skinned Monopoly board. However, after watching a video of how the game works it's easy to be sold on the idea. Monopoly Gamer isn’t just a Super...

  • News FIFA 18 Will Cost Less On The Nintendo Switch In Australia

    Bucking the "Switch Tax" trend

    The year is 2017 and Nintendo Switch owners are paying more for their games than people are on rival platforms. The unfortunate term “Switch Tax” has been coined to explain why certain developers and publishers are upping their prices for games released on Nintendo’s latest system. The whole issue as we’ve...

  • Random Enjoy A Nice Bowl Of Grape Nuts And You Could Win A Nintendo Switch

    It's a super cereal promotion!

    We normally start out our day with a lovely big bowl of SEGA's Gold Rings, but if you'd like to win a Switch then you might want to try out a bowl of Honey Bunches.  Nintendo has teamed up with Post Cereals to slap Mario's face on the box and give lucky customers a chance to win a Switch.  PR as...

  • News Not One But Two Prototypes For NES Sim City Are Discovered

    Bowser sighted off the 8-bit coast!

    One of the holy grails of NES gaming archaeology has been spotted in the wild! Nintendo had negotiated the rights from Maxis to produce Sim City for their 8-bit hardware and while the original Super Nintendo version is acclaimed as one of the very best iterations of Will Wright's city-building opus, all the...












  • Feature Our Spooky Halloween Gaming Plans

    Not all Nintendo games, either - the horror...

    Well, it's Halloween at last. With a night of trick or treating and dangerously high sugar consumption ahead, some of you may be throwing some gaming into your evening. We've already listed 20 Wii U and 3DS games that could fit the bill, but now our writing team wants to share its recent gaming...

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