• Gallery Breaking The Seal On Retro-Bit's 'Undercover Cops' Reissue

    One of the rarest Super Famicom games lives again

    Irem's Undercover Cops is one of the most expensive Super Famicom titles, regularly changing hands for $200 just for the loose cartridge. However, Retro-Bit has come to our rescue with a reissue of the game which comes with a bunch of other goodies that collectors will want to check out. Retro-Bit...

  • Random This Normal-Looking LEGO SNES Is Secretly Four Robots


    Baron von Brunk is at it again. We know that sounds like the beginning of a video game about shooting evil guys who definitely aren't Nazis but kind of are, but Baron von Brunk is a REAL MAN, whose actual name is Julius von Brunk, and he makes LEGO transformers. He's made a LEGO Game Boy Transformer, a LEGO N64 Transformer, a








  • News Super Coder Speeds Up Yet Another SNES Classic

    Konami's Axelay benefits from the FastROM treatment

    Remember Brazilan coder Vitor Vilela? He's been making it his quest to fix SNES games that are plagued with slowdown, and he's already worked his magic on titles such as Contra III, Super R-Type and Super Mario World. The issue is that th

  • News PlayStation's Ken Kutaragi "Never" Considered Nintendo To Be A Competitor

    "We were workmates"

    Before the existence of the PlayStation, Sony worked with Nintendo on a CD-ROM drive for the Super Famicom. Nintendo decided to pull the plug on the device, and so Sony entered the console business by itself - becoming a direct rival and industry powerhouse. With this in mind, “The Father of PlayStation” Ken Kutaragi...

  • Guide Best SNES / Super Nintendo RPGs

    Flame spells at the ready!

    The expansive software library of Nintendo’s 16-bit powerhouse wasn’t short of any of the most popular genres of the '90s, and perhaps least of all RPGs. Intense strategy, whimsical adventure, tear-jerking goodbyes to characters you’ve spent months with… the SNES has it all. And that makes compiling a list of ten...

  • Anniversary It's Super Mario RPG's 25th Birthday!

    Don't get too excited - Nintendo likely won't do anything for this one, either

    Let's just ignore the woeful approach of the end of Mario's 35th anniversary, or the completely-ignored 35th anniversary of the Zelda series for a moment. 2021 is also a big year for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

  • News Store Your SNES Games In Style With These Rather Fetching Book-Like Cases

    "No more shoeboxes or shady repros"

    Ah, the SNES. What a machine, eh? Home to some of the greatest video games of all time, this legendary 16-bit console still gets plenty of action in the Nintendo Life office – but, after more than 30 years, we have to admit that many of the games we load up are loose carts, largely because SNES software...





  • Poll Box Art Brawl #68 - Super Mario World

    It's a Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario World

    Welcome back, you beautiful bunch, to Box Art Brawl — our regular poll to find out which of two or more vintage video game cover variants from around the globe is the best, better than all the rest (diew, diew, diew-diew, diew), better than anyone we ever met. Last time we watched F-Zero take itself to the...

  • Video A Look At Ocean Software's Cancelled SNES Game Green Lantern

    That never got the green light

    Green Lantern might not be remembered for much other than a failed movie starring Ryan Reynolds over the past decade, but long before this in the early '90s, British developer Ocean Software was working on a licensed Super Nintendo video game for the DC Comics hero. This unreleased project has been largely shrouded in...

  • Hardware Classics Super Famicom

    Still super after all these years

    To many, it's the greatest video game console ever made. The Super Famicom — or Super Nintendo Entertainment System as it is more commonly known outside of its native Japan — is host to some of the finest pieces of interactive entertainment ever made. It was on this console that Nintendo refined so many of the...

  • Poll Rate Your Favourite SNES Games

    Help us assemble the top 50 Super NES games ever

    It varies from person to person, of course, but your favourite console generation is often the one you played most in childhood — in that impressionable pre-to-early teen sweet spot where a foundation of gaming memories are formed. That's when you play the classics you return to later in life for...

  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel #67 - F-Zero

    From zero to F-Zero

    Welcome to Box Art Brawl, the weekly vote to find out which of two or more regional box art variants has what it takes to win your hearts and minds. Last time we boarded the Halloween train with a trio of Resident Evil 0 covers. While Japan and North America scarpered to lock themselves in the WC when the ticket man came, the...


  • News The SNES Encyclopedia Is An Exhaustive Resource For Nintendo Fans

    Penned by Chris Scullion, no less!

    As long-time readers of this very site will be aware, Chris Scullion really knows his stuff. That's why we get him to fill these hallowed pages with lovely words; he's something of a boffin when it comes to the world of Nintendo, having worked at Official Nintendo Magazine during its heyday. Scullion has been...





  • Random Turns Out NBA Jam Has Been Cheating The Chicago Bulls All This Time

    "Make sure you pick the Pistons over the Bulls"

    If you're a Netflix subscriber, you'll no doubt have seen the excellent basketball documentary series, The Last Dance. It charts the incredible story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during one of the most exciting periods in the history of the sport. It also spends a bit of time covering the...

  • News Fan Turns Broken SNES Into A Working Switch Dock

    Even the eject button (kind of) works

    If you fancy a new project to take on while you're stuck at home, or if you happen to have a broken SNES already lying around, perhaps it's time to turn one into a custom, fully-working Switch dock? Remember last month when we shared Reddit user IMOKRUOK's work on a broken NES, which transformed the faulty...

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #49 - Bust-A-Move / Puzzle Bobble


    Welcome once again to Box Art Brawl, our weekly poll to discover which of three regional box art variants sits at the top of the tree. Last week we scrutinised Natsume's Wild Guns on Super NES. Following a classic Western-style gunfight, North America emerged from the smoke victorious, growling at second place Japan and third place...

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #48 - Wild Guns

    Wild world

    Welcome to Box Art Brawl, our weekly dust-up to find out which of three regional box art variants is the best. Last week it was Shadowrun's turn to battle itself. Japanese Shadowrun obliterated the competition with over 70% of your approval, leaving second-place North America and third-place Europe to mop up the remainder. This week...

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