Long before the American actor Paul Rudd joined the Avengers as Ant-Man, he actually starred in a commercial for the Super Nintendo - showcasing games like F-Zero, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Pilotwings and even SimCity.

With this in mind, Twitter user @ArtofNP - who is "obsessed" with archiving and sharing original Nintendo Power art, wants Paul Rudd to sign their Super Nintendo. They've got so tired of waiting for the opportunity to arise, that they're now offering to donate $1000 to a charity of anyone's choice if they can somehow get Paul Rudd to sign the SNES.

As much as we would love to help out here at Nintendo Life, unfortunately, Paul doesn't have social media and we've um...lost his mobile number, so we no longer have direct contact with him. That's why we're calling on the community in the hope it can turn this lifelong dream into a reality. So, if you happen to be a friend of Ant-Man, please pass on this message.

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