Green Lantern might not be remembered for much other than a failed movie starring Ryan Reynolds over the past decade, but long before this in the early '90s, British developer Ocean Software was working on a licensed Super Nintendo video game for the DC Comics hero.

This unreleased project has been largely shrouded in mystery up until now, but thanks to video game historians Liam Robertson and Frank Gasking - creator of Games That Weren't - we've now got our first look at the game in motion after all these years.

Ocean began working on Green Lantern in 1991 for multiple platforms but shelved it within months. By 1993, work started again on the project, this time for the SNES. It was a mixture of genres including a platformer, shoot 'em up and even made use of the Nintendo system's Mode 7 capabilities. A third iteration followed in 1995 and was eventually cancelled.

This third take borrowed the company's Jurassic Park 2 engine and aimed to be more faithful to the source material. It also swapped out Hal Jordan for the new Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, but was ultimately axed when DC Comics announced a "world altering" event for series, which also impacted the wider DC universe.

To get the entire rundown about this unreleased game, be sure to watch the Did You Know Gaming video above.