Undercover Cops Retro-Bit
Image: Nintendo Life

Irem's Undercover Cops is one of the most expensive Super Famicom titles, regularly changing hands for $200 just for the loose cartridge. However, Retro-Bit has come to our rescue with a reissue of the game which comes with a bunch of other goodies that collectors will want to check out.

Retro-Bit was kind enough to send us a sample of the North American version, and we've pulled together this gallery to show it off. As a refresher, this is what's contained within 'The Collectors Edition' ($69.99 / €64.99):

  • Undercover Cops SNES Collectible Cartridge Cover (NA & EU)
  • Outer Slipcover with exclusive artwork
  • Hard Embossed packaging
  • Full-coloured Instruction Manual
  • Undercover Cops SNES Cartridge in Mutant Red (NA & EU)
  • City Sweepers Edition Sticker Set
  • Crazy Chicken Acrylic Keychain
  • Individually Number Certificate of Authenticity
  • Special Operative Identification Profile Cards
  • Exclusive double-sided poster featuring original comic art
  • Collector’s Rosa Felmonde Vinyl Figure designed by Erick Scarecrow Toys