Super Mario World
Image: Nintendo

As you're likely aware, Nintendo bolstered the NES and SNES Switch Online line-ups with three new games, but there are a couple of other additions to check out. We have another two 'Special' editions to try, both for iconic games in the Super Nintendo app.

First up we have 'Champion Edition' in Super Punch-Out!!, which basically has all the circuits and content unlocked as if you'd fully beaten the game. Its execution is pretty basic; you need to select a save file called 'Nintendo' and everything is available.

A punchy line-up of 16 rivals!

In this special version of Super Punch-Out!!, you can take on every circuit and every opponent. On top of the MINOR CIRCUIT, MAJOR CIRCUIT, and WORLD CIRCUIT options, you can also select SPECIAL CIRCUIT, which is normally only available to those who have claimed victory in all other circuits. In SPECIAL CIRCUIT, challenges will face four boxers: Narcis Prince, Hoy Quarlow, Rick Bruiser, and Nick Bruiser. If you need to practice up, check TIME ATTACK MODE first! The highest SPECIAL CIRCUIT score among staff at the time of development was apparently 583,550. Think you can beat that?

Next up is Super Mario World, which similarly takes you into late-game.

Now you can see what lies beyond the Special World!

In the Super Mario World game, the look of the world helps give the game its atmosphere. This special version gives that look a twist. Once you clear the Special World and arrive back in Dinosaur Land, you'll notice things are a little different from how you remember them... Why not start a fresh adventure to see what this strange world has in store?

So there you have it, two more 'SP' versions to check out - let us know in the comments if you're planning to give these a whirl!