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  • Random Finally, Sonic The Hedgehog Spins Onto The Super Nintendo

    To be this good takes AGES!

    Ah, the good old playground arguments of the '90s. Which camp were you in? Even if you were a dedicated Super Nintendo owner with all of the wonderful exclusives that the system offered, it was hard not to be a little bit jealous of the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive's impressive library of games. And of course, the Mega Drive...

Sunday9th Aug 2020

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Sunday12th Jul 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #51 - Super Aleste / Space Megaforce

    A Megaforce to be reckoned with

    Welcome to Box Art Brawl, our weekly contest that pits three box art variants from around the world against each other in a fight for your vote. Last week observed three versions of ActRaiser 2 locked in combat. While Japan trailed from the very beginning, it was an exceptionally close fight between North America and...

Wednesday8th Jul 2020

Sunday5th Jul 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #50 - ActRaiser 2

    Raise your act

    Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, the weekly contest between box art variants from around the globe to find out which is the best, better than all the rest. Last week Puzzle Bobble, or Bust-a-Move as it's known in North America, graced us with its presence. It wasn't a contest, really - Japan absolutely stormed it with over two thirds...

Tuesday30th Jun 2020

Monday29th Jun 2020

  • News Fan Turns Broken SNES Into A Working Switch Dock

    Even the eject button (kind of) works

    If you fancy a new project to take on while you're stuck at home, or if you happen to have a broken SNES already lying around, perhaps it's time to turn one into a custom, fully-working Switch dock? Remember last month when we shared Reddit user IMOKRUOK's work on a broken NES, which transformed the faulty...

Sunday28th Jun 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #49 - Bust-A-Move / Puzzle Bobble


    Welcome once again to Box Art Brawl, our weekly poll to discover which of three regional box art variants sits at the top of the tree. Last week we scrutinised Natsume's Wild Guns on Super NES. Following a classic Western-style gunfight, North America emerged from the smoke victorious, growling at second place Japan and third place...

Sunday21st Jun 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #48 - Wild Guns

    Wild world

    Welcome to Box Art Brawl, our weekly dust-up to find out which of three regional box art variants is the best. Last week it was Shadowrun's turn to battle itself. Japanese Shadowrun obliterated the competition with over 70% of your approval, leaving second-place North America and third-place Europe to mop up the remainder. This week...

Sunday14th Jun 2020

  • News The Super Game Boy Is Now 26 Years Old

    Only for Super Nintendo

    If you're as old as some of us here are at Nintendo Life, you might have fond memories of the Super Game Boy. It was an adapter cartridge for the Super Nintendo that allowed you to play Game Boy and dual-mode Game Boy Color cartridges on the big screen - aka your television. Some games, like the Pokémon titles, even had...

Friday5th Jun 2020

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Thursday28th May 2020

  • News Blimey, Donkey Kong Country 2 Looks Lovely In HD

    The SNES classic gets a new lick of paint

    Thankfully, fans of the Donkey Kong Country series have been treated rather well over the past few years, with Donkey Kong Country Returns and its sequel Tropical Freeze launching across all of Nintendo's latest systems. We can't sing the praises of Tropical Freeze enough - se

Wednesday20th May 2020

Monday4th May 2020

Monday27th Apr 2020

  • Video Secret Of Mana Fan Creates Stunning 2D Animation Tribute

    Straight outta the '90s

    If you've been following the Mana series ever since Secret of Mana came to the SNES in the early '90s, you might want to prepare yourself for a wonderfully nostalgic trip down memory lane. YouTube user Benoit Tranchet has created a lovely 2D animation based on the classic RPG, releasing it on the platform just as the series'...

Friday24th Apr 2020

Tuesday21st Apr 2020

  • News Developer Creates New SNES Game In Just 10 Hours

    And you can play it for free

    It's not often you hear about developers working on new SNES games these days, and it's even rarer to hear about one that was fully created in just ten hours. 'Keeping SNES Alive' is a brand new game from developer Dr. Ludos, who recently released another game for the SNES called Yo-Yo Shuriken - which came on a...

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