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  • News A Rare SNES SA1 Demo Cartridge Has Been Found And Preserved

    Power preservation

    The Bit Wars were an intriguing time in gaming, particularly in the era of one-upmanship between the Super NES and the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis. While there could be arguments over sound chips, BLAST processing etc, we also saw special enhancement chips produced that'd go within the game cartridges to improve performance or make...

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  • News Super Coder Speeds Up Yet Another SNES Classic

    Konami's Axelay benefits from the FastROM treatment

    Remember Brazilan coder Vitor Vilela? He's been making it his quest to fix SNES games that are plagued with slowdown, and he's already worked his magic on titles such as Contra III, Super R-Type and Super Mario World. The issue is that th

Sunday21st Mar 2021

Tuesday9th Mar 2021

  • Anniversary It's Super Mario RPG's 25th Birthday!

    Don't get too excited - Nintendo likely won't do anything for this one, either

    Let's just ignore the woeful approach of the end of Mario's 35th anniversary, or the completely-ignored 35th anniversary of the Zelda series for a moment. 2021 is also a big year for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Tuesday2nd Mar 2021

  • News Store Your SNES Games In Style With These Rather Fetching Book-Like Cases

    "No more shoeboxes or shady repros"

    Ah, the SNES. What a machine, eh? Home to some of the greatest video games of all time, this legendary 16-bit console still gets plenty of action in the Nintendo Life office – but, after more than 30 years, we have to admit that many of the games we load up are loose carts, largely because SNES software...

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  • News The SNES Almost Got A Zelda-Style Back To The Future II RPG

    Great Scott!

    The Back To The Future movie franchise is one of Hollywood's most famous products of the '80s, and it should come as no surprise to find that it had its fair share of licenced video games. The original movie got a home computer adaptation in 1985 for the likes of the C64 and ZX Spectrum – as well as a later NES game in 1989 – and...

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  • News The PocketGo S30 Is Basically A SNES Pad That Plays Retro Games

    Nintendo will be pleased

    Update: A custom update is now available which solves many of the issues mentioned in this review. It smooths out the visuals, making them look less distorted (but sadly not pixel-sharp), and adds in better menu icons. There's a thriving market for emulator-based handhelds these days, with factories in China pumping out...

  • News How One Man Is Fixing The SNES' Biggest Weakness

    Slowdown, be gone

    The SNES is a legendary console, of that there can be absolutely no doubt. However, it did have one considerable weakness when compared to its main rival, the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis: the clock speed of its CPU. The Ricoh 5A22 which powers the console runs at 3.58 MHz, while Sega's 16-bit system has a Motorola 68000 running at...

Sunday20th Dec 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #72 - Tuff E Nuff

    Had E Nuff yet?

    Welcome all to the Box Art Brawl, our regular contest where we vote on regional cover art variants from the dim and distant past when you could only buy games in physical form. Last time, we observed an old-fashioned Pokémon battle with Pokémon Stadium 2 for the N64 in honour of its

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