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Wednesday20th Jan 2021

Friday15th Jan 2021

  • News The SNES Almost Got A Zelda-Style Back To The Future II RPG

    Great Scott!

    The Back To The Future movie franchise is one of Hollywood's most famous products of the '80s, and it should come as no surprise to find that it had its fair share of licenced video games. The original movie got a home computer adaptation in 1985 for the likes of the C64 and ZX Spectrum – as well as a later NES game in 1989 – and...

Tuesday12th Jan 2021

Tuesday5th Jan 2021

  • News The PocketGo S30 Is Basically A SNES Pad That Plays Retro Games

    Nintendo will be pleased

    Update: A custom update is now available which solves many of the issues mentioned in this review. It smooths out the visuals, making them look less distorted (but sadly not pixel-sharp), and adds in better menu icons. There's a thriving market for emulator-based handhelds these days, with factories in China pumping out...

  • News How One Man Is Fixing The SNES' Biggest Weakness

    Slowdown, be gone

    The SNES is a legendary console, of that there can be absolutely no doubt. However, it did have one considerable weakness when compared to its main rival, the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis: the clock speed of its CPU. The Ricoh 5A22 which powers the console runs at 3.58 MHz, while Sega's 16-bit system has a Motorola 68000 running at...

Sunday20th Dec 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #72 - Tuff E Nuff

    Had E Nuff yet?

    Welcome all to the Box Art Brawl, our regular contest where we vote on regional cover art variants from the dim and distant past when you could only buy games in physical form. Last time, we observed an old-fashioned Pokémon battle with Pokémon Stadium 2 for the N64 in honour of its

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Sunday22nd Nov 2020

Saturday21st Nov 2020

  • Hardware Classics The Super Famicom Is 30 Today

    Still super after all these years

    Originally published way back in March 2013, we thought we'd re-share this feature on the Super Famicom to commemorate its 30th birthday today. To many, it's the greatest video game console ever made. The Super Famicom — or Super Nintendo Entertainment System as it is more commonly known outside of its native...

Friday13th Nov 2020

  • Poll Rate Your Favourite SNES Games

    Help us assemble the top 50 Super NES games ever

    It varies from person to person, of course, but your favourite console generation is often the one you played most in childhood — in that impressionable pre-to-early teen sweet spot where a foundation of gaming memories are formed. That's when you play the classics you return to later in life for...

Sunday8th Nov 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel #67 - F-Zero

    From zero to F-Zero

    Welcome to Box Art Brawl, the weekly vote to find out which of two or more regional box art variants has what it takes to win your hearts and minds. Last time we boarded the Halloween train with a trio of Resident Evil 0 covers. While Japan and North America scarpered to lock themselves in the WC when the ticket man came, the...

Monday26th Oct 2020

  • News The SNES Encyclopedia Is An Exhaustive Resource For Nintendo Fans

    Penned by Chris Scullion, no less!

    As long-time readers of this very site will be aware, Chris Scullion really knows his stuff. That's why we get him to fill these hallowed pages with lovely words; he's something of a boffin when it comes to the world of Nintendo, having worked at Official Nintendo Magazine during its heyday. Scullion has been...

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Monday17th Aug 2020

  • Random Finally, Sonic The Hedgehog Spins Onto The Super Nintendo

    To be this good takes AGES!

    Ah, the good old playground arguments of the '90s. Which camp were you in? Even if you were a dedicated Super Nintendo owner with all of the wonderful exclusives that the system offered, it was hard not to be a little bit jealous of the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive's impressive library of games. And of course, the Mega Drive...

Sunday9th Aug 2020

Saturday25th Jul 2020

Sunday12th Jul 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #51 - Super Aleste / Space Megaforce

    A Megaforce to be reckoned with

    Welcome to Box Art Brawl, our weekly contest that pits three box art variants from around the world against each other in a fight for your vote. Last week observed three versions of ActRaiser 2 locked in combat. While Japan trailed from the very beginning, it was an exceptionally close fight between North America and...

Wednesday8th Jul 2020

Sunday5th Jul 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #50 - ActRaiser 2

    Raise your act

    Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, the weekly contest between box art variants from around the globe to find out which is the best, better than all the rest. Last week Puzzle Bobble, or Bust-a-Move as it's known in North America, graced us with its presence. It wasn't a contest, really - Japan absolutely stormed it with over two thirds...

Tuesday30th Jun 2020