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Thursday25th Nov 2021

  • News Music From Kirby Super Star Has Just Been Nominated For A Grammy

    'Meta Knight's Revenge'

    Today in 'headlines we didn't expect to be writing in 2021 – or indeed, ever', we bring you the news that a track from SNES classic Kirby Super Star (known as Kirby's Fun Pak in PAL regions) has been nominated for a Grammy. The prestigious awards ceremony is gearing up for its 64th event and the full list of 2022...

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Friday15th Oct 2021

  • Gallery Breaking The Seal On Retro-Bit's 'Undercover Cops' Reissue

    One of the rarest Super Famicom games lives again

    Irem's Undercover Cops is one of the most expensive Super Famicom titles, regularly changing hands for $200 just for the loose cartridge. However, Retro-Bit has come to our rescue with a reissue of the game which comes with a bunch of other goodies that collectors will want to check out. Retro-Bit...

Monday11th Oct 2021

  • Random This Normal-Looking LEGO SNES Is Secretly Four Robots


    Baron von Brunk is at it again. We know that sounds like the beginning of a video game about shooting evil guys who definitely aren't Nazis but kind of are, but Baron von Brunk is a REAL MAN, whose actual name is Julius von Brunk, and he makes LEGO transformers. He's made a LEGO Game Boy Transformer, a LEGO N64 Transformer, a

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Monday23rd Aug 2021

  • Guide Best Super Nintendo (SNES) Games

    As rated by you

    On the 30th anniversary of the Super Nintendo's North American launch, what better time to revisit this list of the best SNES games ever? Originally published this to coincide with the Japanese version of this milestone, below you'll find a sparkling lineup of 16-bit classics — as ranked by you, dear readers. Remember, this list...

  • Anniversary The SNES Launched In North America 30 Years Ago

    Excuse us while we crumble to dust

    On this day 30 years ago, the Super Nintendo launched in North America. Does that make you feel old? Because we feel positively ancient. The release followed hot on the heels of the Japanese launch of the Super Famicom in November 1990, with American gamers getting a redesigned console which swapped the lush...

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  • Video Remembering The Super Game Boy For SNES

    Look at all those custom borders!

    Back in the days of the SNES era, there was a device known as the Super Game Boy. If you're as old as some of us are here at NL towers, you might have some fond memories of the device. Basically, it was an adapter cartridge for the SNES that allowed you to play Game Boy and dual-mode GBC titles on the big screen...

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  • News Some Of The Original Terranigma Team Want To Revive The Classic SNES RPG

    Digital re-release or remaster, we don't mind...

    Despite only seeing release in Japan and Europe, 1995's Terranigma is regarded as one of the highlights of the SNES RPG library, and copies change hands for startling prices on the secondary market these days. Sadly, the game has never been re-released in any form, but that's something that some of...

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