Celeste Mario
Image: MarkAlarm

Remember the Super Mario Maker craze, when a bunch of masochistic platforming-obsessed players would show off their near-impossible levels? And then, just days later, some even more masochistic platforming-obsessed player would post a video of themselves beating it?

Well, now you can relive those glory days with this incredible combination of Super Mario and Celeste, released as its own game and dubbed the "lovechild of two incredible platformers" by its creator, MarkAlarm. Imagine Mario, but he can dash, wall-jump, and overcome an anxiety disorder. It's what we've always wanted!

The game was released to celebrate Celeste's fourth birthday, a milestone that Maddy Thorson, the director, wrote about, detailing the strangeness of associating the game's age with so many important things in her life that have happened before and since.

Here's the trailer for Celeste.smc:

"The hack is not meant to be a 1:1 recreation of Celeste, but more of a blend between it and Super Mario World. It combines standard kaizo mechanics with physics and design philosophies from Celeste, while still feeling like a Mario hack. Heavy inspiration is obviously taken from Celeste, though a lot of the hack includes my own design style which I found best combined the mechanics from the two games."

The hack took MarkAlarm "easily over 1,000 hours" and involved 22,000 lines of handwritten assembly code. MarkAlarm notes that it can be "rough on the hands", especially with an actual SNES controller. You can download the hack here.