Image: id Software / Bethesda

At the start of this year, a rumour was apparently doing the rounds online that the original 1993 DOOM video game (released on the Super Nintendo in the same year) was set during March 2022.

This "rumour" comes from the game's SNES manual. FPS specialist magazine E1M1 (via PCGamesN) previously confirmed this by reaching out to designer John Romero in January, and while the myth was considered to be "busted", it's already resurfaced.

John Romero has now chimed in on social media - reiterating how the date did not come from anyone at id Software. Although some might consider it a nice excuse to play and celebrate the series, for John - it's always a "good day" to rip and tear.

"DOOM does not take place in March 2022. DOOM is timeless. Somehow, the manual for the Super Nintendo DOOM had a date in it, but that date did not come from anyone at id."

If this has got you in the mood for some old-school demon-slaying, you can always check out DOOM and DOOM II via the Nintendo Switch eShop. Romero even released a new map recently to raise funds for the Ukraine crisis.