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  • News Mega Drive Mini Games List: 10 More Titles Revealed

    Street Fighter II! Alex Kidd! Ghouls 'n Ghosts! Sonic Spinball...

    Update #2: Sega has confirmed the third batch of 10 games to be included on the Genesis / Mega Drive Mini in the west when it launches September this year. In addition to the 20 previously announced games (see below), the plug-and-play console will include the following: Mega Man:...

  • News Yuzo Koshiro Is Keen To Make Another Shinobi Game

    "I wish we had more power..."

    When you think of the Shinobi series, it's hard not to think also of the legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro – despite the fact that his music is only featured in a handful of the Shinobi games. Koshiro's soundtrack to Revenge of Shinobi / Super Shinobi remains one of the best on the Genesis / Mega Drive, which is made...