Super Mario World SNES
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

When we think of custom consoles, the first thing that comes to mind is custom plates, portable versions of home consoles - like this portable GameCube, which, in the absence of GameCube games on the Switch, we need. Yes, need.

We're going a bit beyond these examples today, though! Japanese manufacturer Columbus Circle, who creates parts and peripherals for games and consoles, has released a kit that lets you create a compatible machine to play Super Famicom games.

Okay, so we've all thought about putting cartridges in a toaster as a kid, right? They're the perfect size. With this kit, you can do just that without blowing up your toaster or ruining your SNES cartridges.

The kit comes with a number of things to get you started on your dream SNES game player:

  • A Super Famicom-compatible board
  • Two controllers
  • An AV cable
  • An S cable
  • AC adapter
  • 20 screws

The only thing limiting you is your imagination! So why not create a wooden wall-mounted block, or some secret drawers, that you can pop your cartridges in to play your favourite '90s games?

The kit itself seems to be out of stock on Columbus Circle's website currently, but you'd probably need to get around some logistics to get one shipped out to the west anyway. It's a cool idea, and we're sure we'll see some variations and fun creations as people get their hands on the kit!

What ridiculous creation would you make to play your favourite games on? Would you import this and try if you could? Let us know.