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The gorgeous soundtrack for Quintet's ActRaiser – one of the SNES' most unique and iconic third-party releases – is getting a special re-release on vinyl and CD, courtesy of Paris-based Wayô Records.

Composed by the legendary Yuzo Koshiro, who has also created the music for Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi and Etrian Odyssey during his glittering career – the soundtrack to ActRaiser was a real head-turner back in 1990; it showcased the incredible power of the SNES' Sony-made sound chip thanks to its sweeping orchestral tunes.

This new release – entitled ActRaiser Original Soundtrack & Symphonic Suite – will include the entire soundtrack alongside previously unreleased tracks which were never used in the final game. A second disc will feature a special symphonic suite performance from the 2018 Ancient Festival, remastered by Shinji Hosoe.

To top it off, the album will come with new illustrations by Ayano Koshiro and limited shikishi (artwork) hand-signed by Yuzo Koshiro himself – for the first 250 customers, at least.

Wayô Records producer Jonathan Khersis had the following to say about the news:

ActRaiser was released 30 years ago and remains an intemporal classic. The game was a true revolution thanks to its amazing soundtrack that showed an impressive use of the Super Famicom sound chip. 30 years later, it is still acclaimed as one of Koshiro's most renowned works. To celebrate this anniversary, we have summoned the 'Master,' and he's back with divine announcements! We are excited to release the legendary ActRaiser Original Soundtrack with the newly orchestrated version in these luxurious remastered CD and vinyl editions, entirely illustrated by Ayano Koshiro!

Both the vinyl and CD editions are being manufactured in limited quantities, and you can pre-order them today, with shipping expected to begin in early 2021. The CD edition costs 22.50 Euros while the vinyl one is 39 Euros.