Image: PixelHeart

We're pretty used to seeing retro games getting reprints these days, but if you have a craving for 100% authenticity, then you might be more excited by the news that French publisher PixelHeart has 500 'new' copies of F-Zero on the SNES for sale.

While some overly optimistic individuals might assume these are officially sanctioned reprints from Nintendo, we've been in touch with PixelHeart and it has confirmed that this is new 'old' stock, presumably discovered hiding in a warehouse recently.

The catch is that these are PAL-region Italian copies so the box and manual are, unsurprisingly, in Italian. PixelHeart also notes that the games are not shrink-wrapped but come in protective hard plastic 'Crystal Cases'. PixelHeart also notes that some of the copies may have minor wear after decades in storage.

Still, if you fancy a 'new' copy of F-Zero, this should fit the bill – and at just under 50 Euros, they're not too expensive, either. If they were sealed, perhaps they'd be more out of our price range?

[source pixelheart.eu]