Super Mario Kart

As promised, five new games have arrived on Nintendo Switch Online's NES and SNES apps today. But hang on a minute... What's this bonus game we see before us?

Yes, as we shared last week, SNES titles Caveman Ninja (otherwise known as Joe & Mac), Magical Drop II, Spanky's Quest, Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, and NES' Ninja JaJaMaru-kun have all been added to service today. You can get more details on all of these right here.

Sitting nicely alongside them, though, is an 'SP' variant of Super Mario Kart. This special version of the game opens up all cups and courses from the off, and you can even jump straight into 150cc racing. If you've already mastered Super Mario Kart on your original SNES and just want to get into the good stuff without the faff, Nintendo has you covered.

Interestingly enough, this is the first SP variant to appear on the SNES app; a good handful of SP NES games made their way to the service, so perhaps more SNES games are to come, too?

Will you be diving into a round of Super Mario Kart today? Any of the other new offerings taking your fancy? Let us know with a comment.