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Well, this is a surprise. Limited Run - the company known best as a physical game distributor - has announced it will be publishing two retro gaming books. Both are by Jeremy Parish and will be available to pre-order on 10th August.

Super NES Works Vol. 1 Hardcover Book

Super NES Works Vol. I looks back at the early days of the Super NES in the U.S., with comprehensive retrospectives of both the console and all 31 games to ship for it through the end of the year. Each entry is accompanied with sidebars, supplementary features, photos of U.S. packaging, and crisp high-resolution direct-feed screenshots.

Super NES Works Vol.I also includes an overview of Japanese releases for Super Famicom through the end of 1991, a comprehensive timeline of events leading up to the system’s launch, and more! It’s the definitive 30th anniversary retrospective of how one of the greatest consoles ever got its start.

There'll be a standard release for $34.99 USD (coming soon) and a collector's edition for $69.99 USD (shipping Q4 2021).

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SNES Works Book
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Virtual Boy Works Hardcover Book

After Nintendo achieved world-shaking success with its Game Boy handheld system, a next-generation follow-up seemed inevitable. Yet few could have predicted the form it would take—or how poorly it would fare with critics and consumers alike. That device, Virtual Boy, stands as a rare black mark on Nintendo’s long legacy of console hardware: An abject commercial failure, retired after only half a year of life. But was it really as bad as all that? 25 years after Virtual Boy’s rocky launch, this book provides a comprehensive and open-minded exploration of the Virtual Boy and its library from start to finish.

Packed with history, critiques, direct-feed screenshots, and complete packaging photography for the console’s entire library (and then some), this is the definitive chronicle of Virtual Boy’s history.

There'll be a standard release for $34.99 USD (coming soon) and a collector's edition for $69.99 USD (coming soon).

Virtual Boy
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Virtual Boy Works Book
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There's also international shipping if you live outside of the US. Would you be interested in adding these to your bookshelf? Tell us down in the comments.