Super Mario Run SNES Mouse
Image: Will It Work?

Super Mario Run was a pretty decent leap to smartphones for everyone's favourite gaming plumber, but even the great pulling power of Mario himself couldn't convince every Nintendo fan to give it a go. Perhaps more would have tried it out if a more traditional control setup were available? You know, like the official SNES mouse.

It's probably not the first official Nintendo peripheral you'd think of when picking out a controller for a Mario game, but Niles Mitchell, owner of the Will It Work? YouTube channel, has gone to the effort of hooking up an old Nintendo mouse and seeing how it works with the game.

The setup involves an iPhone, a lightning to USB adaptor, a specialised adaptor which converts the SNES mouse to USB, and of course, the mouse itself. It all works surprisingly well, especially thanks to the fact that Super Mario Run only ever requires one touch of the screen at a time. You can see it for yourself below (the gameplay starts at around the 5:20 mark).

You may know that the SNES Mouse was a peripheral which launched in the early '90s, primarily to be used alongside Mario Paint. We never thought we'd be talking about Mario Paint twice in one day (if you saw our mouse and keyboard on Switch story earlier, you'll know what we're on about), yet here we are. What a day!

Nice work putting this together, Niles. We quite fancy having a go at Super Mario Run with the SNES Mouse ourselves now.