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Child of Light Review

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Posted by Tim Latshaw

The brush is as mighty as the sword

Listen, dear readers, and we shall recall
our journeys with Child of Light.
The darling of Ubisoft Montreal,
it has become known as a beautiful sight.

Screenshots and videos released to the world
have proven its visuals most stunning.
Yet when the tale is told and story unfurled,
will all its design be as cunning?

The UbiArt Framework is an exciting engine in the ways it can drive creative impulse and carry artistic styles so well to the screen. Child of Light uses the framework to depart from the wacky, cartoonish aesthetics of its Rayman series predecessors and create a painterly storybook world in its stead. The creators have touted Child of Light as a “modern fairy tale,” and it’s a mantle the game wears exceptionally well.

Child of Light is a side-scrolling RPG that centres around Aurora, an Austrian princess who finds herself awakening in the world of Lemuria under unclear yet worrisome circumstances. The mood is set right away with a hand-drawn vista both lush and melancholy, descending into a dark forest below as Aurora sets off to return to her father but is naturally caught up in something even larger.

The atmosphere will change as new locations are found, ranging from sprawling plains filled with windmills to a stilted seaside village; all contain hand-drawn characters and enemies that move much like figures who have jumped off a page. Everything is a treat to explore, and the wanderlust is heightened when Aurora is granted the ability to fly early into the game. Expansive maps welcome this freedom, and the developers have placed paths and items everywhere to goad you into roaming every inch of their creation, as if the sheer beauty of it wasn’t enough.

Aurora will also meet Igniculus, an elemental firefly who serves as a guide, and up to seven other companions who will join her travels. Each is charmingly crafted and bring their own quirks to the party.

Most previews of Child of Light have concentrated largely on presentation and not on the gameplay itself. This is a shame, since the battle system deserves much of the spotlight for how addictive and fun it is.

All battles are time-based and governed by a track at the bottom of the screen divided into “Wait” and “Cast” sections. Fighters and enemies have markers that travel down this same track. Upon hitting the end of the “Wait” section, fighters can choose an action, each of which has a length from “Short” to “Very Long,” that affects the speed of their marker down the “Cast” portion. Reach the end and the move triggers. Only two members of the party can battle at one time, but characters can be easily switched out and Aurora does not have to be a constant presence.

It all sounds simple, and it is, but it’s engaging in the ways the track can be manipulated. If a fighter is hit while casting, before their move goes off, they are interrupted and sent back into the “Wait” area. A variety of spells and abilities can also increase/decrease speed, freeze opponents in place, or defend in return for a faster run down the track next time. Each battle essentially becomes a strategic horse race, and it’s exciting to have one of your fighters swoop past a baddy on the track, interrupt them, and send them back.

The most dynamic asset on the battlefield, however, is Igniculus. Making the firefly glow next to an enemy will slow it down, while glowing him over an ally will slowly restore his or her health. Igniculus has a limited power meter that gradually regenerates when not in use, but can be restored by snagging energy from plants on the field. Outside of battle, Igniculus can also be used to trigger switches, open certain chests, and freeze enemies for Aurora to slip past or ambush.

Igniculus can be controlled with the right stick on the GamePad, but can also be handed off to a second player on a Wii Remote. The aspect is reminiscent of Co-Star Mode in Super Mario Galaxy and offers a great way for younger or less involved players to experience the game. Motion controls are not supported, surprisingly, but aren’t essential.

Fans looking for deep, traditional RPG elements might be slightly disappointed. Weapons and armour can’t be bought for characters, but there is an extensive gem crafting system that awards a plethora of bonuses to attack, defence, and other abilities. Each party member also possesses three long, snaking skill paths to fill in as they level up.

Child of Light also trades the major depth of story found in some RPGs for a narrative and dialogue told almost entirely in rhyme. It’s a bold and exhaustive-sounding move, but amazing in how well it works. Treated more like an epic poem than nursery rhymes, the flow rarely falls into treacly sing-song territory (although there is one character who deliberately trolls the unwritten rhyming rules of the universe). The story of the world and its characters still remains interesting as well, and Aurora’s tale is particularly strong. Far from frilly and helpless, she’s easy to empathize with as she faces conflicting desires and finds her role in the world.

Sound combines with art and writing for the creative triple treat. Piano is at the forefront of most of the game’s soundtrack, with an orchestral accompaniment providing a robust lift; perfect for this manner of presentation.

If there is one gripe, it’s that things seems to tie up a bit abruptly at the end. The game is rather linear and can be completed in about 12 hours, although some side-quests and collection completions can add time onto that. A New Game+ mode is also available after finishing, offering harder enemies but retaining all skills fostered the first time around — certainly plenty of value for money. There’s also the bonus of having a living art gallery in your TV.


The end draws near, we’ve made our case.
Presented to you now, this work of art.
It’s more than just a pretty face:
this game has fun, it has wonder, it has heart.

For its fanciful flights of pleasure
(and rhyming much better than this)
Is Child of Light a treasure?
Dear reader, absolutely, it is!

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User Comments (166)



Dark-Link73 said:

The fighting mechanics are "time-based"? As in real-time or turn-based or different? Never heard that term before.



XCWarrior said:

@Hy8ogen Yes, that's how you should base playing all your games on. If it's 720 or 1080p. My god man, the graphics are the least important thing about the game. Far far behind gameplay, story, controls, difficulty, music and the menu screen.



shingi_70 said:

Sounds good. I like how Ubiaoft has embraced the digital space to put out titles that wouldn't work in retail or expanding upon other ideas. Between This Blood Dragon, and gunslinger they're looking pretty awesome.



DarkCoolEdge said:

As soon as I beat some games in my huge backlog I'll get this gorgeous game. Beauty and rpg = love



PanurgeJr said:

This is a definite buy for me, although perhaps not for a while, as I still have a lot of defaulting to do bravely and dragons to crown. I'm actually glad to hear it's short--although I always play games like this slowly, so 12 hours means 20 for me--because I just don't have the time I used to, and I want to play just as many games, so I have to spend less per game.

I also hope that Wii U sales exceed that of PS4 and the Bone, and that some other 3rd parties take note of that.



Miss_Dark said:

hmz I'm still doubting... thinking of buying it.. especially because of coeur de pirate



Madmanonfire said:

So its battle system is basically Grandia, minus character movement...
Sounds like it should be a blast!



King47 said:

Day one purchase for me, but I'll start playing after I'm duke with xenoblade.



TimLatshaw said:

@Dark-Link73 It's sort of a mix, in that position on the track determines turn order, but choices can change speed and order in real-time. If you've seen the "active time" systems in games like Chrono Trigger, it's close to that.



am21 said:

I'm so excited right now. Words couldn't even describe. Now let's hope my first playthrough will fulfill my expectations.



Miss_Dark said:

ok forget it I watched a gameplay video, listened to the music once more, I'm buying this.. it reminds me in some way of Limbo.. that game was pure art as well.



SavoirFaire said:

Good to see I'm not the only one that has an unruly backlog! Definitly will pick this one up once I catch up a bit.



Dreamz said:

My anticipation for this game is off the chart. I'm really glad to see the review indicate that they didn't seem to drop the ball anywhere. I can't wait to explore Lemuria!



Spoony_Tech said:

@TimLatshaw I'm reading some reviews saying the game is extremely easy and should be started on hard mode. Did you find that to be the case as well?



SLiM said:

A great review to back up what already looked to be a great game. I cannot wait to download this!



Rezalack said:

Buying this ASAP. Put money in my account for this specifically. Hopefully I can get it at Midnight tonight.



unrandomsam said:

@XCWarrior That the "Light Aurora Customization Pack" exists (On any platform) puts me off it straight away. And there is another that only comes in the deluxe retail version.



Dragoon04 said:

I already put cash on my eshop wallet a week ago just for this game. Day one purchase for me.
Let's be honest there has not been a single major release on the wiiu since Tropical Freeze, so personally this game is a big deal for me. Everyone that owns a wiiu should at least be considering this game.



Tony_342 said:

I was worried for a minute when this review didn't mention anything about controlling Igniculus with the GamePad's touchscreen, which is honestly the main reason why I'm considering the Wii U version over the others. But I did a quick Google search, and it turns out that you can. Maybe everyone else already knew that, but I wasn't sure.

I'm not a big fan of RPGs, but I'm definitely considering this one. If I'm going to play an RPG, I actually prefer it to be relatively short as opposed to being a long, complicated, drawn-out affair. A 12 hour RPG seems better to me than one that would take 40+ hours. Some other reviews have even said the game is much shorter than 12 hours (about 5 or 6). Either way, I prefer a story I can experience in a few days rather than a few months, so I may very well check this out.



Maelstrom said:

And to the people complaining about the resolution, remember that it is not 480p. Be grateful.



sinalefa said:

Dear Ubisoft,

I made sure to include enough funds in my eShop wallet to get this game day 1.

After checking my backlog, I noticed I have many games unplayed, and I need to catch up with them. It would not be fair to play this while older games are untouched.

Because of this, I will delay the purchase to give all those other games a chance. My estimated time is 7 months. You know 7 months is nothing.



P.S. Please Understand.



ChessboardMan said:

I'm conflicted…
I'm considering getting this… but for PC, via the Special Edition.
If they were releasing a Special Edition for WiiU, then I'd have it preordered already.
But they haven't, thus I'm hesitating.



Mrclaycoat said:

I've been waiting a long time for this one, probably the last game we'll get from UbiArt so take advantage people! Plus it's the same price as a decent lunch so...



erv said:

@Hy8ogen that remark represents all that is wrong with todays look-mommy-im-on-the-internet-gamers.

Sidenote: I'm buying this.



StephenYap3 said:

As much as I wanted an RPG on my Wii U, this one will have to wait. I'm going to be busy with Mario Golf and Kirby this month, as well as Mario Kart.



TingLz said:

@Hy8ogen If it doesn't play in 4k with surround sound theater-quality speakers, then it's a no buy for me! You need to exaggerate your jokes more



GalacticMario28 said:

Wow, this sounds like the kind of RPG I can really get into. I can't wait to download and play it; I just hope my classes won't get in the way.



Hy8ogen said:


Dear Sinalefa,

We worked very hard for this game and we hope every gamer out there can experience the game, which is why we decided to put it on multi platform. However, we put in extra time and effort into the Wii U version (although its 720p). The Wii U has exclusive functionalities on the Wii U gamepad which is very awesome. You can only experience these functions on the Wii U!

By doing so we hope we can draw more Wii U owners to like Ubisoft regardless of all the nasty things we did to Watch Dogs. If we can delayed Watch Dogs, you can delay the purchase. It is no problem. Please enjoy your backlogs and please make sure to purchase Child of Light in 7 months. We will be waiting.




Gerbwmu said:

I've been excited for this for a while now. To see such good reviews so far is adding to that excitement. I've got way too many games coming up and not enough time to play them. Good thing I stocked up on cheap eShop cards from Best Buy back in January.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - Pretty funny Rayman letter.

@Madmanonfire - "So its battle system is basically Grandia, minus character movement..."

I can't recall the battle system in Grandia very well, though Sue was really cute, but Grandia 2 on the Dreamcast is 1 of my favorite RPGs b/c of that battle system. The sneakers are the best accessory..

Looking forward to this one. 12 hours for $15 is a great deal these days w/ $40 or $60 games that run 12 hours, many less than that. $5 DDP credit doesn't hurt.



Ralizah said:

This has been on my radar for a while now. Looks gorgeous. I'll probably pick it up some time over the summer. Was originally planning on getting it for PC, but the co-op has sold me on the Wii U version. Barring an amazing Steam sale anytime in the near future, of course.



BakaKnight said:

Great review, we need more poems and possibly an article all written with rhymes ^o^

This game look even better than expected, surely adding it to my wishlist and hopefully I'll buy it sooner than later.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I have a ton of games to play from the eshop thanks to all the Winter sales, but pretty much all of them are 2D platformers, so I might get this early on to add some variety and support the game (maybe Ubisoft will change its mind and bring Valiant Hearts to the Wii U if this game gets enough support?). Between this and Stick it to the Man (which I'm also considering) it could be a very good week.



vonseux said:

wow, i've saw some vídeos and it seems the gamepad can be used similar to Rayman Legends, awesome.
I will definetly playing it trough with my girlfriend on coop



andrea987 said:

Some epic poetry you got there, Sir Latshaw...
...and my wallet will suffer another big blow...

Arf, that was rubbish, sorry.



antipop621 said:

I'll buy this at launch. Haven't been this eager to play a Ubisoft game in quite some time.



SomeBitTripFan said:

...Need to buy this confirmed...

I've had my eye on this game since I saw that battle system (Grandia II is one of my favorite games of all time) and this game is the exact thing that needs to be supported. This was a risky venture by Ubisoft, and I think they should be rewarded for it.



Dave24 said:

Well, told ya it will be praised and worth high notes No surprise there



SCAR said:

I'm pretty convinced that Wii remote coop is more important to me than 1080p. My brother and I are looking forward to this game.



Shworange said:

I can't wait to get it. I'm going to wait for a little bit otherwise I'll never finish off my current batch of games. I hate building up back logs.



retropunky said:

Dang, I just got NES Remix 2. But I've been looking forward to this game! It's almost time!



JaxonH said:

Ok, I'm buying this on Wii U and Vita. Oh, wait. No Vita version. What a bunch of crap I tell ya... oh well.

8 GBA classics.
Super Mario Bros 3
NES Remix 1 + 2
Child of Light
Impending release of Shovel Knight and Scram Kitty

My gamepad is break-dancing on the floor right now- Me thinks my Wii U is happy. I know I am!



Dreamz said:

You could always do what I'm going to. I plan to buy the Wii U version on launch day, then later buy the PS deluxe edition once it pops up on Amazon and give the extra code to my sister.



jariw said:

@sinalefa - Good one!
I guess the Wii U users are just expected to be grateful that Ubisoft doesn't delay the ready-to-release game with the 7-month delay this time.



TurboTEF said:

Resolution does matter to me and if a better looking version exists that takes advantage of my high-end PC (lol, ain't touching the Wii U version of Watch Dogs) Imma get that version. Child of Light included. Plus I like Steam cards/etc.



Giygas_95 said:

@Hy8ogen Yeah, perhaps exaggerate your jokes more like @Unca_Lz said because it would not at all surprise me if someone made that complaint. I thought you were serious because people seemed upset when it was revealed that New Super Mario Bros. U would be in 720p.



Gerbwmu said:

So, Kirby with ok reviews, Mario Golf with great scores for 3DS. Now great reviews for Child of Light. NES Remix 2. More quality and quantity of VC releases on Wii U and an impending 9 or 10 for Mario Kart 8 in a month. It seems as though things are looking up for those of us who enjoy the Nintendo brand. Let us hope Nintendo continues this little surge and we get some nice surprises come E3.



jc3bull said:


It doesn't take good eyesight to tell the difference between 1080p and 720p. It takes bad eyesight to not tell the difference.



rambosdad said:

Oh Ubisoft though art a paradox, both milker of the giant gaming cow and on occasion bringer of the cud on which it feasts.



TwilightOniAngel said:

Damn ubisoft i dont like you for what you did to the wiiu version of watch dogs.But this game looks amazing day one purchase now.Now make Zombiu 2 and make it beautiful like this.



Giygas_95 said:

@jc3bull Granted, I wear contacts, but with them in, I honestly can't tell a difference unless you zoom the camera in to show the pixels up close. Even then, the difference is hardly worth worrying about. It's a much bigger jump from 480p to 720p than it is from 720 to 1080 in my opinion.

Do you really think there's that much of a difference? I just don't see it.

Edit: However, I did read that the difference is more noticeable on a 50" or larger TV. Mine is only 40", so I guess that's why I can't tell much of a difference.



Action51 said:

Dear Ubisoft:

Thank you for giving us an inferior looking version of a game and charging exactly the same as owners of other platforms and consoles. I'm just grateful to you for being such a wonderful and supportive third party developer that is always delaying games, breaking exclusivity agreements, and passing off ports to B-team studios. I'm sure it's for my own good.

PS: I know it's tough to support a new console for more then a few months after they let you dump annualized ports of churned out casual games for big bucks on last generation hardware. Cutting corners on a product is obviously the best way to build up consumer loyalty.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Absolutely a must in my book. Don't care nor know enough about the different resolutions to care soooooooooooooo Wii U it is for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And $15 too???????? Sold!



Henmii said:

Nice review and nice score! As always I wait till it gets a price-cut!



Zodiak13 said:

I get the Ubisoft angst. But at least they have tried to support the WiiU when other companies have outright ignored it, or have at this time. The business side of this industry sucks, but they are in business to make zee money. Oh, and Day1 for sure, super stoked.



IronMan28 said:

Since this isn't exclusive, it doesn't count as a Wii U game. Sorry, 0/10 for this game from me.



thanos316 said:

I just hope that nintendo pushes this game. this is the type of game that should get a huge mainstream push. Lets see how this pans out



UltraLaserTen said:

This game sounds great, I will definetly purchase it once I have more space on my Wii U. (Right now, it'll take up about over half of my Wii U's remaining memory left. (About 5,000 MB remaining on there).



Oscarsome said:

Is the Wii U version out a day earlier? Their website just says April 30th but here it says the 29th....



River3636 said:

This sounds so good I can't even wait I think it's out on the 29th in United States though. All RPG fans should take note and it got a nine. I am all about it



Crimzonlogic said:

How much space does the download take on WiiU? I have the basic model and no external hard drive yet.



Hy8ogen said:

@Daisaku36 It's not a Wii U exclusive, but it does have the exclusive functionality. The gamepad controls! That alone justifies getting the Wii U version



Marshi said:

@Hy8ogen Oh good grief!is this what gamers have turned into now? Not how a games art direction is or how it plays,but how many "p's" are or on screen? Go play Crysis dude,im sure you think its the best game ever made



Dragoon04 said:

@Hy8ogen You are really getting a lot of strong opinions about that comment. I feel for ya. The internet is no place to make jokes about resolution.



citizenerased said:

Been checking out some other reviews as well, so glad this game has delivered, I was very pumped for it. I have been playing a few too many RPG's lately, but as soon as I'm up for one I'll be picking this up.

The Ubisoft hate still lingering is pathetic. You think boycotting will give you more games or respect? Just the opposite. But sure, don't buy the game of one of the few major publishers still somewhat supporting the Wii U, see how that works out for you.



Action51 said:

@Zodiak13 - Ubisoft has not supported the Wii U.

Ubisoft made a lot of money last gen by dropping their annualized casual franchises like Just Dance on the huge Wii U user base while giving us laughably broken ports of games like "FarCry Vengeance"

Ubisoft thought they would dump some passable ports on the Wii U and ride the wave if the console caught on. Instead they delayed and pulled exclusivity for Rayman Legends, and then quickly scaled back all other support including the delay of Watchdogs which they farmed out to a B-team studio the second they saw the Wii U sales stagnate.

At least EA was up front with their disdain for Nintendo hardware owners...Ubisoft pretended they were going to support the system, but really they were just waiting for the games they had contractually agreed to release on the platform to be done with so they could pull support as quickly as possible.



WaveBoy said:


Here's an example. To get the benefits of 1080p on a 50" HDTV, you have to be sitting closer than 10 feet eye distance wise.(Optimal distance is at about 7 or so feet) so for those who like to sit very close to their displays, yes, 1080p does matter. But for me, it doesn't at all.



SanderEvers said:

@Action51 Yes, in many ways Ubisoft is worse than EA.

But we can't really blame companies that rely on third party multiconsole games to survive. Without games like Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft can't survive. Just like EA needs their Battlefield and Fifa.

They go where the biggest audience is. And sadly for us Nintendo fans, the Wii U isn't that.



ULTRA-64 said:

Wow, what an idiot I feel for not looking at this to see what all the fuss was about. Everyone seemed exited about this but for some reason I never bothered to check out a trailer.......ignorance is bliss eh? Looks great, also a slow game is needed since I just broke my left thumb this week =(



Aerona said:

Ahw, I wanted to download this today but I don't have enough space. Anyone know a good hard drive for around fifty bucks? Wish it was retail.



Beechbone said:

So it has Off-TV play, correct? And it runs 60fps like on other systems? And, could someone clarify how the co-op works in terms of controls on Wii U? The review says the second player uses Wii Remote in a similiar way to Super Mario Galaxy, but it does not support motion controls. So, do you move the pointer with D-pad or Nunchuck or what?



Pod said:

Sounds great! Might get it on the eShop, but this is the kind of game that really could do with a boxed release for Nintendo systems. Would probably sell a lot more that way.



MarceloKamui said:

Is it gonna be released today or tomorrow? And yeah, the combat system is SO Grandia! I'm so excited to get this! Grandia is one of my favorite games, specially on the Saturn.



Giygas_95 said:

@WaveBoy Ah, thanks for the info. I usually sit pretty close to the TV, but I guess I can't tell the difference because mine is only a 40".



SteveSnowmn said:

Anybody know if the game supports the Pro controller for single player? And it's a 3 GB download for those wondering
Edit - nope, sorry. 2342 MB. And it's up right now!!



XCWarrior said:

@Dragoon04 You do realize NES Remix 2 came out last week? Other than that, you're statement about no big releases for WiiU is probably true.



TimLatshaw said:

@Beechbone @Ricube You use the D-pad to control Igniculus with the Wii Remote, held horizontally. When I said the style was similar to Mario Galaxy, I meant the manner in which Igniculus helps Aurora (i.e. collecting items and freezing enemies).



pukka-pie said:

No doubt it will get the obligatory 70-80 Metacritic score that all indie games exclusively generate. I'll certainly be buying this one though.



Action51 said:

@SanderEvers said: "But we can't really blame companies that rely on third party multiconsole games to survive. Without games like Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft can't survive. Just like EA needs their Battlefield and Fifa."

1) Ubisoft has plenty of audience for those games across every major console, including Nintendo hand-helds.

2) The Rayman Legends delay was very swift and in fact did a lot to hurt the Wii U very early on. Instead of being an exclusive releasing in the post launch window when not much else was being released, it became a multi-platform released much later.

Guess what? The Wii U version still sold the best.

The simple fact is, Ubisoft started pulling their support less then half a year into the Wii U's lifetime. That's not too much unlike what the Titanfall developer is doing now to XboxOne as they're already discussing a multi-consoles sequel.



Wonky_Kong said:

@pukka-pie This game is not indie, it is published by ubisoft and developed by the same team as far cry 3. Just because a game is indie doesn't mean a 70-80 metascore. Look at super meat boy, bastion, ftl, spelunky, limbo or more. Good indie games get high scores in the same way good AAA games get good scores



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "No Vita version. What a bunch of crap I tell ya..."

I know you were probably kidding, but I'm copying and pasting that every time Wii U misses out on a multiplat game I want

Forgot this was up today, was waiting on the Thursday at noon eShop refresh. Gonna go get it after dinner.



WindWakerLink said:

I was going to get this game regardless of its review score. Finally a RPG on the Wii U "after Golden Sun of course." Heh heh



TromaDogg said:

Buying this....on PS3/PS4

I was all for getting it on Wii U, to throw in my support for the Wii U if nothing else (and the Nintendo Premium points ) but then Ubisoft announced a 'physical' copy (yeah, I know it's just a download code in a box ) for PS3/PS4 that comes packaged in a box with a soundtrack CD. Should be arriving on my doorstep within the next few days from Amazon



JaxonH said:


Nintendo consoles aren't multiplat systems though. Sony gaming devices are. Multiplats are Sony's bread and butter just like exclusives are Nintendo's bread and butter.

I'm not singling out the Vita over Child of Light. Because neither handheld got the game. But I would have preferred it on Vita over 3DS. I should rephrase though: "Oh, there are no handheld versions, what a bunch of crap. That sucks because I wanted the game on Vita."



accc said:

Is this another game where the Wiimote isn't supported in single player? Sorry, but if the gameplay involves moving a cursor, there's no way I'm going to play it by waving the right joystick on the gamepad around. No Wiimote + Nunchuck support in single player means I have no interest in the game.



Zodiak13 said:

@Action51 Meh. I see lots of companies NOT supporting the WiiU in the least, and I don't blame them. I am the first to admit Nintendo Fanboyism, but Nintendo marketed the console terrible and chose a console strategy that just isn't going to work this generation. If somehow it does, great for them. The WiiU is my favorite home console atm, and as long as great 1st party games are made, that is all I care about. The Wii was a "success" and my least favorite console by Nintendo, and almost ever.



jrob23 said:

For those wondering why it's not 1080p. Think about it. If it was 1080p AND had gamepad use then that would piss Sony off because then it'd be the definitive version and we can't have that. Ubisoft once again playing lip service to Nintendo and people keep defending them and try to convince everyone they are these great supporters. They are giving bare minimum effort where the Wii U is concerned.



gurtifus said:

Oh my ! What a GREEEAAAAT GAME !
Fights are well paced, you don't have time to breath thanks to these realtime mecanism. Grinding isn't a chore anymore !
All part of this game is perfect (OST, story, dialogs, dubbings, gameplay, graphics)!
I totally fell in love with this game !



SLiM said:

My first impression last night was a very good one. The art and music really draw you into the universe, and the combat system is great once you work yourself into a good rhythm.



cusman said:

The Wii U version of the game seems to be missing the Day 1 Golum Quest DLC. I guess that must be PS3 / PS4 exclusive because the X360 and XBO are also missing that DLC.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "Nintendo consoles aren't multiplat systems though."

Oh man, that is so funny. I was going to edit my response and write - "just kidding, I know Nitnedo consoles are made for 1st party and Sony for multiplats" but I never got around to it. And I figured you would know I was just messing w/ you anyway. Sorry I never got to it, would have saved you the trouble of the reply.

Oh, and I agree, way more a Vita game than 3DS. I'm honestly surprised Wii U even got it, it's such a PS3 game. (From day 1 I thought it looked like a 2D Puppeteer.) I have no idea what a "PS4 game" is yet.

Oh, and I did buy it last night on Wii U. Doing my part. Going to play it tonight after diner if I don't stupidly start another Advance Wars level. It takes me 3 hours for each War Room map.



JaxonH said:


I bought it too last night, but never got past the main menu screen because the music was just SO GOOD!!! I ended up letting the menu theme loop over and over while I proceeded to play FFX HD lol. I actually liked it so much I bought the physical sound track, which also came with immediate download of the album for my iPod. What a fantastic game from Ubisoft, no? I'm really pleased to see them producing games like this.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "What a fantastic game from Ubisoft, no?"

I don't know, I haven't played it yet, I'm too busy responding to NL comments



rawbear said:

has anyone else noticed some pretty horrible slowdown in a few areas? things slow to a distracting crawl at a few points... it is really unfortunate, especially considering the fact that the game seems less graphically intense than rayman legends, which runs fine. thoughts?



zool said:

The graphics look great and the review gives it a high score. The graphics are much like Lost Winds or Trine 2.

But once into these two games the gameplay started to become rather repetitive..................



macdude22 said:

@Hy8ogen Everyone was swooning over the Wii U version and all things being equal I like to get things on the Wii U if I can to support the big N. But now I have the buyers remorse and should have just grabbed it on PS3 or Steam.



Smug43 said:

@jc3bull Your statement while mostly true really depends on the type of graphics.. for a game like this resolution is going to be a very minimal factor in noticeable difference.. for other types of media and game you can definitely notice the difference much easier.. I don't think it will detract from the game itself.. most games it really doesn't make a huge difference and the majority of people don't actually notice.. remember the Wii was SD and it sold boatloads of games..



jc3bull said:


I understand that games will sell regardless of resolution, frame rate, bit depth, etc ..., but that has nothing to do with the fact that I can easily tell the difference between 480, 720, 1080 and 4k displays. As for other people not being able to tell the difference it's because they don't pay attention (don't care as you put it). That's their problem.



Smug43 said:

But it isn't "their problem" because they honestly don't give a sh!t.. and nobody did when we have other platforms clearly not as powerful as PC's or home consoles.. you are stating something that matters more to you than the majority..

In any case I have put some major time into this game and can say it's worth way more than $15.. it's phenomenal!



Onion said:

This game was better than I expected. I went in expecting to be another game that was praised for the presentation but had lacking gameplay, but I was surprised to see the gameplay was quite strong, with enough strategy to keep battles interesting.



bert0503 said:

I really enjoyed this game. It catered to my RPG loving self. It's very similar to Grandia and the Breath of Fire series.



BulbasaurusRex said:

The gameplay sounds quite a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles except with no character positioning and a turn-based component as to when you fire off each attack. Now that I have a Wii U, I'm in. Adding to Wishlist...

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