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Child of Light (Wii U eShop)

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In this RPG from Ubisoft, players take on the role of young Princess Aurora, who is on a quest to retrieve three sources of light from the evil queen.

She must fight monsters and solve puzzles to progress. She is assisted by her firefly companion Igniculous, who can heal party members during battles and write messages in light to interact with other players.

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Posted by Tim Latshaw

The brush is as mighty as the sword

Listen, dear readers, and we shall recall our journeys with Child of Light. The darling of Ubisoft Montreal, it has become known as a beautiful sight. Screenshots and videos released to the world have proven its visuals most stunning. Yet when the tale is...

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User Comments (8)



AshFoxX said:

I hope this has a demo at release, it looks very different from what I am used to, but intriguing nonetheless.



Dreamz said:

Looking forward to trying this. Does anyone know if this game will have a box release, or is it eShop only?

Nevermind, looks like it's eShop only. Less than two weeks to go!



River3636 said:

This looks awesome , I glad it's only 14.99 since it's by UBisoft . I thought it would cost more.



Shambo said:

I wanted to get it on Wii U, but got the Deluxe Edition for PS3 instead.



daniruy said:

While we wait for Metroid (and Ghost Song -which seems amazing), this is the better option we have nowadays. I love it.

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