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Dark-Link73 commented on GDC Survey Shows Declining Interest From Devel...:

@rjejr I agree with you completely. Any proper survey would not post figures adding more than 100% of those surveyed because it means that some people have given more than one option as their answer, thus the correct results should be expressed in total number of developers surveyed, not percentage.

Now, depeding on the survey pool size, gaining 1%(PS4/One) and losing 1% (Wii U/3DS) of support is hardly reason to be concern or alarmed. Those are rather small figures that most likely translate to one or two developers in either case. Interpreting rather small figures as "...pretty grim figures for Wii U and 3DS..." give this article a sensationalist undertone equivalent to those yellow press outlets which feed on Wii U's "doom and gloom" negative press.

Way to go NintendoLife. I always thought of your writers to be more objective but I guess you're just like all the rest.



Dark-Link73 commented on Review: Discovery (Wii U eShop):

So let me get this straight:

  • No Survival Mode
  • No GamePad support beyond a map. Shoot, not even Off-TV game play.
  • Graphics better than Minecraft "only by a hair".
  • Frame rate barely makes 60 fps
  • Music "nothing to write home about".

And this game still manages to get 6 out 10, ONE point fewer than Minecraft in most sites!?!?!? (here was 8) IMO, based on what i read, this game should be a 4 or no more than a 5 out of 10 if that.

$6.99 huh? I guess is true what they say: "You get what you pay for".



Dark-Link73 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Can Exploit Its Rich H...:

I think remastered titles will be great as long as they are done right from the ground up rather than simply upscaled engines. Look at WWHD, that game was not simply upscaled but worked from the ground up modifying its engine in HD. That's why it was simply natural to follow up with TP because it used a modified WW engine. However, it pains me to say this, (so far) TP looks more like a upscaled version of the original rather than a fully worked remastering. I'm still buying it say one, I'm just more wary of its remastering than with WW.



Dark-Link73 commented on Giveaway: Grab Yourself a Free Copy of Cube Li...:

@KodyDawg You're welcome. Although I neglected to say the touchscreen support is not fully done. You can navigate ALL the menus, change any setting in any menu, choose any item on the hotbar, do crafting of most items (i say most because you can't scroll using the touchscreen if there is more than 3 options of crafting per item e.i. wooden, stone, iron, golden tools), and even partial inventory management. it is partial because you can't click and drag any item, but if you select it through the cursor/stick, you can use the touchscreen to grab half, quick move, and single grab. Also since you can't select the items in the inventory, you can't do classic crafting. It feeling like a work in progress and that's why, imo, Mojang didn't announce any touchscreen support because is not complete. I think they just released game in time for Christmas and maybe finish touchscreen support later.

The bottom line is that the game DOES support touchscreen funtionality, but it feels like a work in progress. I made a YouTube video about it, check it out.



Dark-Link73 commented on Giveaway: Grab Yourself a Free Copy of Cube Li...:

"Developer Cypronia has kindly offered to give-away 100 free copies of Cube Life: Island Survival to Nintendo Life readers because, well, it's Christmas!"

More like "...because, well, Minecraft came out on Wii U and after Cypronia called the Minecraft on Wii U a '...false rumor...', now Cypronia is fearing for Cube Life's... well, LIFE!!" LoL!!!!



Dark-Link73 commented on Giveaway: Grab Yourself a Free Copy of Cube Li...:

@KodyDawg I'm glad you are aware. I was just wondering because I'm tired of people ranting on how the U version is overpriced and the DLC was "free" when Mojang never stated the game as free content, they said it was a bundle. I understand your point. I think the eshop is not set up to allow multiple listings (basic edition and deluxe edition) like the LIVE Store is and that's why Mojang decided to start with the bundle. I think they should've post the basic version and bundle the DLC separate. That can be done on the eshop. I'm also looking forward to see what nintendo exclusive content Mojang makes for the game. So many possibilities!

Also, did you know the game supports the touchscreen? A lot of people and reviewers are not aware of that.



Dark-Link73 commented on Giveaway: Grab Yourself a Free Copy of Cube Li...:

@Olmectron It is a shame that the developer is excluding Mexico. Mexico IS part of the Nintendo of America region. Let's hope the developer's decision is based on lack of knowledge of this fact or due to technical reasons (which shouldn't be any in the first place) and not for personal views/reasons.



Dark-Link73 commented on Minecraft Has Become the Ninth Best-Selling Ga...:

I'm glad that it is so successful. I love Minecraft. I have it for the 360 and the One also. Is too bad I can't transfer my save files from the 360 to the Wii U. I was in the process of creating Termina. I don't know if I want to start all over again. It would be awesome to show my progress on miiverse.



Dark-Link73 commented on Cube Life Update to Version 1.1 is Still Due T...:

" ... Minecraft for the Wii U seems to be a false rumor." Ouch! I've been having a lot of fun with my "false rumor" he, he.

I bought Cube Life when it first came out as a substitute to the "false rumor". It is an ok game for me but I still like and prefer the original "false rumor" than this clone. I tend to get immerse not only with the gameplay but also with the music and, to me at least, Minecraft music is a huge part of the overall experience.

Needless to say, I never got into Cube Life for more than a couple quick sessions and it never satisfied my hunger for Minecraft. Which is a shame because it (Cube Life) seems to be a good game. I just love Minecraft too much.



Dark-Link73 commented on Review: Minecraft: Wii U Edition (Wii U eShop):

@MitchVogel I just wanted to mention that you CAN navigate the menus and tabs using the touchscreen on the GamePad. The only thing you can't do is pick and drag items on your inventory/crafting table. It might be a biggie for some, but the touchscreen interface is not completely lacking functionality.



Dark-Link73 commented on Review: Minecraft: Wii U Edition (Wii U eShop):

@sillygostly @Pod Actually, even thought it has being stated that each Minecraft block is about 1 meter by 1 meter, I don't believe that the world is only 864x864. If it is, then the blocks are not 1 meter by 1 meter because when you start traveling from one end of the map to the other, the map feels more like at least 10-15 miles (16 to 24 km.) by 10-15 miles in size. The world is rather big just like the 360 versions.

I own the XBOX One version as well and the size of the world IS considerably larger (5 by 5 map areas) but by no means that's only 3%. That's actually 20%, not 3%.

EDIT: OOPS! I did my math wrong, it is 4%, LOL! My bad



Dark-Link73 commented on Rare Co-Founder Has No Idea Why Nintendo Didn'...:

I remember reading back then (EGM or some other magazing back then) that it was a combination of key developers leaving Rareware at the time plus being outbid by Microsoft and some resentment by two big heads from Rare towards Nintendo. They felt Nintendo was holding them back and they didn't want Nintendo to own Rareware completely. Nintendo did try to buy them off but the Stampers, but Microsoft outbid them.



Dark-Link73 commented on Eiji Aonuma Talks About his Journey to Becomin...:

Personally I don't like the direction he took the Fourth Goddess and with Demise and the whole "reincarnation" thing in order to tie it to OoT. To me it this undermined the power of the Triforce. Other than that, I think he has done a great job with the series. Oh! And don't get me started with Toon Link! LoL



Dark-Link73 commented on Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish...:

The whole "that's how Link got his hat" thing about this game is just BS. It's not as if the hat has any major significance or use in any other game like the Master Sword or the Hylian Shield do. Plus, don't get me started on its placement on the timeline.



Dark-Link73 commented on Donkey Kong Grabs a Place in List of Highest-G...:

Ahhh! The 80's... to me is still the best decade of my gaming life. I still have hope that Nintendo will release one day the original arcade version of Donkey Kong on the eShop. Every time I play DK, I only play the easter egg found in DK64 because that's an emulation of the arcade original.



Dark-Link73 commented on Fake Commercial for 'The Nintendo App' Stirs D...:

"...eShop purchases into an app are certainly not the worst ideas; after all, in each case it drives consumers back to Nintendo hardware..."

Actually that would be the worst idea from a hardware perspective because, if Nintendo were to make 3DS games available on smartphones, people's mentality would be: "why do I have to buy a $200 piece of hardware (3DS) to play Mario and Zelda if I can play them on my smartphone?"

Emulating full 3DS games into smartphones would hurt the 3DS market of portable gaming. Nintendo's struggles are in the home console market, not the portable market.



Dark-Link73 commented on 2DS CPU Update Looks Set to Adjust System Secu...:

@Meaty-cheeky Is kind of unfair comparing the 3DS to an iPad, it'd be like comparing the gaming capabilities of an iPad vs an Alienware or any high end gaming PC.

It'd be interesting if you could test the 3DS Netflix/YouTube performance on a different wifi. Perhaps a relative's house to see if is your internet or the device.

The internet browser does suck. But I think it was built to rely on mobile sites vs full sites. Go to a website that has mobile versions and you'll see a difference. It isn't much still, but it's better than nothing I suppose.