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Fri 28th September, 2012

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gurtifus commented on Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter Destroys Boss,...:

@CaptainSquid : I don't know for UK and the rest of the world, but in France and Germany, we're in a era of release of new boardgames with awesome ones better than playing video games (Agricola, Caylus, Myrmes).
This new kind of boardgame with wonderful theme (Fantasy, zombi, medieval, etc...) and appealing mecanisms have their popularity and sales which have greatly increased recently.
Here, boardgames are no more the old ones with dull and random mecanism. Monopoly is really far away from that now... fortunately !



gurtifus commented on Matters of Import: Dessert-Based Adventures Wi...:

Just tried it after reading that !
The english translation is well made and this game is perfect for me.
Thanks to Nintendolife I can play something (and in english) that I never wouldn't have found out otherwise !
I it came out on the 3DS VC, I'd buy it to be forgiven for my sin.