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Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS And New 3DS XL

Posted by Damien McFerran

Tom and Damien chew the fat over today's shock reveal

Earlier today, Nintendo shocked the video gaming world by announcing the impending launch of not one but two revised 3DS models.

The New 3DS and New 3DS XL take the core template of the original model and add in NFC, a nipple-like C-Stick, additional shoulder buttons and an improved screen.

There's clearly lots to talk about, so we've done just that — check out the discussion below and then feel free to let rip with your own observations in the comments section.

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Ibrahim77X said:

People think that this is more of Nintendo screwing over their customers (and in a way, they are) but I still think this 3DS is awesome and I want it,



Cloud-San-VII said:

I was actually surprised to see a new system announced.
I thought that they'd probably wait until next gen for another handheld.



NintendoHistory said:

I am super excited for this new model!! The 3ds is and will forever be my favorite portable system! ^.^



mystman12 said:

Haven't watched the video yet, but did you know the internet browser is supposed to come with a filter to block bad websites? That's what it seems like from the poorly Google translated website anyways. Pretty cool I think.



Volmun said:

not watched the vid yet but Im looking forward to this new 3DS feal it was a bit foolish to not show this at E3 Personally



dartmonkey said:

99% perfect but room for improvement by putting the stylus back on the right side? Great that the volume slider is now on the screen - a minor irritation on the current model but one that repeatedly irritates.



617Sqn said:

@mystman12 whats a bad website ? a website that you might consider bad might be loved by millions of people ..... having any website blocked because someone thinks its bad, is wrong.



WanderingPB said:

Sorry unable to watch the video while im at work but has anyone considered that the New 3DS will be compatible with the WiiU instead of buying additional gamepads? Splatoons multiplayer i feel will be better played if everyone has a gamepad but what if instead of selling us another gamepad they encourage us to purchase a New 3DS which does so much more because that way it would absolutely help justify the New 3DS purchase aside from NFC and everything else! Maybe im wrong but that would be glorious!!



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I watched the new Direct after hearing about this and I'm sold. I have a launch 3DS and am ready for an upgrade. It's been almost 5 years and with the c-stick, NFC, imroved CPU/WiFi, better screens, in-browser videos, and customizable face/back plates the value in this upgrade seems incredibly justified. Some people spend over $300 to upgrade their phone; I'll gladly spend $160 to upgrade my 3DS.



neumaus said:

It's still region-locked, yeah? I spent a lot of money on Japanese import and games, so I'm not particularly thrilled about this. I guess it's time to sell what I have before it loses value :/



Ralizah said:

I HATE that they moved the stylus to the bottom. That thing will be falling out constantly in these new models.



SavoirFaire said:

I was going to pick up the smah themed 3DS, looks like I will just hold off and grab this when it comes out.

I hope not too many games will "need" the new model, as it really is a slap in the face to a lot of 3DS owners. I wonder if this is a tactic from Nintendo to "stall" the end of the 3DS cycle in order to make it sync up with the end of the Wii U cycle, and then give us the combo console (which I think many of us suspect is coming).



Jason723 said:

It's like the GameBoy Color, and GameBoy Advance SP, better CPU (GBC), back lit screen (SP), but still classified as the same system.



Steventurous said:

I do feel slightly screwed over, only because I've had the original 3ds, then upgraded to the xl like a lot of people. I was hoping they would be xl "done" for a while so I could get my moneys worth. But now they've announced yet another model. Im not gonna jump on board for the "new" one just yet. I do absolutely love the extra shoulder buttons though!



MohamedHarati said:

I made a good decision not upgrading to XL , & what i hoped for has finally became true , a 3DS with a second circle pad & additional shoulder buttons .



gatorboi352 said:

Did Nintendo not learn from the DSi? Also, those ZL and ZR buttons look atrociously placed. Ever try using the ZL and ZR on the original Classic Controller for Wii? Yeah.



Jellitoe said:

As long as they do not start making games exclusive for this system I am alright with it. But if they start making games exclusively tailored for this system, I will boycott Nintendo next few systems. I feel pretty low on them as it is for the Wii U



gspro15198 said:

It's been 3.5 years since the original 3DS came out, I think it is well due a minor update. I don't understand why people are surprised about this since they released the DSi around 4 years after the DS came out. I will hopefully be at the midnight launch of the new 3DS and buying the digital edition of Xemoblade as soon as I transfer everything across from my 3DSXL



gatorboi352 said:

@Jellitoe "As long as they do not start making games exclusive for this system I am alright with it. But if they start making games exclusively tailored for this system, I will boycott Nintendo next few systems."

Hate to break it to you, but that's exactly what they intend on doing.



ToneDeath said:

Interesting that they've brought back the Super Nintendo/Famicom colours for the A, B, X & Y buttons...makes me wonder if they're planning to give the Wii U a similar upgrade too, but as an excuse to re-brand the console and hopefully get people to actually notice it exists. (I wouldn't want them to drop the Gamepad, though it could do without the shiny fingerprint-magnet plastic).



Jazzer94 said:

Basically every problem I had with the OG 3DS has now been fixed which surprisingly makes me happy that it is even happening then angry that it has taken so long so yes I'll be buying one will wait for UK price.



Moshugan said:

I'm not sure about the exclusives, since the old 3DS owners cannot play those, but might still buy them in confusion.



gatorboi352 said:

@gspro15198 "It's been 3.5 years since the original 3DS came out, I think it is well due a minor update."

Um, it's well do for a SUCCESSOR. This is a stop gap, just like DSi. IT will also most likely lead to customer confusion.



XFsWorld said:

It looks cool, but it do look like they sqeezed the analog stick in there, so small.



FragRed said:

@Moshugan I have seen people buying 3DS games thinking they will work on the old DS handhelds. I can see where you are coming from, because unless Nintendo does something to the packaging of games to try and reduce that problem, its always going to happen to a degree.



Sforzando said:


And the browser filter can be removed for a thirty cent fee. Basically to prove you're old enough to have a credit card



WanderingPB said:

@WhiteTrashGuy If this happens i might as well buy stock in Nintendo because all my money seems to going to them anyway LOL!!! Also i believe only the regular sized new 3ds has the customizable plates not the XL besides google "MH4U new 3ds LL bundle"…now that's just wow…now imagine all the other special editions they have lined up…now imagine a Majoras Mask new 3DS XL limited Edition…yup MIND BLOWN



DarkCoolEdge said:

It's an insult. Nintendo is no more what it used to be to me. They should be ashamed, they've thrown us, customers, not an ice bucket but a crap-full bucket.



gspro15198 said:

@gatorboi352 I don't mind stop gap consoles like this. they are basically gonna be a watered down version of what we can expect next. I loved my DSi at the time and bought lots of eShop games which were easily transferred over to the 3DS which were in turn easily transferred over to a 3DSXL. People usually upgrade their phones every couple of years and if you don't someone doesn't want to upgrade there is nothing forcing them to and since the new 3DS is backwards compatible they won't loose any of their games if they do.



SetupDisk said:

Also I might be able to play MH4 on this. I would still rather a Wii U option though.



Moshugan said:

Hey, even if it is stop gap and will confuse some customers, it indicates what the next gen Ninty handheld will be.
It will probably have 3D (since they spent resources developing a better screen) and it will have four shoulder buttons and two circle pads along with NFC.

@FragRed Maybe the New 3DS exclusives will be eShop only?



jos said:

they need to change that Name, imagine gamestop trying to sell a used New 3DS to a confused parent or try to explain why certain game will only work on New 3DS but not a new 3DS



Morpheel said:

Since I'm cool with my current 2ds, I will wait for these.
Maybe this time I will get a color I like.



FragRed said:

@Moshugan I like the way you think

Assuming the next handheld Nintendo releases will be part of the DS family, I too believe it will be essentially a more powerful version of the new 3DS only with something innovative. Its what Nintendo does with their consoles.



gspro15198 said:

I really hope the faster processor makes it possible for games to be custom written for the new 3DS with improved graphics and ai and so on but still have the ability to run on the old 3DS much like pc games make use of better systems and scale them selves accordingly. also I'm hoping a n3DS version of Minecraft won't be too far away now since the extra processing power makes it feasible.



Bolt_Strike said:

Well since it's going to have exclusive games, who wants to bet that the 7th gen Pokemon games will be New 3DS exclusive?



AVahne said:

Basically the same thing as the DSi and the Game Boy Color.
Except only differences is that it has the same mid-gen release as the DSi, while having exclusive games like the GBC.



SetupDisk said:

Please don't lump eveyone together as one. I never got an XL because it wasn't enough of an improvement, as a customer this is what I have been waiting for.



Drawdler said:

I honestly prefer the coloured letters of the XL to the coloured buttons of the standard! They stand out too much on the standard, imo.

Super excited for this regardless, portable Xenoblade will be awesome and good to have faster speeds.



kyuubikid213 said:

Haven't watched the videos yet, but from what it looks like, my Circle Pad Pro is about to get some usage since I beat Resident Evil Revelations and played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.



AyeHaley said:

People forget the DSi...

Calm down its not like they aren't making normal 3DS games anymore! It'll be titles like Xenoblade and Dragon Quest online without the need of cloud-computing. (if you buy it for the normal 3DS it uses cloud computing) Its not like the next Mario or Zelda will be new3DS exclusive...maybe certain features? But I doubt they want to split the user base too much...what use is it to make 40million 3DS owners pissed.

I am surprised how many new features these new models have! and the faceplates are making me want to choose the small new3DS instead of the XL Even though I prefer bigger screens. lol can't believe my prediction came true! and even better than I imagined!
I'm currently playing Kingdom Hearts and I'm already fed up having to use the big bulky CirclePadPro.



MeloMan said:

Called it... I KNEW they'd come out with a new iteration of 3DS that had a 2nd stick and better viewing angle. It's the Cadillac of 3DS but my resources are elsewhere for the foreseeable future. Still happy a better 3DS has come along finally
My apologies to all the Circle Pad Pro users



HaNks said:

concerned about the ergonomics, considering how i find both the OG and XL uncomfortable. i use the hori wheel on the OG model which is a godsend. they're adding a second set of shoulder buttons which look even trickier to reach than the standard L/R...i'm going to need to hold one before giving any judgements, but it doesn't look good.

would love to upgrade to a new model but it'll be entirely dependant on grips being available. the standard one is ideal in that the screen is slightly larger than the OG, which was always a tad too small. the XL i always found way too large given the resolution, totally kills the image quality.



AVahne said:

Wish they would change the name.
Maybe something like 3DS Duo.
Then we could abbreviate it to 3DSD, instead of trying to figure out what the heck to call these new systems.

EDIT: Heck, how about 3DS Plus? Then consumers will understand that there's some kind of difference between it and the original.



Windy said:

I'm sold! I don't know how I will afford it but will try and find a way especially if were going to get Xenoblade Chronicles. I got my wish! I have been waiting for a handheld RPG with the scope of Xenoblade since the 3DS came out. Even if I have to buy a new system for it I'm going to try and work that out.



J-Manix98 said:

I'll DEFINETELY be buying this! However, I'm going to wait for a sleek Limited edition to be released. (Not making the same mistake I did with my current XL)



audiobrainiac said:

I've had amazing fun with my 3DSXL and it'll hold me over well until the USA lauch of these sweet new systems. Plus I'm tired of hearing everyone wine about not having two circle pads. I look forward to getting one, or both! Might shoot for the regular 3DS as i miss having a pocket sized one.



SnappyJon said:

So, the Super Smash Bros special edition 3DS XL is outdated before it's even released?

... or will it be the "new" model?!?



Mk_II said:

Certainly don't need a new XL but will just as certainly get one anyway.



WhiteTrashGuy said:


I'm not a big fan of the XL anyway. As soon as I saw those Dark Green plates I was sold. The Dark Green DSi came out mere months before the 3DS. Now I can just customize at will! And I never got to play XENOBLADE on Wii, so it looks like I did good buying LAST STORY instead at the time. I'm genuinely surprised at how excited I am for this.



raghouse said:

You bring up a good point. I hope Nintendo will make the 3ds or the new 3ds compatible with the Wii U because then they could sell the base model of the Wii U by itself and increase the fan-base substantially.



EOTW said:

I've been dreading having to buy a CPP for Monster Hunter. Looks like I won't have to Now!



DanteSolablood said:

I would normally tell people when a new form factor is released for a handheld, "don't worry, you can still play all the games... that's what matters". But that isn't true. If it's true that some newer games will ONLY be able to run on the NEW 3DS, then I'll finally lose ALL faith in Nintendo.



Benjelo said:

I really can't afford to upgrade this year, but I think they said it was coming out in 2015 anyway. If it comes out in holiday season next year it is a possibility for me. The new "c" circle pad looks pretty interesting but I'm not into monster hunter, I guess it could be useful in smash. That improved 3d looks pretty tempting also. I think they should have waited a few more years and just released it as the new handheld, of course with that time they could add a lot more features. Either way Nintendo did a good job with this upgrade, I think it just came out at the wrong time.



Omarpixel9 said:

Got a European 3DS (which was a mistake since my country should have the US one only..) that is three years old. Heavily scratched and stuff. Going to hopefully get this new 3DS next year and will really take care of it. Can't wait..



FritzFrapp said:

@DanteSolablood said "If it's true that some newer games will ONLY be able to run on the NEW 3DS, then I'll finally lose ALL faith in Nintendo."

Did you not lose all faith in Nintendo when the DSi was announced?



Hy8ogen said:

@yokokazuo Cancel the order?

The reason why I didn't get the XL is because it's not much of an improvement. Not to mention that it is undeniably fugly.

I'll get this new one as a home-probable console and my old 3ds as my actual portable console. Or maybe I'll give it away? I'm very excited for this new one.



Jazzer94 said:

@Hy8ogen Couldn't resist though I actually agree with you which is why I waited for a nice special edition. I'm actually hyped for this revision though fixes every problem I had.



Caryslan said:

With a few hours passing since this was announced, I have cooled off a bit in regards to this. I don't intend to upgrade my 2DS anytime soon, and my gaming dollars are going to supporting it, my PS3, and hopefully a Wii U.

Losing Xenoblade to the New 3DS sucks, but I have the Wii version and I can play it there even though it is a risk to my disc drive.

My only hope, and this is my main issue is that the current 3DS models don't get shafted because of this. Hopefully, we will still get most of the new games and enjoy strong eshop support. NES Remix coming to the 3DS helps to some degree, and a ray of hope is that Nintendo and other third-parties realize that there are millions of 3DS owners, and not all of us will be inclined to upgrade.

If say the next Fire Emblem has exclusive features on the New 3DS, but plays on my current 2DS, I can live with it. I think the current models have tons of untapped potential, so I'm shocked Nintendo went in this direction.

I will see how the market develops. Maybe Gamestop will offer a trade in program, although I love the form factor of the 2DS.

One thing is for sure, I doubt a new Mario, Zelda, or Pokemon will be New 3DS exclusive, so old 3DS owners should still get some awesome games.

I will give Nintendo some credit, they took a bold step with this update.

And there is a silver lining in all of this. After a lackluster 2014 where the 3DS did not even get a spot at E3, maybe this mean Nintendo is focusing on the 3DS family again.

Which is a good thing overall.



Hy8ogen said:

@Jazzer94 I'm very excited for this one. I think this will repeat the whole DS/DSi situation all over again. Some games will need the new system, but 99% of the games will work just fine on both systems. I always wanted a bigger screen, but the looks and the feel of the XL and the stretched graphics (pixelated) just doesn't work for me. This NEW though, love at first sight. The metallic paint just gives me dem feels. I just hope the New XL will have a better screen so some games don't look pixelated on it. If it indeed has a better screen than the current XL, it's a confirm buy for me.

I'll probably end up keeping my regular 3DS as a "portable" system when I go out. The XL is just too big to keep it in my jackets. And when they do fit, it's always in the way lol



Jazzer94 said:

@Hy8ogen One thing I want is colored buttons on the XL model, Nintendo better not be stingy with those color buttons. >:[



Spakiness said:

My biggest gripe is the New 3DS XL power button is outside of the clam shell. I feel like that would prove to be a really annoying problem.



Arcamenel said:

People are comparing this to the DSi but iirc the DSi only got games that had DSi exclusive features but could still be played on the original DS. This is getting games that will not be playable on the previous XL or standard 3DS. Also the placement of the power button, stylus, and mic jack are stupid.

The GBC came out almost 10 years after the GB it's not the same situation. The GBC is a successor not a redesign.



ouroborous said:

love the 3DS, if theres a newer and better version out there, i will buy it.... this will be my 4th 3DS system, lol.

regular cosmo black 3DS (traded in), XL blue (given to brother), XL Zelda Gold Edition (will keep or give to brother), and probably then the new metallic blue XL+ (for me!)



Giygas_95 said:

Eh, I already upgraded from the 3DS to the 3DS XL so I'll probably stick with that unless this new model were just super cheap (which isn't likely). I can't say that I like the use of micro SDs, and the stylus on the bottom doesn't go over well with me either. I just hope that that second circle pad doesn't mean the current models are going to miss out on a lot of games that will be built around two circle pads. Also, I imagine it may lead to more first person shooters on the system.



Luna-Harmony said:

I like the look of the new 3DS XL but how on earth are going going to transfer all are game saves and downloads from SD card to Micro SD ? they have to sort that out losing all are game save would be hell.
Shorely the 3DS add-on stick will work with blade.



XyVoX said:

I would like to know how much bigger the new XL models screens are when compared to the original XL.



Stu13 said:

I think the name is honestly my only issue with this thing. It should have been the Super 3DS, because consumer confusion with this is going to be ridiculous.



yokokazuo said:

@Hy8ogen unfortunately, it has already been sent... I decided to finally get an XL since Nintendo just started selling refurbished Zelda XLs.



IcyWolfosKelsos said:

I am honestly really happy with the new additions on the model.The blue 3ds xl one looks beautiful! I am in love with my current 3ds xl. Personally, it is one of my favorite systems out there. I might get one if either my 3ds xl dies from now to Mid 2015 or there are more titles that come out catering to the controls. I never played Xenoblade and not really sure I will like it. If Majora's mask or something hype-tastical comes out, I will be in line for the system. Also if they come out with a Pikachu-Pokemon/Mother/or Dragon Quest themed one I will be alllllll over that.

I am hoping they also fixed the fingerprint problem from the 3dsxl. I have finger print smudges on my control pads and it makes me nuts. I have tried a lot of things to remedy it and it just makes it worse =<

I am not too insanely happy that I have to explain to my sister with a kid what exactly the differences are between the 3ds and the N3ds. I had to do it with the Wii U and the Wii. it took me a good amount of time to explain it to her --; Similar thing with the 2DS vs 3ds/3dsxl --;



Light said:

From day one, the 3ds should have been updated to be used along with the wii u as a tablet controller instead of the "dumb" gamepad that we have now. Having the handheld work along closely with the home console is golden. However, seeing as the wii already has it's own tablet controller and is 2 years into it's life span, this idea may now be too late...



Inkling said:

I think this is what'll happen.
Original 3DS and XL - Discontinued
2DS - Price cut to £59 - £69
New 3DS - £129 - £139
New 3DS XL - £169 - £179

It was funny though, earlier today I was talking on the forums about a 3DS revision and a character announcement for Smash (in the Direct)



TuppuP said:

Really seems like they are just mostly adding Circle Pad Pro and native support for amiibo. So you should still be able to play new games with old hardware using the addons.

And the CPU thing...

Sony did the same thing with PSP, and it were only ever used to provide slight fps boost in some games.



faint said:

@Ibrahim77X how is this skrewing over consumers? Do you think the ps3 slim is skrewing over coustomers? That's backwards thinking.



mullen said:

@Jazzer94 I think nobody answered your question yet. According to official website, the camera's resolution is still the same. However, the performance in dark environment is improved a bit
Another change is the front camera, there is a infrared LED next to it, which can help the camera recognize the position of player's face in dark environment (but I think it will not be helpful for the image quality)



Weedy said:

Really liked the video. Good way to handle the suprise announcement. Still can't believe they didn't let you guys in on it first before telling the world!!!



Hy8ogen said:

@yokokazuo Then it's not too bad. Since the Zelda ones are limited editions. You can treat it like a collectible item! Which it is!



mullen said:

For the new exclusive games, I think most of games will not be in this category. No matter what, game developer and publisher still want to earn as much as possible, so there is not way they exclude the large install base that already there. The only possible reason that there's exclusive game is that they game really need extra power, like Xenoblade. I also think it's possible that Nintendo may release some other Wii games as new 3DS exclusive, since it will not cost a lot to port the game and they usually require more power. But other games, either 1st party new titles, or 3rd party games, should still be playable on old 3DS as that's the only way to earn more.
However, I also think it's possible that new games will have something exclusive on new 3DS. For example, maybe next Pokemon will be able to be 3D all the time on new model, but still partial 3D on old model.



zelda42293 said:

I think maybe Gamestop or some place should offer a trade in value on an upgrade. (Example: Get money towards the New 3DS, and maybe a free system transfer from the old 3DS to the new one)



larry_koopa said:

I know this is off topic, but please do more videos like this! The articles on this site are always great, but I love actually hearing what the editors have to say.

Also, video reviews would be a welcome addition as well



DarkCoolEdge said:

@SetupDisk you don't have a 3DS therefore I wasn't talking about you and the like. I was talking about us, who have supported the company buying consoles, games and peripherals just to be dupe by these smarty-pants. I have two portables that will no longer be able to play all the games they were supposed to.

First time ever I wish Nintendo fails, not an easy thing to get out of me as a long time fan (25 years fyi).



FubumblR said:

Wow, I'm really glad I've held off upgrading from my original aqua blue 3DS as I knew there'd be some significant hardware upgrade released at some point.

Glad to see my keen foresight has paid off, totally getting this when it releases in NA.

I had been severely tempted to upgrade to an XL as of late, looks like that decision's been made for me...thanks Ninty! ;P



DESS-M-8 said:

@Steventurous they were completely different consoles, one similar to nes architecture and the other similar to snes architecture.
The gameboy advance genre was a generation om from gameboy



Hunter-D said:

Enjoyed watching the discussion, guys.

No doubt I'll join the crew and call it the nipple-stick too.



xAlias said:

I don't have a 3DS, so I'll definitely consider picking this up in the near future. Or I might just wait for the next Nintendo portable to come out in one or two years.



J-Manix98 said:

Literally my only complaint is that the Cartridge slot is on the bottom. Why would you do that? What if you are curled up in a chair, and your 3ds is resting on your knee and the game card gets bumped? it'll pop right out!

Unless there is some way of preventing that issue, that's my only real concern. Other than that though, I'm all for this new system! Can't wait 'till next year!



EverythingAmiibo said:

Wait, nipple stick 3DS. There are 2 niples on a human body, and this is the 4 th model of 3 DS, 4+2-3 = 3... Half Life 3 confirmed!!



IronMan28 said:

I'm getting it, sorry you can't enjoy something. You must hate it because it exists, you can't ignore it. Nope, not possible. And yes, "you" means anyone who thinks this is a bad idea and feels the need to assert their opinion as if they're right.



rjejr said:

@AVahne - 3DSD

since most people abbreviate SD memory cards to SD, and the new 3DS is dropping SD cards for microSD cards, theyll need to call this 3DmicroSD.

Sorry, that was funny in my head.



Ibrahim77X said:

@faint I'm a Nintendo guy, so mentioning the PS3 is irrelevant. I think it's kind of screwing them over because we have 3DS first, then a price drop, then XL, which meant people paying so they could get the definitive version of the 3DS. After that, they said no more new models. One year later, 2DS. Now this. Another handheld that will make people have to pay (some AGAIN) so they can get features that should've been on the 3DS to begin with.



Wolfgabe said:

@DarkCoolEdge So Nintendo betrayed you and you want them to fail simply because they release an upgraded 3DS that will have certain games exclusive to it and you don't have to buy it if you don't want to yeah that's that's a perfect reason to want them to fail. You sorta sicken me. Its been nearly 5 years since 3DS came out Nintendo had good reason to feel it would be due for an upgrade. Look at PCs, typically the latest models become obsolete in only a few years. You shouldn't underestimate how fast handheld technology advances in this day and age



Wolfgabe said:

I highly doubt that will be the final name. New Nintendo 3DS could likely be just a placeholder



Taceus said:

I'm glad I held off from 'upgrading' my few-months-after-launch black 3DS.
Who am I kidding? The 3DSXL and 2DS are not upgrades, just adjustment's to appeal to different audiences.
This is an upgrade. I'm in.

LOL nipstick.



DarkNinja9 said:

well the placement of some of the things is just weird to me i hate the place were the stylus pen is located in this one its why i hated the original 3ds and i got a XL but anyway the power button and memory card slot is also weird there zr buttons are weird too since the r button is right there too .-.



Zodiak13 said:

@DarkCoolEdge Huh. Overreacting much? Most Nintendo handhelds have been upgraded, with games exclusive to them. Gameboy- Gameboy Color. DS-DSI. Now this. I think the Advance- Advance SP did not, so there is that. So 3 out of the 4 generations will. That is a pattern, but just now it makes you mad. Makes you want a company you say you care about to fail. I don't like DLC, but I get why they are doing it. $$ man, and they can't make anything if they run out of it. That is a business fact. they think this may help them make money, so they are going to try it.

Anyway, I think it is a cool update, not sure how to transfer all my stuff from SD to micro SD, but that is my only concern. XL version for me.



MaD428 said:

@dartmonkey actually think the stylus move is one of my favorite features, having it on the right is slightly annoying when you are lefty, well at least for me



faint said:

@Ibrahim77X or you can buy a circle pad pro and an amiibo thing. nearly all consoles get revisions. the nes, snes, gb/gb color/micro, advance/sp, wii/wii mini, ds/dsi. the 2ds is primarily made for kids. the xl was for players who wanted a larger model. this new revision is an actual upgrade with faster processing power. it is falt out going to be a more powerful system. don't want it then don't buy it.



SetupDisk said:

I have an Ambassador 3DS, I saw no reason to upgrade from that to the XL. My third system was an NES and I have all Nintendo home consoles.(not VB) I have bought Nintendo games/systems for my nieces and nephews since they have been old enough to play. I already have Platinum for Club Nintendo without even doing all of my surveys. When I said don't put all customers togther I meant just that. So far including presents for others I have bought 10 Nintendo consoles plus the Nes and Snes that I got for presents as a kid.
I don't get some kind of nerve calling other Nintendo customers "and the like" from what I purchase though.

Now from my history purchasing Nintendo products I knew this was going to happen. I have to wonder why you didn't. They have done this with their portables for years.



Chris720 said:

So, the 3DS market is now splintered. Devs will certainly be making games using the extra circle pad. I'm glad they brought out a new 3DS, but this should have been standard from day one, or just create a brand new handheld altogether.



zool said:

Smash Bros seems to play much better on the new machine. But Europe may not have the new 3ds when Smash bros. is released.

Is that a good reason not to buy Smash Bros. until we have the new 3ds?



FritzFrapp said:

@Wolfgabe said: 'I highly doubt that will be the final name. New Nintendo 3DS could likely be just a placeholder'

Certainly looks like the final name. Look at the logo – it ties in with the new amiibo line and logo. They've even gone to the trouble of producing international packaging for the cover plates:



pek727 said:

I think Nintendo made some poor design choices. The game cartridge slot on the bottom!? There's not too much new here, I'm not getting it.



khululy said:

It's a neat upgrade and makes me not want to buy a 3DS XL afterall I will wait for this one and await the reviews.
I do hope this analog nub motivates more developers to make more games like mgs: snake eater more console like experiences now that most understand the hardware better.



DarkKirby said:

The 2nd Circle Pad (the nipple) for camera adjustment is extremely important. It's an important ability to have in practically any game with a 3D environment to explore. You can look at Lumiose City as an example of how ridiculous it is to not have camera control in a 3D environment. Nintendo has come up with workarounds in the past, but it's never been a substitute for just being able to move the camera. It's been one of the number 1 complaints about the 3DS from day 1, it's a system with stereoscopic 3D and has no 2nd Circle Pad for camera control. You shouldn't rule out shooters, yes, they aren't that popular on Nintendo platforms, and the ones that exist use the stylus, but I would rate FPS controls as such - Mouse and Keyboard > Standard Controller with 2 joysticks > Stylus Aiming. Many people complained that Kid Icarus was held back by its controls.

Also you should have more of these video discussions. But you need to do something about the background buzzing or static sound, maybe have some light music playing, but that's optional. If you want to get fancy have videos cut into the discussion showing what you're talking about.



kenzo said:

Has anyone realized the sweet spot 3D headtracking for the New 3DS, could be used in another way.

It could augment the second circle pad control for camera view changes.

Deliberately looking to the side of the screen could cause the view to rotate on purpose around the scene.

It could even work like Track-IR, where looking slightly one way or the other amplifies the change in view.

Imagine just pressing a button in game and moving your head to control the camera view.

This could be a revelation if it works.

PS. Even winking could be detected and used for game control too ....



PuppyToucher said:

I hate to be overly critical, but I feel like you need more energy when you guys make a video. Both people were speaking in such dry tones.

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