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Tue 29th April, 2014

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nostalgianinja commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

ARE you freaking serious?

You know why people don't care about Senran Kagura? It's RATED as a game which promotes nudity and violence (to some extent, not full-blown) and that's WHY it's rated 16.

Did someone really get their knickers in a knot because of they saw 1) Women fighting, 2) breasts sticking out?

Honestly, it's not XSEED's or Tamsoft's responsibility, they're creating an art, an art which a certain audience enjoy, And just for a fighting game?
Also, I'm sure that you can attack other games for their integrity, but why choose this one?



nostalgianinja commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

Also, I don't see why everyone's so bitter about this. I can see it being a good means since Nintendo hogged Sonic for a FULL 3 game exclusivity deal, 2 of which didn't do so well (Sonic Lost World tried at least, Boom just wasn't good at all) and one that had mediocre results.

Gotta admit though, Sega's Marketing Team are sure weird when it comes to fan demands. Where's PSO2? Where Puyo Tetris? There's so much demand for both of the above games, yet no care went into even knowing if there's any progress in it? I'm at least glad we're getting an English Miku game for the 3DS, but it's been way overdue.

So if it really is that great, I'll get it on PC, supposing that Sega go the Steam-Powered route.



nostalgianinja commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

I love me some nice black hardware. Seriously, most of my hardware in my household is black, I've got to keep a motif here.

I think I need to buy myself a 32GB micro SD as well, but that will have to wait 2 weeks later when I've got my pay.



nostalgianinja commented on Nintendo Anime Channel Will Bring Free Streame...:

Ooohhh. Anime content right on a New 3DS (which I'm going to buy).

I'm for this, and I'd be even more for this is we could change sub/dub versions as well as getting some decent Anime. I think most of the Anime here are going to be E-rated though, so don't get your hopes up for anything like Eva or anything like that. Could be a possibility with an online filter service, though (Just sayin')



nostalgianinja commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

I see a lot of people saying "It's okay if the smaller one doesn't come out." What difference does ONE INCH make?

Still, the normal N3DS argument doesn't make sense.

I'll be buying a black N3DS on launch though, since most (if not all) my games are European release.



nostalgianinja commented on Review: Tetris Ultimate (3DS):

Half the stuff on this game is broken, and the game lost interest already. This game has not aged well and surely doesn't feel fun at all. I'd rather fire up Nullpomino than this.

I wanted something exciting, interesting and fun, and Tetris Ultimate doesn't feel that way. I currently have 82% of the game complete and the only badges I can't get are the ones way out of my reach. (there's about 10 of them that I can't get.), currently on 8th-Black Belt and I'm bored of the customization. There's nothing aesthetically pleasing about this game, and there's no modes that can redeem my interest in the game.

I'd like a Fever Mode, like what Tetris Axis introduced (and what Puyo Puyo Tetris introduced for Big Bang Mode, which is heavily intuitive.) because we're looking to add to the game, not buy the same iteration over and over again.

The scoring system is broken, most of the DAS settings are unstable and all the modes feel too easy when you get to a level of play which you speed through the game.



nostalgianinja commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 14th January, Wi...:

Meanwhile, may I crawl back in my hole? Sucks that of all of the anticipated games of 2014, TU was Terrible and PuyoTet has no likelihood of being released Westside. I'm still angry at Sega, so it's understandable I guess. (Sonic Boom was Terrible too, by the way, and I hope Sega redeems themselves this year.)

New 3DS would be nice. When I've bought Majora's Mask, I'll buy OOT just to play that too.



nostalgianinja commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

"With friends like these, who needs enemies?"

Like I've said time and time again, I need 10+ games and a collectable value of 100 hours before I buy another console. my 3DS is starting to shape up its bulk of games too. Sorry, but the Vita isn't worth it for me, not even for the value of Region Free.



nostalgianinja commented on Cubic Ninja Sales Spike Following Announcement...:

Still wondering though, once this exploit is out, it'll blast the doors open for others to find more holes in the system to have more homebrew. Same happened with Smash Brawl, and Twilight Princess, And cough Lego Batman.

Having a guess the exploit is going the same route that The Wii had when it got hit with the hole. It'll only be a matter of time before someone figures it all out.

As the honor of Homebrew Coders: They NEVER have or want anything to do with piracy. It's the pirates that steal from the homebrewers to use THEIR exploits against them. It'll only be a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.



nostalgianinja commented on Konami Demands That Hardcore Gaming 101 Presen...:

@Damo This is probably a snark case from Konami.

Entitlement to Fair Use is what is being done inside the book and is fully allowable as per copyright and trademark laws. If there is a cease-and-desist, then can that cease-and-desist be objected? Can you challenge the fact that one is simply "teaching and library archiving" your works, which is fully legal and allowable?

ayayayai Konami, you're in a sticky situation with this case, I don't get you... -.-



nostalgianinja commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

@Luffymcduck it's not about the franchise, it's the idea behind it. You could say the same to Sega, or Activision, or Microsoft, or Ubisoft or anybody else for the matter. This is not a fight of "innovation and ideas." It's rather a fight of "Immersive and enjoyable" things. This is why I play games, as a release and to get out of personal issues that I have.

As for Miyamoto, I've always seen him as a man with a good sense of humor, and his ideas give formative decisions towards the outcomes of his designs. It's not what you put in. It's what you get out. Gaming is an art, and not just something that needs to be splashed up on. Many people forget this when going into the industry.



nostalgianinja commented on Tetris Ultimate Dated for 3DS, Will Cost Less ...:

@Daruncic Wish so, too. ((Damn it Sega, why do you make me feel like I have to resort to doing so much to continue my binge on Puyo? It's been 10 years :( ))

@unrandomsam With Sega Co-Licensing its part of Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Sonic Team consistently restructuring, I doubt it would come over officially. Sega have always been reluctant to release Puyo Puyo overseas (which I wonder why Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche were created in the first place, they broke the means to make Puyo Puyo popular here.) While the Tetris Company are quite open to Licensing over here, I'm afraid it'll be the same case as Tetris Monsters.

@kupocake This, to Tetris Ultimate. I have the feeling people are going to whinge a lot at Tetris Ultimate for the way it's going to do a lot of things. It doesn't even have a Fever Mode (by now I would have expected one, like Axis had.) and Puyo Puyo Tetris looks like the most complete game that's been done in a while. (Axis was kind of like an add-on to Tetris Party Deluxe, which shows how lazily ported it was.) Right now, the future for Tetris Ultimate 3DS has potential for people to buy consoles. (I remember Sisu of Hard Drop asking about the 3DS in the Q&A Forums).

Hell, I'd live for a Lucky Attack mode like what's in PPT. No questions.



nostalgianinja commented on SmileBASIC Will Bring Petit Computer Game Deve...:

Personally, a 30 chapter manual would be PERFECT for doing stuff like this. I would have liked for the original DSi Puchicom to have some sort of decent manual (I found errors like crazy through the online manual that you can get for free).

Certainly going to get PuchiCom3.



nostalgianinja commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

@KeithTheGeek I'd also like them to be sub-licenced to others so that the technology brings back third-parties. I'd love to see Sega branch out on this quite a bit (Hey, even with Sonic already as an Amiibo, the possibility is there for other IP figurines to come around.) Heck, there's unlimited possibilities with this coming up in the near future.

Seeing as they'd sell for around R200 I'm quite interested, mind you, it's quite a good investment for an avid gamer who would be using it cross-platform.



nostalgianinja commented on Ubisoft Confirms Exclusive 3DS Mode for Tetris...:

@GloverMist There's a bug in the Spotpass system for Tetris 3DS (Tetris Axis in the US) where if you play enough times online, the game will give the following errors (in order, I documented them on my Twitter if you're interested.)

1) "SpotPass is OFF because the SpotPass received data usage limit has been reached"

2) "You cannot use Spotpass"

3) (dialogue asking if you want spotpass to be turned on)

4) Creates data if yes, and says "Extra data saved." If no is selected, it says "You cannot use spotpass." again



nostalgianinja commented on Ubisoft Confirms Exclusive 3DS Mode for Tetris...:

Yes, more news and the news we need.

Let's hope we can get a proper Tetris this time. Tetris (3DS) and Tetris Axis has a nasty Spotpass bug in it, which bugged the daylights out of me twice already. Let's hope Ubi can do something right that Hudson didn't.

Edit: From the screenshots, it looks as if UbiSoft are not confining to color standards of SRS. The J piece (Whch is often a vibrant blue) is looking a bit to the dark purple side.

Oh, and for the love of all that is good, PLEASE let us be able to turn items off. I don't approve of items at all. Also allow 4-player multiplayer with items off.