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Sat 25th May, 2013

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raghouse commented on Capcom Is Suing Koei Tecmo For Patent Infringe...:

So Capcom waits 12 years and claims 50 games infringe on their patent. Even if there is patent infringement Capcom should only get money for 1 game. All of the games after that they should only get anything if they notified Tecmo-Koei of the patent infringement and Tecmo-Koei didn't take steps to correct the problem. This is like a woman that waits until a child is 18 then wants back child support for 18 years.



raghouse commented on Review: The Letter (Wii U eShop):

According to TreeFall Studios youtube channel autosaving, a new start screen (with continue option), and increased detail on the levels has already been added to the game (version 1.1)



raghouse commented on Review: 3D Altered Beast (3DS eShop):

I loved this at the arcade when I was a kid. I also had the pack-in when I bought the Sega Genesis on launch day (the only system I ever got on launch). I think I'll have to get this as well.



raghouse commented on Review: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Wi...:

The arcade games within are new games that resemble old arcade games. There is a Defender type game, a Scramble like game, Tanks in a maze game, and one where you fly through a tubular environment dodging cars and shooting ghosts. The last one is probably the most fun as it has the greatest challenge.



raghouse commented on Review: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Wi...:

Playing the game now. Very solid platforming with decent variety. My only real complaint is that textures are reused a little too often giving a bit of a budget feel. The Aztec themed levels are downright great. I just wish the fire, ice, and city levels were as inspired.



raghouse commented on Review: Bike Rider DX (3DS eShop):

This reminds me of an updated version of the best and most underappreciated Atari 2600 game of all time, the BMX bike event from California Games. In fact, the Atari version was more fun than any of the other more powerful systems. I'll have to pick this one up for nostalgia.



raghouse commented on Iwata Says He Didn't Commit to Stepping Down O...:

Nintendo had been profitable for a very long time in an extremely competitive market. A couple down years is going to happen sooner or later.

The original Xbox had an overall operating loss. The Playstation 3 was a money loser for quite a while.

When the next set of consoles are released, Nintendo may actually benefit, as the lower development costs and a (expected) growing install base of the Wii U will be attractive for 3rd parties with good ideas but without the resources to make a competitive game on the PS4 or Xbox One.



raghouse commented on Sniper Elite V2 on Wii U Lacks Online Co-Op an...:

@thebigN Online Co-op missing would have been just fine if Rebellion had local co-op without split screen. Everyone of these late ports should offer co-op with one player using a wii-mote or pro controller and the other using the WiiU controller. Why would anyone pay a premium for the WiiU version when there is no good reason to play it over other versions.