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Sun 8th Sep 2013

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TuppuP commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

Black/White. Good story. Broke many Pokemon traditions like single use TMs and having to win elite 4 to complete the story.

And the final dungeon/battle was EPIC.



TuppuP commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

Really seems like they are just mostly adding Circle Pad Pro and native support for amiibo. So you should still be able to play new games with old hardware using the addons.

And the CPU thing...

Sony did the same thing with PSP, and it were only ever used to provide slight fps boost in some games.



TuppuP commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:

@jakysnakydx Pokemon games have internal cheat checks that makes it impossible to make Pokemon that have higher stats or any moves unavailable to "normal" Pokemon.
So in no ways is "hacked" Pokemon BETTER than fully "legit".

And the argument about speeding the breeding of "perfect" Pokemon giving unfair advantage is ridiculous, most of the players that compete in nationals should already have bunch of old tournament Pokemons from older generations that can used as breeding stock.