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Wed 14th November, 2012

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dartmonkey commented on Big Red Button's Bob Rafei Spills More Details...:

I'm finding it difficult to understand the opposition to the designs. Knuckles has been to the gym, they've been bound up and had a few tweaks but it's hardly a reinvention. Importantly, each character is now be easily recognisable by their silhouette. Rafei was saying all the right things in the Polygon interview. Who knows, but it's nice to see something different.



dartmonkey commented on Review: 3D Sonic The Hedgehog (3DS eShop):

This is definitely not a 'lazy port' - you should read the interview and get a little context. They've done a great job, though it's always a little puzzling when devs talk about having massive problems porting games from 20 year old hardware. You would think it'd be a doddle, but I'm no programmer. If this had widescreen, it'd be the definitive version. I'd also love a time trial mode a la iOS Sonic CD, to give me a reason to go back, race through and unlock some art or something.



dartmonkey commented on Review: 3D Space Harrier (3DS eShop):

The Ambassador programme helped turn my 3DS into quite the retro machine. I've played Mega Man 1&2 and Tetris for the first time on it. If Nintendo were quicker about making VC available I'd have picked up LttP on it rather than finding a GBA cart on eBay. Never played Space Harrier but quite fancy giving it a blast, though it may involve finding a larger SD card...



dartmonkey commented on GAME Offers Musical Chest With Collector's Edi...:

I have never preordered a game. Is that weird? This makes me want to change that. Which is stupid, I know - it's a dinky bit of plastic with a hinge and a tinny speaker. But dagnabit, I want that placky, tacky McDonalds toy!



dartmonkey commented on Feature: Great Nintendo 64 Multiplayer Games Y...:

Snowboard Kids was great, the equal of Mario Kart 64. The frame rate and the time it took to speed up from a stop were mildly irritating but it led to some nail biting finishes and the controls were great. Ah! And it's from a time before companies commandeered Z to make their plurals sound hip and poppin' and fresh.



dartmonkey commented on 3D Gaming is Very Much A Part of Nintendo's Fu...:

That Moffitt interview demonstrates clearly their intentions for the system. The intro video is simple and shows how it fits into the DS 'ecosystem'. In the space of an hour I've gone from WTF to believing it's genius. The name matches the 2D slab form, it harks back to the GBA and completists won't be able to resist.
It's not designed for me, it's not designed for my grandma, but the kids are gonna love it.
The only issue is that 3D as a gameplay mechanic will no longer be a worthwhile option for developers. It has never really been used for fear of alienating certain players but the opportunity to play with the feature and use it as part of an integral experience may now have passed.



dartmonkey commented on New 3DS Firmware Update 6.0.0-11U Now Live:

When you talk to the rabbit no text comes up and it freezes, sending you back to the Home menu and restarting the system. From what I can tell all EU people are having this issue.

Also, it looks to me like Mii Plaza has been boshed up to 60FPS.



dartmonkey commented on Reggie: Nintendo Aiming To Increase Wii U Thir...:

Nintendo will survive whatever, but they need to drive, and now. $199 against PS4's $399 would get the install base going. It needs to start NOW though. Third parties can't magically turn on games. Development needs time. If they don't start NOW they'll lose them.
They'll survive whatever, and really it's no sweat - we'll still get those great Nintendo games. It's questionable whether third parties would put anything but partyware on it anyway (though all the 'next-gen' games I've seen look pretty current gen to my eyes, possibly thanks to most of them releasing on 360/PS3 too). But if they want Wii-type numbers, they need to start yesterday.



dartmonkey commented on Eiji Aonuma Shares Wind Waker HD Thoughts:

I have this dream where I can sit down and play though a Zelda with my girlfriend. I think this has as good a chance as any of being the one. Worst case scenario - she sits next to me playing Animal Crossing while I play. Boom!



dartmonkey commented on Feature: A Short History of Luigi:

He was playable in Mario 64 DS too. Great game to pick up on a 3DS, that.
I get that the basic premise of catching ghosts is a riff on Ghostbusters but I don't think it's a ripoff. It takes an idea and runs with it.
He's useful for Nintendo because he's not Mario. We're all suffering from franchise fatigue (New Super/Paper/Party/Kart/Golf/Sports...) and the 'Year of Luigi' helps cleanse palette ready for the next wave.



dartmonkey commented on Feature: The Building Blocks for a LEGO City:

Lego Star Wars was fun enough, but they've become too repetitive. Then again, they're aimed at a younger audience. I'd consider getting Undercover if I saw it cheap though.
The best 'Lego' game I've ever played is Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. The vehicle builder in that game is the closest I've ever got to the experience you get actually playing with Lego. It's flawed as a game because it doesn't give you enough to do with your creations, but the building and testing system is brilliant.



dartmonkey commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

@MeWario Account system or not, they've got a record of what you downloaded. You don't need to prove you no longer have the system because they replaced it. Surely they have to supply you download codes for all your purchased software? It's crappy losing all your save data, but I don't see how they can deny you $300 of software you have purchased but no longer have access to because of them!

Edit. Am I being super naive here? :)



dartmonkey commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

I've got shelf space at home and they're cheaper so I'll keep buying home console games on disc. Plus it's still a thrill to tear the plastic off something new. The 3DS is throwing up questions though. I've got Super Mario 3D Land as a free download, I'm going to download New Leaf because I'll be getting it Day One so the price difference will be negligible and I'll be playing it every single day. I do worry about what would happen if I ever lost my 3DS or it was stolen (I'd lose my village) but, thinking logically, I'd lose it regardless - the cart would always be in the slot.
The antsy compulsive part of me doesn't like the idea of mixing downloads and physical games. I'd always have to mentally add extra boxes when I looked at my shelf. But for this gen it's down to cost - I'm not going to pay a premium for a download that I can pick up £20 cheaper on the High Street.



dartmonkey commented on Ubisoft Not Disappointed With Wii U Install Base:

Rayman is not a system seller. No one is going to throw down £250 to play the new Rayman title.
The decision to delay makes business sense - if it sells modestly on 360 and PS3 it'll still outsell the Wii U version by a crapload and launching across all platforms simultaneously gives the Xbox and PS equal prestige - the game doesn't look like a stripped down port of an old Wii U title.



dartmonkey commented on Nintendo Spells Out Why You Should Pick Wii U ...:

Consumers aren't necessarily stupid, they just don't know the score because it's not being shown to them and that's Nintendo's fault. We're all consumers here but we know about Wii U because we've read articles and tracked it down and tried it. Anyone who doesn't keep up with game websites and magazines but picked up a Wii has no clue.
Edit: And how do you make the situation even more difficult for your new console lacking a solid marketing drive? Release Wii 'Mini', a confusing feature-stripped hardware revision of your previous dying console, just to muddy the waters.



dartmonkey commented on Nintendo Spells Out Why You Should Pick Wii U ...:

Ah yes, a spreadsheet will entice Joe Walmart to 'upgrade'. Keeping the Wii name was the right move seeing as all the accessories are compatible, but marketing like this is BS in isolation. They need to be out on the street with the Gamepad, put it in people's hands and get them to fling ninja stars at the telly. Take the simplest, most satisfying action that the Wii CAN'T do and show it to people, face to face. It's a more complicated concept to grasp and it won't market itself like the Wii did until they get it out on the street. Everywhere. Now.



dartmonkey commented on More Capcom-Disney Games Could Be Remade if Du...:

Chip and Dale was a great game - I replayed a year or two ago. The best thing is that this shows Disney are open to sorting out licences and the Sega games on VC are now a possiblity (Castle of Illusion, Quackshot, World of Illusion, etc). I'd like them to include the originals with any HD remakes, or make the original available. What's happening with the music too? Same tunes rejigged I guess.
If Duck Tales was on 3DS I'd get it immediately. It's becoming my repository for VC games (NES, GB, GBA) and portability is gold for games like this.



dartmonkey commented on UK Retailers Call For Wii U Price Cut And Fres...:

I don't see the price being lowered. More likely they'll do free game promos as with the 3DS - Get a download code for Wario/NSMBU/NintendoLand when you buy the console.
And personally, matte colours would be a big draw. The demo
Gamepads I've seen look very...sticky. I'd go for matte red.



dartmonkey commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

My money this Xmas went on a 3DS XL ready for Animal Crossing. Barring a wicked birthday surprise, I reckon it'll be next Xmas before I get one. Maybe by then they'll have discontinued the Basic pack and released a different colour or two. I can't be the only one who prefers the fingerprint-proof white one, can I? :D



dartmonkey commented on Warren Spector Hints At Epic Mickey 3:

I always get a whiff of the Molyneuxs from Spector. The intentions are good, the ideas are interesting, but the execution never delivers. I ploughed through Epic Mickey because of my love for the source material. Take the license away and my patience wouldn't have held out.
If he really wants to incorporate music, Mickey could be dragged into Music Land from the Silly Symphonies in EP3 - then they could really have some fun and integrate it meaningfully. In the hands of EAD I think it could be incredible, but JP needs to up its game with the basics first.



dartmonkey commented on Talking Point: Time to Adjust Nintendo Direct ...:

I thought the last Direct was excellent. runs
Seriously. I know they didn't announce a new Zelda/Mario/whatever but they're in the works anyway. They would detract from any smaller titles on their way beforehand, and there's lots of excellent smaller things coming and/or here. As a way of getting gameplay clips to people who don't necessarily scour the web for vids and trailers, Direct is fine. I watched it in bed the other morning. It wasn't scintillating but it kept my attention for 40 mins and gave me a decent look at some new titles. Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion look fantastic. Animal Crossing slipping=bummer, but if it needs a month or two for localisation, go for it. There're loads of smaller eShop games like Picross and BitTrip to soak up. As for Wii U I think people are forgetting how abysmal console launches usually are! Everyone blathers on about needing a Mario 64 at launch - EVERY console needs a Mario 64 at launch! The N64 was the exception because it actually got it. Looking at the spread of quality, quantity and variety available, the Wii U arguably has the finest launch lineup since 1996. Not a Ridge Racer in sight.
Maybe Sony's DNR for Vita is making 3DS look good, but I feel genuinely positive about the 3DS. And it's all over when AC arrives. Life, I mean. In the meantime, I'll download the free copy of 3D Land when I upgrade to an XL at Xmas.
What's not to like?