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Sonic Lost World Gets Free Legend of Zelda DLC Tomorrow

Posted by Jake Shapiro

But can we team up Knuckles with Tingle?

Hot off the heels of Sonic Lost World's Yoshi's Island DLC, tomorrow the hedgehog's latest Wii U outing will get some Zelda-themed downloadable content to boot; it'll be free for all that have the game.

Entitled The Legend of Zelda Zone, IGN reports the new level will be more than a reskinning of an old game. Sonic will don Link's green tunic and trade in his fast-paced gameplay for a more open-world adventure approach to Hyrule; Link will even make a cameo. Check it out below:

Sonic Lost World released to mixed reviews last year, but Sega has been utilising its partnership with Nintendo to brings us more content featuring the mascot. First we had the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series, then Sonic showed up in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and now Lost World is enjoying these multiple Nintendo-themed DLC packs. Unfortunately, none of this DLC is available for the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World.

Let us know what you think and whether you're hyped to play this new content, while below is a developer commentary video that provides even more detail.


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Rezalack said:

I'm sure we'll get a Direct next month, don't worry. They said we'll be getting news about Mario Kart 8 in a big way, next week. That could mean a Direct.

Now.. on topic, this kind of makes me want Sonic Lost Worlds. Might have to pick it up if I ever see it in the right price range.



KJ85 said:

Directs are usually bi-monthly events, and therefore we should not expect anything before mid April.



DreamOn said:

What!?!? I knew about the Yoshi, but not this! Why are they trying to make me buy Sonic's game as a Zelda64 fan!?? Yes, Aaron, my inner 90s is freaking out right now. Thpppt!!



allav866 said:

NL, I know you already reviewed Lost Worlds, but can you do a side-review for the DLC? I'm starting to think this game is worth buying!



DiscoGentleman said:

Wow, free DLC is generous! Is this the third time they've done this for Lost World? They could be charging .99 for it, and getting people to visit the eShop in the hopes of an impulse buy, at least.

Maybe I should DL the demo again and give this game another shot. I was excited for it, but after trying the demo, I had a bad taste in my mouth... :/



NintyMan said:

This and Yoshi's Island Zone make me interested in Sonic: Lost World. I'm not kidding. I keep putting off getting it until I find a good deal somewhere. This is further proof how close Nintendo and Sega are these days.



sinalefa said:

My friend bought me this one as a belated Xmas gift (I gave him W101), so I just need to go to his house to pick it up, so it will be nice to have this right away.



noctowl said:

I think the game is so underrated. I really enjoy it. But this Zelda dlc is gonna be so awesome!



Dark-Link73 said:

Finally! I was starting to doubt they'd ever release this Zelda DLC. I can't wait for tomorrow!



Ryno said:

Looks pretty nice. I still haven't opened my copy of Lost World but when I do I am looking forward to playing this!



LittleIrves said:

@Spuratis When did Nintendo say we'd be getting Kart news next week? Perhaps I've missed a News story or two...

As for Zelda DLC: Not for me. But I'm glad many are excited about it.



Ricube said:

This is soooo cool! Now i have even less excuses to not buy this game... and it's free again!



Gold said:

This DLC and Yoshi's Island DLC is a game seller to me. Perfection. Hopefully a price drop will come soon!



ninjalink said:




TingLz said:

Quick! Someone put this in their Zelda timeline! I bet it's on the child branch



ultraraichu said:

Those sneaky geniuses. It's one thing to put dlc for a game, but to have dlc like this and for free. This is a nice way to bait me on.



YoshiTails said:

@Unca_Lz It'd be in the first branch of the timeline as Skyward Sword link is seen screwing around on his loftwing!
Please watch the profanity — TBD



SonataAndante said:

Oh cool, I've been wondering when this would come out. For anyone that didn't notice it back then, the Zelda DLC was teased when they revealed the Yoshi's Island DLC. A second Nintendo-themed DLC was mentioned and a Triforce was stuck in the picture somewhere. I'm looking forward to this one, as it's, at least mostly from the looks of it, a 3D level. Yoshi's Island was neat but it was a short 2D level that ended up being good just for farming lives. I wonder if Sega will make anymore DLC after this one. It doesn't have to be Nintendo themed or free, but I am curious.



PinkSpider said:

Ok I'm gonna buy this game now
Seriously sega can do free DLC why can't everyone else



TheSonicdude97 said:

Holy Light Arrows!! Sonic Lost World was already beyond awesome, but this DLC just kicks butt! I'm so glad that Hyrule field looks so great, and it's definitely more fun to run around in here at Sonic's speed. Can't wait to play this!!~



Tysamu said:

Hold on. Let me pull myself together first.


I needed some excitement. This is how dlc should be done, for content that shouldnt even exist in the game that can be used for fun
Please watch the profanity — TBD



koelboel said:

Hehe love it, Yoshi- and Zelda-boxes ticked. If they bait new owners like this maybe we could have a Zebes-world later on?



ReigningSemtex said:

I have hardly played lost world and I am happy to hear when I do I will have some free extra content. Thank you Sega!



Kosmo said:

Really, Lost World was a great game, and these free DLC make it even better!

So can I be Super Sonic in the Link costume? XD



Inkling said:

@KJ85 Not really, they are each month.

You know, I think Nintendo is going to kill the Directs off. I hope not, but I have a feeling they will.



ULTRA-64 said:

Nice move Sega, the demo sucked but I love sonic games and would have picked this up very late, very cheap. Just for the 'free content' tag alone you get respect, but two loads....Zelda AND yoshi......I'm heading to amazon to check the price and trading some old game a in this week me thinks!!



ricklongo said:

The Yoshi DLC was a disappointment for me. I hope this is more than a single stage, otherwise it's probably gonna be the same.



SphericalCrusher said:

So funny, I was thinking about this yesterday. I almost popped the game in. Was going to wait to play it again until the new DLC hit, and now here it is. Will be playing this tomorrow night!



ACK said:

Pretty shwiz.

EDIT: Have to wonder if there is more to this willingness to let Sega re-purpose Nintendo assets. Sure, they attempting to boost sales, but releasing free DLC this late when it didn't appear to be part of the initial plan... And considering this is far more extensive than placing some pots, rupees, and cuccos into Sonic-style stages... Seems curious, no doubt.



ledreppe said:

Glad to see their still supporting this game, I'll be downloading this dlc tomorrow.



rjejr said:

@ricklongo - My thoughts exactly. Yoshi was a single stage THAT YOU COULD ONLY PLAY ONCE!

I rented the game when it first came out, and then rented it again to finish it when the 100 rings gets you an extra life patch came out around the same time as Yoshi DLC. If I still had it I'ld be looking forward to trying this out, and it's great that its free. Good job by Sega.

Maybe when Sonic Boom comes out I'll wait 6 months before playing it though



FriedSquid said:

So can Sega explain why the rest of Lost World isn't as fun as that?

And judging from the comments, I guess you really can just slap on something Nintendo and people will buy it no matter what. Except I wouldn't say this is a smart move by Sega; considering it's free it looks as if they're just desperate to sell the game.



allav866 said:

What is it with Sonic following the same fashion trends as Link? First he wears a scarf, and now a tunic? Come on! He does look good in a tunic, I'll give him that.



ACK said:

@CaptainSquid It's free DLC. People who are on the fence see it as more bang for the buck. Nintendo and Sega fans may see it as a novelty (Sonic in Hyrule)that may never exist in any other form. This is clearly a value-added proposition, so what is wrong with people having renewed I interest, slap-on Nintendo theme or not.

I remind you that Soul Caliber 2 sold best on GCN, largely because of Link being included in the roster. And rightfully so--as he was the most enjoyable character to play as (balancing issues aside). Call it shameless fan hood if you want, but nothing like that has occurred since, making a GCN version of SC2 quite valuable, sentimentally if not practically.



chiptoon said:

I'll say it again: Lost World is awesome.

And this DLC is such a wonderful gift, even if its as short as the Yoshi stage, it'll be great fun.



LordFamicom said:

It's nice to see my two favorite video game franchises combine in one for this DLC level.



1truesonicfan said:

I LOVE IT!! truthfully sega and nintendo needs to do more stuff like this. cant you tell they're just testing the waters to see if this kind of stuff works. if so, we might finally get a real sonic and mario crossover! there will always be classic sonic style games but lets mix it up. they got it perfect with sonic generations, colors and half of unleashed (they had it perfect with the adventure games too) but I'm also excited for sonic boom! they changed up sonic in the 2000's and we got sonic adventure and people are still riding that. and I mean come one who doesn't want to see sonic running the huge green fields of hyrule! I want more of this! I WANT MORE OF THIS!



FriedSquid said:

@ACK that's fine and all, if fans like this then they should enjoy it, and I will say that it looks cool. But people here saying they will now buy it for this short stage is a little silly. I watched the video and enjoyed it, I don't need to buy the game and play it now. Everything in the second video is literally all you get. All of it is a pretty boring stage like the rest of Lost World but just painted Zelda; it's just fanservice.

And I don't really see how what you said about soul calibur has much correlation here; if anything it just says that the Wii U version is better than 3DS... but anyways I digress. All I'm saying is that it's fine if you have Lost World and get this DLC and enjoy it, I just can't see how some justify buying the game because of the DLC which will only last you a minute.



Great_Gonzalez said:

Wow this looks pretty cool! I'll have to get back into this game I lost interest about halfway through.... sorry sonic!!
At least sonic boom is looking good atm!



JeffreyG said:

@rjejr The Yoshi level unlocked again every time you get a certain amount of points in the game. It's odd, but playing one other level should give you enough points to unlock the level again.



rjejr said:

@JeffreyG - "It's odd, but playing one other level should give you enough points to unlock the level again."

I must no be very good, b/c it took me about 4 or 5 more levels to get it to unlock 1 more time. After that I gave up.



Einherjar said:

A atab to the heart of everyone blaming sonic team for a quick cash in That game is really amazing and the support is so too. I love it



GC-161 said:

@CaptainSquid - There is ALWAYS this guy. The jaded Nintendo fan who hates seeing people get excited over anything in (Nintendo) life.

Tsk! Tsk!

"And judging from the comments, I guess you really can just slap on something Nintendo and people will buy it no matter what"

^^^^ Yeah because that sure worked for Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition (Nintendo costumes), didn't it?

"Except I wouldn't say this is a smart move by Sega; considering it's free it looks as if they're just desperate to sell the game."

^^^^ So let me get this straight. You knock SEGA for trying to find ways to sell the game. Then you consider it a bad move to use this free DLC as BAIT in order to improve sales of the game. Which by judging how everyone is trampling each other to get a hold of the game, its apparently working.

"But people here saying they will now buy it for this short stage is a little silly. "

^^^^^ Heaven forbid people anywhere use their own money as they see fit.

"I watched the video and enjoyed it, I don't need to buy the game and play it now."

^^^^ You could say the same just about ANY game available on Youtube. Might as well not buy any game.

"All of it is a pretty boring stage like the rest of Lost World but just painted Zelda; it's just fanservice."

^^^ Make up your mind. First you said it was fun and looked cool.

And I find it curious that an anime fan would say anything against fanservice. Cuz that's all they want.



Chubblings said:

Now in the 90's, if someone said that Nintendo and Sega were going to join up with Sonic and Zelda mixing, people would think you're crazy and riot. Nevertheless, this looks really fun and promising. It shows a lot more creativity and exploration than the Yoshi stage (which was also entirely 2D, and this is mostly 3D). I haven't played Lost World in a while, but this does give an incentive to play it again. Smart move Sega.



Chubblings said:

Now in the 90's, if someone said that Nintendo and Sega were going to join up with Sonic and Zelda mixing, people would think you're crazy and riot. Nevertheless, this looks really fun and promising. It shows a lot more creativity and exploration than the Yoshi stage (which was also entirely 2D, and this is mostly 3D). I haven't played Lost World in a while, but this does give an incentive to play it again. Smart move Sega.



FriedSquid said:


Lol yeah, I lose sleep if a single person is ever excited! Gee-whiz, I'm such a hater!

Let me reiterate by saying I think it's a neat bonus, but it's also just a cheap stage built as free fan service for Zelda fans. Like I said, it's only less than a minute long. Somehow this gets people to buy the game, even though the rest of it is not so good. Case in point: slapping Nintendo on something gets the fanboys to buy the game.

And please tell me where everyone is "trampling each other to get a hold of the game."

Yes, people can spend their money as they see fit, but I still think the DLC is not worth buying the game altogether. Heaven forbid I say that people shouldn't buy a mediocre game because of one short DLC stage.

Also, good job on judging a person by their avatar and interests.



Gaminguy010 said:

Has anyone realized that the Castle in the background looks strikingly similar to the Castle in the Smash Bros trailer?



SparkOfSpirit said:

Awesome, I really liked Lost World as it is and this makes it better.

Strange that there was no Mario DLC, though. Saving that for the crossover platformer that everyone wants?



BakaKnight said:

Definitly can't wait to download this tomorrow!!!
Lost world is a good game, but a little short and missing some contenent. Now things are definitly getting way better than I could ever hope with free DLC zones based on Nintendo Franchises

@rjejr If you rent the game when it came out then I guess you got also the Night Level right? As far as I experienced the DLC zones are all very generous, every time you beat one you get very easily those 100,00 points required.
Since the release of Yoshi Island Zone the points-limit annoyance almost got removed and now it will get even less annoying with 3 DLC Zones around the map XP



FilmerNgameR said:

HECK YEAH! MY TWO FAVORITE FRANCHISES TOGETHER IN ONE DLC PACK! OK NOW SONIC TEAM, MAKE SONIC ADVENTURE 3 ALREADY!!!!!! Or at least Shadow the Hedgehog 2 with Generations game play. Screw the haters.



Hortencio said:

"Gasp! People are excited about something that may not be that big a deal!?! What should we do?"
"Get me Captain Squid! He'll have something to say about this!"



JaxonH said:


That's because Nintendo is synonymous with quality, and people love Nintendo, especially Nintendo FANS. Zelda is sacred to most Nintendo fans, and Sonic is our past time (well, those of us who grew up in the 80's and 90's anyways). So the notion of Sonic/Zelda crossover is more than exciting. And the fact the trailer actually really does look super fun certainly doesn't hurt either.

So no, I wouldn't say you can just slap Nintendo on anything and people will buy it- but when you take a franchise many people hold dear to their hearts, and cross it with another franchise held close to peoples' hearts, sure, people are gonna be interested. Especially when it's done well. And I don't think a person here could look me in the eye and say that Zelda DLC for Lost World doesn't look like a ton of fun.



SMW said:

I was going to get Sonic Colors first, but I may just end up grabbing both now!



ultimate321 said:

This is incredibly smart. Fans such as myself who would otherwise not get this due to the poor reviews might give this a chance due to fandom. I'm considering buying it now xD. But I also feel like playing Zelda now haha.



rjejr said:

@BakaKnight - "I guess you got also the Night Level right? "

I don't think Gamefly did rent the Night's version, at least I never found any of those levels and I did beat the final boss and did a few of the flying side levels. I only got 1 or 2 red coins per level though so maybe I didn't unlock those.



Agent721 said:

And now the search begins for who has the lowest price on this game...I'm no Sonic fan, but this Zelda stage looks awesome!



FriedSquid said:

@Superiorspider Agh, you got me! Now that I'm figured out I think I'll go stir up trouble on another Nintendo site since I have nothing better to do.

@Hortencio Don't worry--I'm already on the case!

@JaxonH I get what you're saying, I don't blame anyone for thinking it's cool or liking it. But I still don't understand why people think it's worth it to buy the game just because it now has this bonus stage. I think I enjoy watching the trailer more than I would enjoy playing the level considering Lost World's gameplay.

If you like this then enjoy it by all means. However I've said what I wanted to say, and now I'm just repeating myself. I'm done here.



JaxonH said:


Fair point. But the game isn't that bad- it's not incredible or anything but it's decent enough, so people who were on the fence about the game- I could totally see how this would be enough to push them over the edge. I mean, that trailer WAS pretty amazing, if you ask me. If I had zero interest in the game before, would this be enough to make me buy the entire game? Probably not. But if I was moderately interested, perhaps so. I already have the game though, so I'll find out how good it is tomorrow.



vonseux said:

one more reason to get this game , uh ?
I liked the demo, but this seens so much fun !



ericwithcheese2 said:

I enjoyed Lost World. I think it could have been better, but I didn't think it was as bad as some people said it was.

However, these DLC packs (Yoshi and now Zelda) just pushes this game into a new level. That trailer alone is amazing! And the fact that it is free?? Icing on the delicious cake.



Knuckles said:

Did Sonic really just homing attack those Cuccos? He must not gave gotten Sakurai's Miiverse post on Monday...



Henmii said:

Nice trailer! Will download it tommorow, looks fun!

A pity that the game itself is a crash-fest! But will download it anyway!



Genesaur said:

Okay, I admit it. I thought this was a stupid idea, but after watching those videos, I am genuinely interested and will most likely be downloading this.



Nomad said:

To quote Slippy Toad " now I've seen everything". This is cool, first NiGHTS then Yoshi's Island and now Zelda DLC. Feeling better about owning this game now.



Action51 said:

Cool! Well I like this, and while SEGA can be hit or miss, this is a nice gesture from Nintendo to create an incentive to buy a third party game.

It looks like we'll at least have Sega/Atlus, Traveller's Tales, and Tecmo-Koei on the third party Nintendo team for a while.



zdog said:

@Luigifan141 Hey, I love Zelda just as much as the next guy. But Zelda has NO place in the Sonic franchise. Honestly, is there anything this mashup adds to the Zelda franchise? No it is a shameless marketing plug because this game sold poorly, but was a Nintendo exclusive, so now Nintendo has to pony up so that Sega doesn't get its feelings hurt.



element187 said:

Bwahaha the meltdowns on the sonic fans sites is going to be even more epic then when Yoshi dlc was announced.

Well, I think I might break down and buy this game now. I wonder if I can get it for $20 like I did with Splintercell



element187 said:

@PinkSpider most companies want to get paid for their work... Sega is doing free dlc to try and entice Nintendo fans to buy their game because it didn't sell very well..... I didn't bite with Yoshi dlc, but I think I will for Zelda dlc. Now to find it on sale. Sega would sell a bunch if they announced a sale at the same time



Lunapplebloom said:

Oh yes! This was what I was hoping for! Sonic looks so cool with his Link cosplay costume, and seeing him in Skyward Sword style has made my day. Will download as soon as I can tomorrow to test this out on my launch week copy of Lost Worlds. (which is also very decent might I add.)



PinkSpider said:

@element187 most companies are con artists that rip u off for dlc that could easily be included in the game. Sega seem to be the only ones doing it right



BakaKnight said:

@rjejr Actually my bad, I said something totally wrong ^^;

The Night level was a DLC avaiable for who got the game at launch, BUT I forgot the "detail" that it was linked to a code for download it; of course a rent version can't contain an exclusive code that can be used only once >_>;



rjejr said:

@BakaKnight - "of course a rent version can't contain an exclusive code that can be used only once >>;"

Renting does have it's downside. I once rented a blu ray movie called Distinct 9 b/c it was supposed to have a God of War 3 demo on it, but of course the rental copies didn't have the demo. Still a whole lot cheaper than buying though. And the movie turned out to be really good.



GN004Nadleeh said:

if this goes well then sonic can visit more lost worlds from nintendo such as a an exploration level from metroid or a mario kart stage



MAB said:

Yeah it's up there now. Sonic Lost World is a awesome game and my old mate SEGA just keeps on bringing the goods... More companies should be like the SEGS



Shambo said:

Now pay attention, kids: this is what I call 'post-sale consumer-fan-service'. It is a good thing!



AshFoxX said:

I gotta say, these interesting free DLC are seriously making me consider taking the dip to Lost World. I haven't picked it up because the reviews for it so far have been less than stellar, and the price is still $40 here for a used copy.

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