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EA's Peter Moore States That "Nintendo's A Great Partner" In Reaction To Claims of "Dead" Relationship

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"I know where I, as the COO, and my company stands on this relationship"

Just recently an EA source was quoted as saying Nintendo was "dead" to EA "very quickly", after an initial show of support for the Wii U at E3 2011 and during its early months on the market. It was a source that wanted to be anonymous but, nevertheless, was cultivated by the major outlet CVG.

It seems EA is keen to go into damage control following the publication of these comments, with COO and well-known public figure Peter Moore taking to Twitter to raise doubt on the comments attributed to an EA employee; this prompted a brief exchange with CVG's associate editor Rob Crossley.

It's hardly surprising that EA is seeking to downplay comments attributed to an employee claiming the company disregarded Nintendo, while making statements such as "we don't really make games for kids". It has often been EA's policy to defend and talk down quotes — even when from executives in the company — that suggest any hint of Nintendo being "dropped" by the publisher, even if evidence is to the contrary.

It's surely EA's actions that define it in its relationship with Nintendo. With the Wii U it evolved from stepping forward as a key supporter — and that "special relationship" — at E3 2011, to releasing Wii U launch games that were a step below equivalents elsewhere (FIFA 13) or simply poor value (Mass Effect 3 as opposed to the Trilogy on other systems), to essentially dropping all support for Nintendo's home console. While there are perhaps sound business reasons behind those decisions, talk of Nintendo as a "great partner" in the present tense can certainly be debated.

In any case, Peter Moore has stepped in to succinctly state that EA and Nintendo maintains a partnership at present; let us know your thoughts below.


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TwilightOniAngel said:

if nintendo is such a great partner to you where were the support last year EA god i hate them more for saying a lie they dont even believe.



Gold said:

"Nintendo is a great partner."
I'm not falling for it. They didn't release any games last year on Wii U, main sports games (not NFS, I swear that abrv. sounds WAY too much like NSFW).
Worst Company for 3rd year in a row. Called it and you heard it here first.



TwilightOniAngel said:

@Falchion he did read the first post he made again he said nintendo is a great partner and the reason nintendo fans dont care is cause EA left the wiiu last year and left to help the ps4 and the xbox one



theberrage said:

OK Peter Moore, that is what I want to hear. Now show me you mean it.

I think Sim City would be great with the gamepad.



rumple88 said:

EA needs to hire a new PR team. As it stands worst game company of the decade. They could easily release a couple eShop only games and make cash off of them, except they make horrible games and nobody wants them.



MAB said:

I just flew in from Madagascar...


Brings back bubonic plague



CaPPa said:

EA are way beyond damage control to me. Their trashing of the Wii U over the past year and their shoddy products have left me with an easy decision - that being that I no longer buy any EA games (unless used). They probably didn't think about people being multi console owners (as I am), so they've lost my business on all platforms because of their Wii U bashing (as they basically called Wii U owners idiots).

I wouldn't usually want a company to fail, but I hope that EA does, because they deserve it for their arrogance and it would be nice to end their monopoly on sports.



XCWarrior said:

HA! EA isn't the most evil company in the world without all the key elements - lying to its customers is 1 one of them, as shown here!

I'd boycott EA games, but they never sell anything I want anyway.



michaelshellman said:

ill be looking forward to the next mass effect,im exited to think it might be on the wii u. if it is coming to the wii u,then in my mind the game has already been bout but if it turns out to be as dull as nfsmw then i will loose all respect for the series,i loved the need for speed games especially when i was able to make gas stations blow up and buildings fall on the police and drag races and so on but the one on wii u just made my whole past experience turn into nothing and now i dont even think about nfs or get exited about it



SkywardCrowbar said:

I'll believe Moore when EA starts developing games for Wii U.

EA has just treated Nintendo like garbage. I feel bad for buying Need For Speed Most Wanted U and Mass Effect 3: Special Edition new, even though when I bought them they were only $29.99.



PikminWorld said:

They whine how their games won't sell on Nintendo platforms yet they give us a months old port of Mass Effect 3 which by the time the Wii U came out most people who wanted it, had it. They gave us four games before ditching the Wii U which had they given it more time, then the Wii U could actually have a lot more 3rd party games people really want like Battlefield 4. I like the 3rd party already on the Wii U, but still EA while they are jerks they do have games a lot of people seem to want. I wish they'd stop this criticizing and then damage control for crying out loud.



Nintenjoe64 said:

It's ok, Wii U will soon be in enough homes to warrant a few roster updates from EA for us



BakaKnight said:

The only thing surprising about this news is how fast they took action (I was expecting it around tomorrow morning or later honestly XP).
No doubt that the "anonimous employer" wasn't speaking his/her company's mind.

I guess some doubts are still left about if and what EA plans to do in the future togheter with Nintendo... I don't want to join the "haters", but it's very hard to expect much after the results this "unprecedent" collaboration brought to us in the last year >.>;;;



ocarinaoftime said:

Finally the real u guys have the right story...hint for the future nintendo life dont print false storys....



WiiLovePeace said:

He can speak otherwise (a mere couple of twitter comments mind you) but the proof is in the pudding. No games from EA = no love for Nintendo. Simple as that.



64supermario said:

Dude, EA. You could have at least released one sports game this year on Wii U, I don't much care for them, but my friends do. They all own Wii U's so you kinda let them down.



Skyfox2000 said:

If The Wii U builds a bigger install base by E3 2014 Maybe EA and Other Third Parties Will be Back On Board



sadsack777 said:

EA the way things are going they will fall as quick as they were put there by us bye so long fair well .



marck13 said:

Proofs again that EA has serious communication issues.

I would still buy NHL and SimCity from EA, because i really like those games.
I had bought NFS and ME3 to check them out if EA weren't such trolls. How can they be such fools and not support a new and great console, when every cent spent helps building an instalbase and new source to sell their only products (games) to. ..No, EA just wants to profit without investing - THAT they leave to UbiSoft. THAT IS why I support UbiSoft now and started to play ACIII and soon AC: Black Flag and Watch_dogs (currently already owning 4 UbiSoft and 0 EA titles).



gamr4life said:

@taffy Of course not! I would love to see it and other future star wars games come to Wii U! However, I don't think that will happen unless disney forces ea to publish it on Wii U which probably won't happen sadly.



Picola said:

The only thing I wil say is mass effect 3 is one of the best games ever made. The multiplayer still has an awesome community on wiiu. Anyone else here played it? Spent more time in my wiiu than any other game, by a long shot



sdcazares1980 said:

Despite the "he said, he said" comments, should anyone be surprised by the reality in all of this?



ModernMARVEL said:

@taffy I know I do. I also wanna continue playing thevSims series and other EA games. They may ake unlikable decisions, but I'm still not ready to call them horrible.



Matts14 said:

I'm sure that nintendo is a great partner for EA there always willing to put out their games on the wii u. EA is not however a good one for nintendo as they just get the scraps EA decides to through under the table.



CaviarMeths said:

I will overlook these shenanigans if EA releases the real Mass Effect trilogy on Wii U at a bundle price, just like it did for other consoles. Bonus points for Dragon Age ports with DLC bundled.

So, no.



Yorumi said:

The question I have is why does this kind of back and forth seems to only happen with EA? It's practically a monthly occurrence, what's that all about?



Slapshot said:

...and as I stated earlier today - it wasn't an EA spokesperson whom went on the record anonymously, like so many here chose to believe.



Stu13 said:

Dude is back peddling harder than an anarchist on a tandem bicycle. I don't have enough middle fingers for EA.



player310 said:

If it wasn't for the global demand for their yearly football/soccer games they would be gone... Die sports monopoly. Die EA.



Trickbaby14 said:

I thought Most Wanted was great. I haven't tried EA's other games so I can't say anything about them. I don't really care if they make games for the Wii U outside Mirror's Edge 2 and maybe a new Dead Space. What I don't get it why it's such a big deal they're not partnering up with Nintendo. Look at Namco for example, they're working on Smash Brothers, but do they contribute with other games? No. Capcom? A couple of ports. What has Square offered? Is it just because EA is more vocal?



Nintex said:

@Trickbaby14 Namco had Tekken tag2 and Tank Tank Tank for the WiiU, other than that Namco's support has been on 3DS with Tales of the Abyss, Tekken 3D, Ridge Racer and the joint effort Project X Zone.



ericwithcheese2 said:

I can halfway understand them being hesitant on the Wii U, but the 3DS was last year's top selling console. I don't understand why they wouldn't want to develop games for it, and yet have none in development.



luminalace said:

EA are still waiting on a big pay out by Nintendo to make a certain amount of 3rd oarty titles akin to tge $100 million deal signed on the Gamecube.



brucelebnd said:

I could be wrong but EA's exclusive licenses with the NFL expires soon. they lost their NCAA licenses.

once the NFL realizes that it could potentially make more money from competition than a monopoly.

They already lost their monopoly on NCAA football, the NFL could be next.

it would cripple them but they'd still have a total monopoly over FIFA until 2022



ianmage1 said:

@taffy No. I'm very concerned about that title as well; in fact, I was furious when I found out that EA would be developing it, because I knew that they would likely avoid a Wii U release.



Kyloctopus said:

Why would EA support a console that's currently dead? Has the most hatred for them and failed to hit their expectations?
EA has nothing to prove. They still support Nintendo, they made Wii and 3DS games last year, just not Wii U games.
And people also thinks that a lack of supporting Nintendo is out of spite. No, it's just a business move. why should they make Battlefield 4 when they know it won't sell?



MAB said:

True... They really shouldn't have made Battlefield 4 at all



Omarsonic9 said:


EA: "Nintendo sucks"
after some days
EA: "Nintendo doesn't suck it's awesome and we want to be friends"




Paperluigi said:

Sim City is also what I think they should release. Command and Conquer might also be a good choice for WiiU with touch controls. Maybe 3DS versions should be considered. Maybe EA dont understand what Nintendo WiiU owners want.



Paperluigi said:

@MAB I think they are still making Battlefield 4 as we speak. Should be ready for release by the middle of the year.



jahasaja said:

Am I the only one who find this part the most annoying: "my hard and honest work".

Dude, you are a video game journalist get over yourself...



JoostinOnline said:

@Falchion In response to your post "He didnt say they were great partners, he just said they werent dead." Peter Moore specifically said "Nintendo's a great partner."



kereke12 said:

So if Nintendo is a great partner, why haven't you guys been supporting Nintendo since last year? When Nintendo needed 3rd party support? Why haven't I seen Need for Speed in Wii U? You guys have wonderful games and you were my favorite. But your trash. I'll play some of your games but you guys are nothing ! When I see Need for Speed for Wii U and Sims 4 for 3DS and Wii U then I'll believe you EA.



Gamer83 said:

I don't get why people keep talking about this. EA games, like most third party games, don't perform that well on Nintendo consoles and besides, outside of Need For Speed and Fifa, none of its series are good anyway. Madden sells every year but lets face it, that series has sucked for a long time, I'm a huge fan of the NFL but I won't ever consider buying a Madden game again until EA stops ripping out 10 features for every new one it adds. Mass Effect is done, Dragon Age is meh, Battlefield is complete trash and Dead Space has turned to sh*t. Nintendo gamers are missing nothing.



BJQ1972 said:

OK EA, actions speak louder than words. Discipline Idries Hamadi, the 'seasoned' developer who wrote the Eurogamer hatchet job the other week.



mamp said:

But where are the games EA come on!!! Give use Mirror's Edge 1 and the new sequel being made.



Morph said:

EA really are strange company, say one thing and do another. I can half understand them not supporting the wii u with its current userbase, although they havent helped with half baked ports, but then i suppose its not their responsibility to increase the userbase.

But i cant understand why they dont support the 3ds, that console worldwide has got the biggest instalbase of all the newer consoles and all they've put out recently is a reskined fifa 12, makes no sense at all



erv said:

He meant to say "nintendo is a *doomed partner".




Spanjard said:

That picture at the top is brilliant. I like how the whole context of it is so different now.



cookiex said:

If there's any EA game I'm looking forward to it's Star Wars Battlefront (I re-played the original on Xbox recently and it's great fun) but after the BF4 fiasco I'm worried that EA is going to release it in a horrible state just like Battlefield.

And if they think Nintendo is a great partner why not show that? Lazy 3DS ports and no Wii U support at all/constant trashing won't cut it.



Fazermint said:

Am I the only one bothered by that Rob Crossley guy?
> Publish questionable content that damages the reputation of two companies
> Gets all worked up when someone calls bull.
> Calls it honest and hard work. It is neither.



vattodev said:

lol, EA's sites doesn't even list the 3DS or Wii U. I went there to learn if they released anything for the 3DS, but it seems that they don't want people to know.



vattodev said:

@Fazermint Yes, my exact thoughts. Publishing rumours from untrusted sources using the name of an entire company is really dirty and dishonest by itself.



Alucard83 said:

EA please just shut up. YOu created harry potter game as well which is a child game. This is just a stupid excuse. They don't want to downgrade graphicwise i guess that's why they didn't see potential. Kinda lame saying such stuff!

EA you're flatlining!



SCAR said:

I was going to say the exact same thing.

It's common sense that an "anonymous source" could reveal confidential stuff, possibly on accident If he gets confidential info, he threatens someome else's job in exchange of bettering his own. It's being disrespectful to everyone involved.

I think PM handled the situation pretty well. It's definitely not honest work, considering the risk he put his source at(losing his job). Seriously, what was he even trying to prove? Any supposed news that he just made, was basically voided.



Dr_Legendaddy said:

Wii u must be on the brink of becoming market leader hence EA crawling back
Please watch the profanity — TBD



TwilightV said:

If he's serious about this then he should work to uncover this anonymous source and act accordingly. Jobs will be had, heads will roll, etc. etc..



Rafie said:

Maybe the anonymous source is a Nintendo fan and he KNEW EA said these things about Nintendo, so he decided to put it out there. Knowing the backlash it would receive, he knew EA would have to eventually step up and negate the claims. So in hindsight, this would "force" EA to make games for the Wii U to stay "friends" with Nintendo?

Yeah I know.....crazy theory, right?!



Sinister said:

Well EA then show it. Bring a small game like Mirror's Edge 2 to WiiU. JnR are well recieved on WiiU so that might even work out pretty well on the system.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I'm not sticking up for EA but at the end of the day it is only the CEO's opinion that counts. Where the "Nintendo were dead to us" came from an anonymous employee. Who gave him an opinion? He's not the company spokesman.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

... is there absolutely no class in here?
EA corrected an apparently false statement, so how about we leave it at that? There's no point in all this childish bashing - neither will it help Nintendo nor will it change EA's practices. If you wanna be actively helpful, tell EA yourselves what you want, and do it without immature insults.



Emblem said:

Wouldn't be funny if Nintendo and EA are actually working something underwraps right now.



Anguspuss said:

EA take long walk of short path to cliff edge please.

Maybee we will get FIFA 15 wii u Legacy Edition. Be still my beating heart



ricklongo said:

Personally, I couldn't care less whether the "partnership" still exists or not. Their games are generally terrible.



SphericalCrusher said:

The media just love to stir up dust. Nonetheless, I WANT EA to stay with Nintendo. I want to see those sports games (although I do not play them) along with big titles such as Mass Effect. Only time will tell.



YChung said:

@CaPPa I agree in many respects.

I actually think twice before buying a EA game now on any platform just because of the statements that come from that company. I have PS3 as well, and I will not buy EA games anymore until we see a significant improvement in the relationship with Nintendo.

There is absolutely no need to be negative or bash a platform in anyway, especially one like Nintendo who have been around so long and EA would have made their business from in the past.

I remember when FIFA was a very, very poor game indeed.



Of_Folsense said:

Why is the comment section the massive bashing of EA? It was funny the first couple of times, but really? Maybe this is why EA doesn't release games on Nintendo platforms. Apparently all the fans hate EA.

At least he says positive things about Nintendo. Lying or not, at least they're not "dead to him". It will be much easier to revive they're relationship if he thinks they're a "great partner".



Slapshot said:

@Rafie Actually, you are likely right on key my freind. Remember, game developers are generally typical gamers as well. In fact, they talk just like everyone else does. Many times a journalist gets info, but they choose not to publish it, because if we do, then you have these major publihsers' lawyers beating on your door wanting to know where your information came from.

Not only does the person spilling the info take a risk, but the journalist and publication both have to assess the risk of being sued as well. It might be a "game" industry, but these things aren't taken lightly.



9th_Sage said:

Given that they've done nothing interesting on a Nintendo console in some time, it might as well be dead regardless of it he really thinks it is or not. They can feel free to prove us wrong though.



Nico07 said:

Actions speak louder than words Peter Moore. Hopefully someone with some integrity, whose word has any value can replace him at EA.



unrandomsam said:

@Nico07 People with Integrity wouldn't release something they didn't think was up to standard there is next to 0 of those people in the games industry. (At least with the power to do anything about it).

What the games industry needs is some people who can put a stop to stuff. (Like Quentin Tarantino - script was recently leaked so it is not getting made).



Yorumi said:

@Kaze_Memaryu I think people have been telling EA for years what they're doing wrong. They blow off everything negative, then pay people to troll forums in favor of EA, and sit around pondering why their revenue is plummeting.

Voted worst company in america twice,
EA: "Oh that's just the vast right wing conspiracy."

People complain about the ME3 ending, EA: "Oh it's just a tiny vocal minority."

Simcity gets less than 1 star rating amazing: EA: "Oh it's just a few trolls. And oh instead of fixing the bugs here's an expansion and some commercials instead."

Sims expansions get more and more buggy: EA "what's this fix it you keep talking about, here's an even more buggy expansion instead."

That's why EA has been going down, they're surviving on their sports licenses mostly. They don't listen to anyone, or I should say they do listen and then do the exact opposite.



Samurai_Goroh said:

Is EA making any games for Nintendo consoles? I mean, I know they're not making anything for Wii U, are there any games from them for 3DS at least? What is this great business relationship if they don't bother releasing their products on any Nintendo platform?



Yorumi said:

@Samurai_Goroh it's a great relationship for EA, they don't have to talk to nintendo. EA is trying to create the same great relationship with the fans of their games too.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Yorumi Okay, it's true that they keep messing up every chance to even slightly redeem themselves. Especially with supposedly fixing the Sims problems and generally showing proper support for both gamers and developers.

But the ME3 case was just lousy of the community. They wrote death threats to the storywriter and concept team, because of an ENDING. I dare say these spoiled misfits couldn't deserve any better than that for being such insufferable b****rds. And they ddefinitely didn't deserve that new ending. What the community did was downright criminal and disqualified them as human beings (yes, I hate people like these that much!). And sorry for the outrage, but that's exactly how it is.

SimCity getting 1 Star ratings? Kinda exaggerated, since it was due to server problems, not because the game was legitimately bad. Giving it bad ratings was just butthurt, not helpful in the slightest.

Voting EA for the worst company twice in a row was a hard strike, and EA actually acknowledged that they have to change (and that doesn't just happen in a few days), but that was also biased due to gamers being jerks - you can't tell me with a straight face that EA is worse than BP.

I guess it's fairly obvious that, while EA really does screw up regularly, nowadays it's simply cool to rant and hate about them instead of sitting down and thinking about how the community can make them change in a positive way (a boycott is jyst one of many options). But with the attitude the community shows towards them, I can partly understand them being stubborn.



Platypus101 said:

Who the hell is rob crossley?! It seems that he didn't like EA COO response, so he attacked... Face it crossley, the word of a man I can see, is more important than the one that hides behind anonymity! Always will work that way... At this point, was the source even real? Can he provide a lie detector test to "prove" that he worked for EA AND had the inside scoop? Most likely not... Just another angry EA employee lashing out. Anonymity creates doubt... Like in " I doubt this guy knows a damn thing."



ghosto said:

The current EA business model of releasing a lousy port of last years game on the the Wii U and charging full price is going to fail every time. If EA had a booth selling T-shirts at the Superbowl this year they'd show up with Ravens and 49ers gear and then blame the NFL for poor sales.



MamaLuigi said:

Advice for EA: just sell yourselves to a bigger company like Lucasfilm/Arts did before things look REALLY bad.



Yorumi said:

@Kaze_Memaryu well for ME3 I'm not holding the fans up on a pedestal for sure. However, simcity was actually that bad. The server issues didn't help things but play simcity 4 for a bit and then compare to simcity. In simcity, the plots are smaller than the smallest plot in sc4, there's one enterence to the city causing traffic pileups. Speaking of traffic the ai is beyond idiotic and there is essentially no navigation algorithm. This means once a city hits a certain size you cannot fix the traffic problems.

Because of the one entrance I had one city were literally it was so backed up that it took more than one in game day to clear. Meaning the next day's traffic began piling up again and so it was never ending. That caused everything to start shutting down because of lack of workers and lack of shipping.

Emergency services would get stuck in traffic, and could only respond to one emergency at a time no matter how many vehicles you had. The game never attached workers to a static job, so despite having high education some dropout sim can wander into a nuclear plant and go to work. Yay nuclear meltdown. You could zone a city 90% residential and it would tell you businesses don't have enough workers. Oh and despite EA saying every sim is real, in fact only 10% of the population is real.

I could go on and on. If it was just server issues I've been through plenty of mmo launches and as annoying as it is I could wait. The game is just so terribly embarrassingly programed there's no defending it at all. The game literally launched at a massively downgraded version of vanilla sc4 for 6 times the price.

People arn't mad at EA for one or two minor things. They're fed up with EA over such massive scamming of their customers that it honestly wouldn't surprise me if some of the things they do are illegal. EA didn't just fall into a little bad press that everyone jumped on. At least in terms of game companies no one is quite as bad as EA.



Nico07 said:

@unrandomsam This is very different. Few CEOs outright lie to those they would call their fans. I'm okay with EA wanting to make money, just don't pretend that we can't see past their lies.
I mean sure Iwata made mention of releasing SMB3 in the US last year. But if he was Peter Moore he would have have everyone in his organization talk to the public calling all Nintendo fans babies and and then denying everything.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Yorumi Ah, okay. In that case SimCity was reasonable enough.

And I do agree that EA is the worst gaming company, but not the worst company overall.

I guess we can both agree on EA messing up constantly, and fans don't accept being screwed overcand over again. It's a sad situation, and unless EA really reconsiders their practices, they'll never get rid of their bad reputation.



Yorumi said:

@Kaze_Memaryu the saddest part is they don't need to do a whole lot. Take simcity, if they had just delivered, or patched to fix it, so that you had the ability to add more entrances, even a minimally competent AI, preventions from the nuclear meltdown, and a proper global trading system like they promised people would be showering them with praise. Even if a lot of the other problems in the game still existed.

The sims, just clean up the ai a bit, run some garbage collectors like the mods do, and maybe add a few worker threads to the code. Few simple things like that and the games would largely be fine.

Sports, release roster updates at $15-$20 dlc, and release a full new game when you have a new engine, new console, or a good new feature to add to the game.

That's what is really baffling to me. The way to fix EA is so minor, and yet it would have such a major impact on their quality one wonders why they seem to so strongly refuse to make even minimal effort.



lorenzo99 said:

Peter Moore should be a character in the upcoming Smash Bros game! Then Mario and co could kick his butt!
EA, keep your yearly updates of sports games and ludicrous costly DLC that you so obviously already have on each purchased disc (ie Tiger woods).
I for one didn't buy Nintendo consoles to play your games anyway!
You used to produce Interesting games such as Road rash and The Immortal, but now it's just sport games on an annual basis. People only buy them because there is no competition for the genre. No great loss!



theberrage said:

@jahasaja I thought the same thing. Journalists, like this guy, sometimes come off as bitter people who do not know as much as they pretend and crave more attention then they deserve. What a cry baby.



tanookisuit said:

Mr Moore can play damage control with the best of them, but the facts still are clear to the public eye. They were a great partner. Then they were passive in releasing subpar alternatives on the Wii U (ME3 versus Trilogy elsewhere and sport titles like FIFA.) And finally just not releasing things at all like Madden.

It's clear that outside of Most Wanted U they didn't actually ever put a true honest effort into making games for the Wii U, and then after the sales showed people weren't that stupid not to catch onto that, they bailed.

Being a partner in words is just words, how about making your word your bond and placing equal quality solid efforts on Wii U along side of PS3, then we'll believe you about being a true partner.



unrandomsam said:

@tanookisuit The way all the big publishers work is not really a partnership. It basically entails they get nearly all the profit for hardly any risk comparatively. At some point one or the other will change the terms and the other will do exactly the same. (Things could get more interesting).



Gameday said:

The proof is in the puddling. If you have a partnership with a company where are your games for this gen's system ? A handful and you call that a relationship its been over a year my friends over a year..



MeloMan said:

"Great partner"... sounds about the same as the lukewarm feelings Konami, Capcom, Square, and all others have when it comes to "anything" Nintendo related. Once again, companies this gen "put up" with Nintendo, but still do nothing more than throw "good faith" bones with no meat... I guess Nintendo's fortunes will never change...



SGBO said:

Here's my thing. Nintendo needs to start making its own sports titles! Not with Mario and Sonic, but the real deal. Bring those games in-house. Let's see how EA feels about that. I think this would bring a huge change to who buys Nintendo's systems too. Then you start to really bring third parties back into the fold. This is the answer!



MarioFanatic38 said:

I effing hate this horrible company. Do you think Nintendo gives a A-double snakes if EA super horrible games be on their system??? We don't care ,their games are crap anyways. I hate EA to the utmost. Words can't even describe.



unrandomsam said:

@SGBO Or get Sega to make them. (I actually like those ones like Virtua Striker / Sega Soccer Slam / Virtua Tennis (First few anyway)). Nintendo doesn't do those type of games well.

@MeloMan The worthwhile internally developed Capcom stuff is fine. (I am sure they want more things like Monster Hunter regardless of it being on Nintendo or not. The rest of their Western targeted outsourced stuff seems to fail consistently)



SGBO said:

@unrandomsam Visual Concepts ! Yes!!!! They were pretty awesome! Whatever happened to them? I know they started to release games for other consoles but lost track.



JaxonH said:

EA is high and mighty now, but don't think for one second EA is done with Nintendo. 3DS is the number one selling gaming device in the world, outselling even the PS4, Xbox One and Vita combined. Don't think EA doesn't want to continue bringing games to the 3DS, because that's all dollar signs to them. And the Wii U's fortunes can change. And even if they don't, Nintendo will have future home consoles that succeed.

Point is, EA will continue to bring games to Nintendo's consoles, even if it's not now with the Wii U. And when they do, guess who's NOT going to be buying them...



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH EA are somebody that Nintendo is better off without anyway.

Take the 3DS Pro Evolution Soccer it was mediocre to start with and then got better and better until it was pretty good but it was still outsold by Fifa which was the exact same game other than the player names changed every year. Without Fifa it might have sold better. (I think the same with any other multiplatform stuff if it is not the main target there won't be enough effort put in to make it worthwhile and the name will put people off better titles).



Dpullam said:

Statements that have been supposedly made by sources in EA aren't helping their reputation at all. They need to keep their employees under lock and key if they don't want to ruin their image any further into the future, but I think it is a lost cause since they have been taking so much flak over the last year. I personally don't mind EA, but the statements that have been spread around whether fact or fiction have been hurting their image further and further. It seems like it never ends, but they could eventually fix their reputation so they don't get voted as the Worst Company in America again.



Terrible_Majesty said:

only two things can repair the rift between EA and us Nintendo players. Mass Effect Trilogy and Dead Space Trilogy for Wii U.



matthew1979 said:

does anyone actually care since ea left i only played nfs last 10 years once you play their actual sports titles you see how easy they make it to win any championships so only nfs actually had longeivity football you could take the absolute worse team an make few moves an win a superbowl bet other sports same way 1-3 weeks of play time for 60 bucks not from this grown man lol. To all the people that think our beloved nintendo company is in trouble because ea left think again. In all honesty if you actually stop an look at nintendo, playstation, and xbox you'll see 2 major differences as to why ea leaving nintendo wont matter now if they left one or both the other 2 systems that could be trouble for the other systems. Here's why name 1 or more exclusives from the other guys that have games that they developed an published not games where they contracted a studio to develop an then published under their name. I never liked xbox so don't know if there's any but I have own multiple playstations from ps1-ps3 an one ps3 exclusive that I can think of is Mlb the show that comes from playstation guess what they slapped their name on it but sandiego studio's developed it so yes if ea left playstation they could loose a ton of money that may put them in jeopardy of going out now lets look at nintendo exclusives donkey kong country, zelda, mario, mario karts just to name a few guess what no studio develops these for nintendo they got their own team on it so ea leaving or any other developer who cares frankly nintendo got enough franchises in the 1st party game that nintendo would be fine standing alone. Now let's look at the cosole's profits nintendo stated awhile ago i read they make a profit on every system made, where as xbox and playstation both stated online they loose money on consoles and depend on their games to make up the difference so neither one of the so called big boy's could stand alone like nintendo could. Don't take me as a fanboy i'm far from it when game cube came out i had my n64 and original black n' white gameboy and a ps1 an skipped game cube just didn't like it. Didn't pick up anything nintendo hand held or console wise for years now after owning a ps3 an seeing all these glitchy games needing patches an even playstations own exclusive baseball game mlb the show having the same exact glitches in franchise mode in 2011-13 that i know of an wii u already out xbox one comming out, an ps4 comming out same time i chose to comeback to nintendo an get a wii u over them instead of getting another so called next gen ps4 that undoubtedly still has some seriously glitched games an with the ps3 really can not be considered a entertainment system since it seems to be more of a frustrating system with all the freezing games an wasting a hour of playtime or more cause freezing at the end of a ball game or freezes in middle of another game like 2ksports wwe 14 after spending almost 100 on game an all the dlc. so ea you want to leave nintendo good riddance to you don't need you go support them inferior systems i'll support my superior nintendo system where games actually work out the box with maybe the occasional 3rd party game may be glitched but nintendo's 1st party are glitch free from what i've seen. Only game you had any good was stated earlier was need for speed an only half those were good everytime i bought one the nfs titles it was most definetly a crap shoot or a game of russian roulette last nfs i liked was the run anyway most wanted stunk on ps3 though slightly better on wii u still far from the run so ea i sure won't miss you though my nephew will miss the sims for bout 5 minutes then pick up a mario or donkey game an forget all bout that boring lousy game too.

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