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Tue 9th Jul 2013

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jahasaja commented on Investment Expert Feels Nintendo Earnings Miss...:

I study economics, I am a video gamer and I own nintendo stock (up 10% since i bought them).

The analyst report is not worth the paper it is printed on. If they did a serious analysis they should have known this:
1. 3DS is doing great and is gaining even more momentum. 3 games that have not come out yet are huge system sellers: Monster Hunter 4, Zelda & and Pokemon.
2. Nintendo have not marked Wii U because they have been waiting for the games, A fact that Iwata have admitted himself.
3. The strong fall/winter lineup together with the inevitable price drop of the Wii U will sell systems. Perhaps not as many as nintendo wants but they will sell way more than the 2 million that this clown is predicting.

Yes Nintendo have had a rough couple of years but it is already factored into the stock price. You should buy Nintendo stocks because they are a great value right now not because of some dream scenario.