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Mon 14th Apr 2014

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matthew1979 commented on EA's Peter Moore States That "Nintendo's A Gre...:

does anyone actually care since ea left i only played nfs last 10 years once you play their actual sports titles you see how easy they make it to win any championships so only nfs actually had longeivity football you could take the absolute worse team an make few moves an win a superbowl bet other sports same way 1-3 weeks of play time for 60 bucks not from this grown man lol. To all the people that think our beloved nintendo company is in trouble because ea left think again. In all honesty if you actually stop an look at nintendo, playstation, and xbox you'll see 2 major differences as to why ea leaving nintendo wont matter now if they left one or both the other 2 systems that could be trouble for the other systems. Here's why name 1 or more exclusives from the other guys that have games that they developed an published not games where they contracted a studio to develop an then published under their name. I never liked xbox so don't know if there's any but I have own multiple playstations from ps1-ps3 an one ps3 exclusive that I can think of is Mlb the show that comes from playstation guess what they slapped their name on it but sandiego studio's developed it so yes if ea left playstation they could loose a ton of money that may put them in jeopardy of going out now lets look at nintendo exclusives donkey kong country, zelda, mario, mario karts just to name a few guess what no studio develops these for nintendo they got their own team on it so ea leaving or any other developer who cares frankly nintendo got enough franchises in the 1st party game that nintendo would be fine standing alone. Now let's look at the cosole's profits nintendo stated awhile ago i read they make a profit on every system made, where as xbox and playstation both stated online they loose money on consoles and depend on their games to make up the difference so neither one of the so called big boy's could stand alone like nintendo could. Don't take me as a fanboy i'm far from it when game cube came out i had my n64 and original black n' white gameboy and a ps1 an skipped game cube just didn't like it. Didn't pick up anything nintendo hand held or console wise for years now after owning a ps3 an seeing all these glitchy games needing patches an even playstations own exclusive baseball game mlb the show having the same exact glitches in franchise mode in 2011-13 that i know of an wii u already out xbox one comming out, an ps4 comming out same time i chose to comeback to nintendo an get a wii u over them instead of getting another so called next gen ps4 that undoubtedly still has some seriously glitched games an with the ps3 really can not be considered a entertainment system since it seems to be more of a frustrating system with all the freezing games an wasting a hour of playtime or more cause freezing at the end of a ball game or freezes in middle of another game like 2ksports wwe 14 after spending almost 100 on game an all the dlc. so ea you want to leave nintendo good riddance to you don't need you go support them inferior systems i'll support my superior nintendo system where games actually work out the box with maybe the occasional 3rd party game may be glitched but nintendo's 1st party are glitch free from what i've seen. Only game you had any good was stated earlier was need for speed an only half those were good everytime i bought one the nfs titles it was most definetly a crap shoot or a game of russian roulette last nfs i liked was the run anyway most wanted stunk on ps3 though slightly better on wii u still far from the run so ea i sure won't miss you though my nephew will miss the sims for bout 5 minutes then pick up a mario or donkey game an forget all bout that boring lousy game too.