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Sun 29th December, 2013

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Trickbaby14 commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

@sub12 you must have never paid any attention to the indie portion on the 360. While most of those games were a dollar, there were some for 2.99 and 4.99, and most of them were complete garbage.



Trickbaby14 commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

I love the fact that so many people's opinions are swayed by how well something sells. If a lot if people buy it it's got to be good. Whether it's the Sony Xbox or the Microsoft Playstation or the Twilight movies or the Backstreet Boys, sales will determine what's good and what's not.



Trickbaby14 commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:

Quick! Will somebody tell me what soda company sold the most product this quarter! What about lightbulbs?! Who sold the most lightbulbs! I need to know these things! Because I have nothing else important in my life. I remember when a backstreet boys album was the best selling at the time. It was cause it was an amazing record? Right? That has to be it. Only the best sells the most. That's why I'm so concerned.



Trickbaby14 commented on EA's Peter Moore States That "Nintendo's A Gre...:

I thought Most Wanted was great. I haven't tried EA's other games so I can't say anything about them. I don't really care if they make games for the Wii U outside Mirror's Edge 2 and maybe a new Dead Space. What I don't get it why it's such a big deal they're not partnering up with Nintendo. Look at Namco for example, they're working on Smash Brothers, but do they contribute with other games? No. Capcom? A couple of ports. What has Square offered? Is it just because EA is more vocal?



Trickbaby14 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

I'm on the verge of just giving up on all of these Nintendo sites. It used to be if I wanted to avoid reading about all Nintendo's failings I could just avoid IGN or Gamespot. Now no matter where I look there it is. I'm not saying that Nintendo's not going through a rough patch now, but give me a break. This is just hypothetical, but what if websites like this had been posting positive articles over the past year. Would the situation be different if there was a positive voice out there? Why couldn't Nintendo Power stick it out just a couple more years?



Trickbaby14 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

Maybe this is a dumb idea, but one of the biggest complaints about the wii u is advertising. What if Nintendo had the general public make commercials for them. They could make a channel on youtube, or somewhere else out on the internet. I bet a lot of really great and creative ads could come out of that. Plus It would be almost completely free for them.



Trickbaby14 commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer Can't Say Enough Nice...:

Is it like this with all companies? Or is it just video game related? I mean at are people arguing that their soda of choice sold so much more then Pepsi? And at are they doing the same thing? It's kind of sad.



Trickbaby14 commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About Nintendo in 2013...:

For a minute there I thought I accidentally logged into "Sonylife" or "Microsoftlife" These people lost all credibility with me when they said they hadn't played Pikmin 3 or even Wonderful 101. I miss Nintendo Power even more now. At least they knew what they were talking about.