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Sat 21st May 2011

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Picola commented on Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure i...:

This is very sad news. I have been buying this magazine since the wii was released. to have no dedicated Nintendo magazine in the uk is a sad state of affairs. Got my final copy yesterday- although I read this site every day printed media actually compliments websites- they shouldn't be seen as diametrically opposed to one another



Picola commented on Feature: Our Weirdest And Most Wonderful Tomod...:

Best moment - when two miis who were in love broke up - one if them was heartbroken and kept remembering all their good times - which were played out on the screen to some heartache music. Unexpectedly moving!



Picola commented on EA's Peter Moore States That "Nintendo's A Gre...:

The only thing I wil say is mass effect 3 is one of the best games ever made. The multiplayer still has an awesome community on wiiu. Anyone else here played it? Spent more time in my wiiu than any other game, by a long shot



Picola commented on Bioware: "No Plans" To Bring New Mass Effect 3...:

I did share all of the scepticism and negativity about on getting 3 at first. Then I actually played the game... Having been a lifelong Nintendo gamer I had not played any of the first 2, or indeed any game of this kind. But jeez am I glad I did. It truly is one of the finest examples of a videogame I have ever had the pleasure of playing. A unique, unbelieveably wonderful experience.



Picola commented on Wii U Software Struggled For 2% of UK Market i...:

I got the wii u on launch day, with zombiiu, mario and Nintendo land. The problem is, nearly everyone I know, parents, aunts, cousins, friends... Hell I'm not exaggerating when I say most people I know... Own a Wii. Nintendo did something which is practically unrepeatable with the Wii... They convinced the world that they needed the machine. I now do not know a single other person who owns a wiiu. There's no Wii sports/Wii fit that mothers can play... Quite ironic considering the thirst for hardcore games... The lack of casuals could be its downfall.



Picola commented on Ninterview: Heather "Miss Gamer Girl" Cascioli:

You wouldn't think my girlfriend was into video games by looking at her, so I get how she feels. Wonderful collection- the only Nintendo syst I haven't played is a virtual boy... Would love to have a go on one



Picola commented on Merry Christmas From All At Nintendo Life:

Merry Christmas everyone! I got game related - assassins creed 3, some game pad covers, to go along with me3 and dark siders 2 for my birthday last week.... Not to mention copious amounts of single malt... Happy days



Picola commented on Wii U Takes London By Storm With Midnight Launch:

I went to a midnight launch in my city up north, and I was expecting queues as had read of the hmv event etc, but was able to freely browse around the store prior to midnight and was second to get the console ( zombiiu pack, plus mario and Nintendo land) and was out by ten past midnight! Great night tho.



Picola commented on Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U):

Got this with my wiiu last night, and it froze 6 times in the first hour! Anyone else had this problem (and yes, I did the long update and all other required updates)



Picola commented on Nintendo of Europe Gives Free Retail Game to 3...:

I got a 3ds on launch day, paid the premium for getting it early, was pleased to get the ambassador games (for free!) and can't have any complaints about this deal - we should be giving Nintendo credit not slagging them off! 24 hours til midnight launch of wiiU...



Picola commented on UK Retailers: Wii U Is Sold Out:

I preordered mine from grainger in oct, and anticipating shortages preordered one from game just last week, as insurance. Sure enough, grainger rang me today saying they could only meet half their preorders and I would have to wait till early December! So off to the midnight launch at game I go...



Picola commented on Feature: Spooky Levels For Surprising Frights:

The silent realm in skyward sword - the perfect example of a creepy, nerve-wracking level in a game! Jeez when those reaper things came after you, the desperate rush to find another spirit drop - very fitting for Halloween!



Picola commented on Future Publishing Shutters Nintendo Gamer Maga...:

This is really sad news. i have bought every single issue for the last 6 years. although i also read onm this was always my favourite, and the reviews were mostly spot on. 8000 readership sounds extremely low tho considering there are 20m + ds/wii users in the uk - where does this figure cpme from? must have been a business decision



Picola commented on Mutant Mudds Demo Coming This Week:

EUROPE!!!!!!!???????? I ask this every time there is a mutant mudds article, I guess no-one has the foggiest about a release date for europe....?



Picola commented on This Is Your Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapons Bible:

@ zerox what on earth do u mean, stupid excuse? you arw complaining about getting moreblevels in an excellent game? sheesh, kids these days... this is the freshest nintendo game for years, very impressed. and so much rwplay value - i keep replaying levels at a higher intensity to get better weapons before i even move on. fantastic stuff ninty - more please.



Picola commented on Resi Revelations Takes a Hit in UK Charts:

I wouldnt read too much into this. i have no doubt that one of the main reasons for poor sales relates to supply. I live in a major uk city, and the monday after it launched, u could not buy the game in any of the major games retailers (seriously, i tried game, gamestation, grainger games, hmv, aswell as asda and morrisons). they all told me the same thing - there had been a problem with shipments of copies, and they had gotten like half a dozen copies each from capcom! so i for one physically could not buy the game when i wanted it.



Picola commented on Guide: Mario Kart 7 Top Tips:

@James and Mud985 - how do you see your current coin total?

Great article James, and a fantastic game. I'm 2 cups away from a star rating in all cups...



Picola commented on Super Mario 3DS Has a Wardrobe of Famous Power...:

Tanooki's extended ability to turn into a statue would be fantastic! Seriously, what is no 5 talking about!? SMB3 is one of the best games ever made, and the powerups were beyond useful - magical game design.



Picola commented on Iwata: "We've Finally Reached the Digital Sale...:

I'd agree with most of the comments - it's certainly a distinct improvement from the wii/dsi versions, and loving mario land/zelda but it's very bare here in europe - why the (unfair) distinction? Good start.... needs to do better.



Picola commented on Ocarina of Time 3D is a Smoother Experience th...:

Like shinesprite, I am a newcomer to the series. Currently playing thru link to the past and phantom hourglass in preparation, and will get this on launch day. Never played it before, so will be a whole new game to me, hope it's as good as everyone says it is...



Picola commented on Talking Point: How 3DS Can Thrive at E3:

Hey all, i'm new here. Just wanted to add my twopenneth. I love my 3DS, and there are a couple of really fantastic games (SFIV is amazing, Pilotwings very enjoyable while it lasted and Ghost Recon is recommended), but there really isn't a killer app yet. I remember in the months prior to the 3DS being released there were so many good games announced, and it is a real shame Ocarina, Star Fox, Resi Merc and Rev, Kid Icarus, Metal Gear etc are taking so long to join the line up. The slowish sales so far are simply due to the fact that there are not enough good games yet to get people to want to buy one. As for E3 - more details (and release date!!!) for the new Mario 3D platformer.