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Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Summer Edition

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Now this list is getting juicy

With summertime almost officially upon us, and with E3 looming on the horizon, we've decided to take stock and provide our updated list of the biggest Wii U games of 2013. There are some changes since our Spring Edition, most notably the removal of two Wii U eShop titles. With the Wii U retail lineup getting more enticing — no, really, it is! — we felt that all ten spots should go to full price games; we plan to do an eShop-only list in the future.

We've also made some other changes; out go two titles with rapidly approaching release dates, though one notable example hangs in there due to the hype surrounding it, and in come a few undated titles that we either expect or hope to arrive in 2013; heck, we've had to resort to Wii images for a couple of banners, as they're under wraps until E3. We're confident in most cases — just based on educated guesses and strong hints — though can't guarantee they'll all arrive.

So, without further ado and in no particular order, let's get to it.

Pikmin 3 — 26th July (Europe) / 4th August (North America)

Courtesy of its consistent delays, this goes onto the list yet again, because we just want to play it that much. Thankfully the wait is gradually coming to an end, with this one arriving during the summer to fill any rainy — or for that matter sunny — days. Nintendo's starting to reveal more, and the upcoming E3 Nintendo Direct should enlighten us on the Challenge and Multiplayer content that we can look forward to. It's been quite a few years in the making, but it's almost here.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD — Due Fall 2013

Announced back in January with a target release window this Fall, we've seen and heard precisely nothing of this title since that point; we can safely expect E3 to yield footage and details of how the Wii U GamePad will be utilised. With Eiji Aonuma also promising tweaks to improve lingering gameplay issues in the original, we have a lot of hope that this could be something very special indeed.

Rayman Legends — 30th August (Europe) / 3rd September (North America)

This title is now coming to every current gaming system apart from 3DS, which shows just how much has changed since those hallowed days of Wii U exclusivity. Yet recent footage of new levels and even a boss fight can't help but excite, and multiple platforms and delays are unlikely to stop this being an excellent platformer on Nintendo's system. We were excited about it during E3 2012, and we still are.

Mario Kart — TBA 2013

This one was effectively confirmed — rather accidentally and without sufficient bombast, we'd suggest — in a press release earlier in the year as a title set to arrive in this calendar year. That's hardly surprising, of course, as Mario Kart 7 played such a vital role in improving 3DS fortunes during the Holiday season of 2011. It'll be shown and be playable for the first time at E3 but, really, it's Mario Kart on the Wii U — we doubt too much can go wrong. This could potentially be one of the definitive multiplayer experiences for the system at the end of the year, and Nintendo will be hoping that it can capture the same sales magic as its Wii predecessor.

Super Mario 3D — TBA

This is on the list because, well, it's a 3D Mario game on Wii U. It's a fact that this will be shown and playable at E3, which is hugely exciting. It's apparent release this year is all rumour, with suggestions that the title's development is far along and may even arrive as early as October. Home console 3D Mario titles are always a huge event for Nintendo gamers, especially after the mind-blowing gameplay revolution that was delivered in Super Mario Galaxy. If this arrives for the Holidays as a double-whammy with Mario Kart, it would bode well for the Wii U's fortunes, but the illustrious history of the franchise is sure to put this game under a lot of pressure.

Bayonetta 2 — TBA

We're keeping this in the 2013 list more out of hope than any solid indication that it'll actually arrive. It caused waves on the web when it was confirmed as a Wii U exclusive, and its mature action approach would be a perfect counter-balance to all of the Mario goodness that we expect at the end of the year. With The Wonderful 101's development surely almost finished, we hope Platinum Games can push this one through for the Holiday season.

Watch_Dogs — 19th November (North America) / 21st November (Europe)

This wowed audiences during E3 2012, and subsequent details and footage have done little to dampen that excitement. Possibly the most welcome of multi-platform releases to reflect Ubisoft's support for the Wii U, it takes place in a gritty urban environment and has demonstrated a pleasing level of depth and thematic delivery. With the ability to hack devices and stalk NPCs through their personal lives, this seems like the kind of game that could deliver beyond its core storyline.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag — 29th October (North America) / 1st November (Europe)

Another blockbuster from Ubisoft, this neglects the opportunity for a named spin-off in favour of a fully-numbered entry. With the main character, Edward Kenway, providing a link to Assassin's Creed III, this goes further back in time and deals with the role of Pirates in the Caribbean, though without lovable scamps such as Jack Sparrow. Jokes about pirates aside, the presence of multiple hub environments and the expansion of the naval battles and gameplay are promising.

Sonic Lost World — TBA

Announced as a Wii U and 3DS exclusive during the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcast, this is part of a worldwide exclusivity deal between SEGA and Nintendo to cover three Sonic titles. Relatively little is known so far, but the recent trailer release and gradually increasing noise around this title suggests that it could target the latter half of the year. It carries over some ideas and themes from the Wii exclusive Sonic Colours, and we're hopeful that it'll take the good core of that title and make the improvements required to deliver that relatively rare entity — an exceptional 3D Sonic game.

Disney Infinity — 18th August (North America) / 20th August (Europe)

A major multi-platform release that seems to be the primary focus of Disney's gaming efforts, and that's not a company to underestimate. This is taking on the might of Activision's Skylanders in a quest to sell not only millions of game copies, but even more plastic NFC figurines to expand the experience. This one has some promising ideas with sandbox-style areas ripe for experimentation, and will call on many of the company's biggest IPs to tempt fans. Considering the fact that one target audience for the Wii U is families, this one's performance on the system may be watched closely.

This list has excluded some excellent titles, while we shifted our internal expectations of some undated releases; one example is Yarn Yoshi, which we think is unlikely to be squeezed into this year. Honorable mentions should also go to the soon-to-be released Game & Wario, along with the particularly exciting The Wonderful 101 from Platinum Games. We certainly haven't forgotten Monolith Soft's 'X', either, though there hasn't been a sniff of news on that since January and, considering how epic that game is likely to be, it's not beyond the realms of logic to peg that one for 2014.

As always we want to know what you think are the most exciting retail games coming to Wii U this year. You can vote for your favourite in the poll below, or sound off in the comments section

What's your most anticipated Wii U retail game of 2013? (663 votes)

Pikmin 3


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD


Rayman Legends


Mario Kart


Super Mario 3D


Bayonetta 2




Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag


Sonic Lost World


Disney Infinity


My choice isn't on the list


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User Comments (180)



Shadow100 said:

I was concerned that the last option was at 100%, until I realized I was probably the first voter...



ThomasBW84 said:

@Buzzthebatgirl An honorable mention for that one at the end this time, we opted for a little additional diversity with Disney Infinity (in terms of the Wii U target audience.

It'd be in my personal top 10, but as a group we were trying to look at the wider picture



OptometristLime said:

Summer list... blinks
Here I was thinking some what ignorantly, that a wave of seasonal titles was on the way.

Hugely excited for most of these, especially since I've all but sold myself on the console at last!



SanderEvers said:

In no way Disney Infinity, it just looks like a cheap (expensive) rip-off from Skylanders.
Or Rayman Legends simply because of the debacle. Nobody will buy it. (At least I won't)
Same for Watch_Dogs, Assassin's Creed. I'm through with Ubisoft.

So for me in this order:
1. Mario 3D
2. Zelda
3. Mario Kart.
4. Wonderful 101.
5. Bayonetta 2
6. Pikmin 3.
7. Sonic.



shingi_70 said:

Shouldn't this list onl cover summer games which is a health majority.

Game and Wario
New Super Luigi U
Pikmin 3
he Wonderful 101
Wii U party
Rayman legends



Peach64 said:

I really can't imagine Disney Infinity being a good game. It's just for them to sell toys. Disney are no longer interested in making real games.

Super Mario 3D is definitely the big one for me. If Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 get good reviews and Mario 3D is out before Christmas, I can see myself getting a Wii U on that day.



Vriess said:

I chose Wind Waker HD because I'm loosing sleep with excitement over the idea that we'll be getting new content that was cut out of the GC version!

The new Mario 3D, Mario Kart and Rayman Legends get me excited too. I'm starting to feel confident about the Wii U again. There are enough titles that will get me and my family through the winter months



DarkCoolEdge said:

Usually I would have voted for Super Mario 3D without blinking but I'm kind of burned right now. I want something fresh, something new. And I think that Retro's rumoured new IP just might be it.



WiiUDaily said:

@SanderEvers Through with Ubisoft? That is the most stupid mistake you can make as an early adopted Wii U owner. Ubisoft is one of our biggest supporters and if you're still having a fit over Rayman get over it. They've more than made up for it. Free challenges every day until release. Exclusive Wii U stealth mission. Watch_Dogs will be an incredible game (probably better than GTA V). I'd hate that felllow Wii U gamer would miss out great games like AC4 or Splinter Cell because of a grudge.



Varia01 said:

Hmm... Still No mention of a possible Metroid game that could be showcased at E3. I am hoping for a sequel to Other M, for it was FUN. Another first-person adventure (Same gameplay as Prime) game would be awesome too.



Ganondwarf said:

It's hard to decide I've never played a Zelda game so very excited for wind waker but also I've played every Mario game so very excited for that as well also want to see what retro studios is working on at e3 and I hope monolith soft new game comes out this year!



b23cdq said:

If they put Captain Jack Sparrow in AC IV - voiced by Jonny Depp, not an impostor - I will buy it on day one.



NintyMan said:

If it comes out this year, Super Mario 3D will easily be my most anticipated game in 2013. I'm also looking forward to Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Disney Infinity, and Sonic: Lost World as well. That's a good line-up for the latter half of this year.



Hunter-D said:

I'll be getting all of those except for Disney Infinity & AC IV.

As for the poll, it was a tough choice between WW & 3D Mario. In the end I opted for Mario.



KongFu said:

I chose Sonic: Lost World. But E3 will eventually change my vote. ^^

However I must say I am ZERO interested in the western third party offerings. Guess that makes me part of the problem...



Shiryu said:

Still not sold on "Disney Infinity" (until they show some TRON sets at least) but I am picking up everything else on that list.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I'll end up getting all of those listed except for Rayman (awesome games, just don't feel them like others do though), Assassin's Creed IV (played the 2nd, thought it was fun but it got repetitive), and Disney Infinity (just not my bag). However, I had to pick one for the vote, right? That was Super Mario 3D!



belmont said:

Only Bayonetta 2 interests me somewhat. Till now I may be the only one that vote for it. I 'd like Rayman but I 'll just get it for Vita sometime. I like the new Sonic game but I can buy it on 3DS. No real reason to get a Wii U.



Kisame83 said:

As I have an Xbox, this list isn't as compelling in and of itself for me. It would be more so if I did not. I really want Rayman Legends, but I'll get that on Vita as my son currently plays Origins on Vita.

As usual with Nintendo, though, Mario and Mario Kart will likely be must haves. Looking forward to E3 for better looks and hopefully a few surprises.



ajcismo said:

I'm going to reference the "MAAAYDAAAAY" scene in Res Evil Revelations by saying:



MadAdam81 said:

@Peach64 I assume you say that without reading what is known about it? Go read up on Toy Box Mode - depending on how well it's done, it could be massive.
@b23cdq He will be in it, no idea about voices, I'm assuming Depp won't voice either Cpt Jack or Tonto (Lone Ranger stuff will be in it apparently), unless they use stuff from the movies. I'm just guessing, you never really know, as Disney are pumping a huge amount of money into this.



RedYoshi999 said:

It was hard to pick one title I'm looking forward to the most. I opted for Super Mario 3D, as I'm extremely excited to see what Nintendo have got in store this time after the Galaxy games. But I'm also very excited for Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart, as these will be just as amazing. Sonic and Rayman have also got my interest and I look forward to their arrival. Woo 2013 looks to finish off very strongly for Wii U, wouldn't have thought that in January!



Ralizah said:

Super Mario 3D is probably the title that will get me to purchase a Wii U this year... or not, depending on how it looks.



Farmboy74 said:

Bayonetta 2, voted for that since I missed out on the first game. Other than that Pikmin 3, Watch Dogs, ACIV I will most likely look to buy first. Will not be buying Disney Infinity, kids already into Skylanders which I think might be cheaper on the wallet.



Peach64 said:

@MacAdam81 I'm sure it's going to sell a whole bunch, I just don't think it's going to be something for the hardcore gamer crowd. But yeah, I've not really paid much attention to it outside the videos that have been show.



seronja said:

here goes my top 5: 1. bayonetta 2 ( i got the system because of this game ), 2. pikmin 3 ( i wanted it for quite some time now ), wonderful 101 ( was very impressed ) 4. tloz: WW HD ( never played the original but i like the franchise alot ) & 5. 3D mario ( every 3D mario is a must buy for me =D )



Wanderhope said:

Here I was thinking I might pick up a PS3 this year, but it looks like I won't even have the time or money for the Wii U lineup! If these dates come true, I don't think Nintendo's ever released so many must-buy games for me in such a short timeframe (WWHD, Pikmin 3, Mario 3D, Mario Kart). I'm even interested in a few of the third party games, which is quite the feat.



MrGawain said:

I could still see myself buying10 more games for the Wii U this year- Pikmin 3, 101, Wind Waker, Mario, Mario Kart, Bayonetta, Game and Wario, Rayman, Luigi U, and most importantly but unlisted ARKHAM ORIGINS!!!

Not to mention Duck Tales.

And on the 3ds Inazuma 3 and Ace Atorney 5.

And maybe Sonic.

And possibly Yarn Yoshi.

That seems like a lot... but I've had a cruddy year otherwise and I need cheering up.



Bengals76 said:

Are any of these games made by Nintendo online coop? I would like to be able to play with my friends now! Gee. Did Nintendo make a wireless headset yet? Nope!



Datasun_7 said:

So excited for legends, worth picking a Wii u up for. Origins is my favourite platformer of all time, so I couldn't be more excited



Conkers64 said:

I'm still holding out on buying a WiiU, but a WiiU bundled with a new Mario 3D would certainly get me to join — Pikmin 3 looks outstanding too. Until then, I'll be playing Mario Sunshine (I skipped Cube in favor of PS2, and now am revisiting the hits!).



gaby_gabito said:

I strongly think Wonderful 101 should take either Disney Infinity's (generic-looking gameplay so far) or Bayonetta 2's (unconfirmed release window) place on the list!



Jayvir said:

@Buzzthebatgirl That's what I was thinking! They put Platinum's other game, but not the one that has already been confirmed for a summer release...



shinesprite said:

I don't think I know enough about the new Mario Kart, or Super Mario 3D to properly cast my vote.



ToxieDogg said:

Pikmin 3 please Pikmin 2 was amazing, and anybody who's never played it (or the first game) should do so, pronto.



PopeReal said:

There is a bunch of them on that list that I am sure I will buy sooner or later, but lately I have really been wanting some Mario Kart on my Wii U.



FullbringIchigo said:

there are so many for me to chose from Sonic Lost World, Assassin's Creed 4, Watch_Dogs, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart U, Super Mario U 3D, Super Luigi U, Super Smash Bros U, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2, Batman Arkham Origins hell even the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Olympics game not to mention i still have to get Need For Speed Most Wanted U, Black Ops 2, New Super Mario Bros U and Resident Evil Revelations i think that i made the right choice getting a Wii U to replace my broken Wii

also getting a few games on PS3 too Tales of Xillia, One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix but it looks like the bulk of my future games will be on Wii U




edcomics said:

I think it's telling that the game most people are interested in, so far, is a game we know nothing about. It just means the Mario branding is that strong, or that people are too hungry for familiarity.

@Optometristlime said something about seasonal games. That's actually not a bad idea. I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't tried to do something like that. Beach Mario, maybe



Nintendude789 said:

I'm so very excited for the 3D Mario game!! I'm hearing rumors that it would be a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine. I hope it is. I love Super Mario Sunshine!



strongest_link said:

Went with Pikmin 3 because it's tough to get excited about 3D Mario when I know nothing about it, but I'm excited to find out more at E3!



XFsWorld said:

1.Watch Dogs
2. Splinter Cell: Blacklist
3. Zelda: Wind Waker HD
4. Rayman Legends
5. New Super Luigi U



TG1 said:

I'm rather suprised the Wonderful 101 wasn't a choice, but it's easily my most anticipated game. I think exclusives will stand out more than the multi platform releases listed.



HeatBombastic said:

I chose Rayman. Everyday I go play the Challenge App, and I absolutely adore it.

A lot of people are underestimating Disney: Infinity. Just because it has "Disney" on it, and has NFC figures



digga said:

wat about batman ?? wat about splinter cell?? these are also very impressive games that wevall are looking forward too,, the list should be 25 games long as there is more than this that are looking pritty week ,,, and im looking forward to the exclusive sonic ,,, ooooh yes



JFug said:

I also can't wait for Deus Ex Human Revolution - Director's Cut.



H_Hunter said:

Why people want Mario Kart so much?

We've already played it over and over again on game cube, Wii and 3DS.. It's a good game but doesn't really deserve ALL that wait and anticipation. 90% of it will be the same.



sinalefa said:

My vote went for 3D Mario as EAD Tokyo is handling it and it will be the first 3D HD Mario, so it will definitely be gorgeous. Besides, in around 2 week we will be able to see if it is worth getting excited or not. Other games that interest me are Pikmin 3 and WW since I never played the original. Hopefully Lost World will be good.

A huge first party game I barely care about is Mario Kart. Even if I liked 7 I did not play it as much as I should, and I got Sonic Transformed on Wii U and played it quite a lot. It manages to be very challenging and demanding, without the stress and cheapness of fearing for a Blue Shell. I also loved the variety of objectives in the different World Tour events.



hYdeks said:

all those games are exciting, I would have to say maybe Rayman Legends being the least, only because it's gonna be available on almost every console now. Piss-poor move on UbiSoft's part, should have kept it exclusive to Wii U.

I voted Sonic Lost World, as a huge Sonic fan, I had to pick this one. The game just looks so amazing, and I can't wait to own it on both systems, but honestly, it was still a pretty hard decision picking just one of those games. E3, the hype begins



Mqblank said:

@SanderEvers EVERY WiiU owner should buy Rayman Legends. I know Ubisoft executives screwed it up but we should not ruin it for Michel Ansel and his team. The game looks incredible.



jrwchil said:

Come on guys Ubi gave us fun free Raymans app, and at least they are supporting the Wii U.



TimoteiWest said:

Mario Kart needs to disrupt the pattern of console versions being sub-par and portable versions being brilliant. I want to be excited, but I keep being let down by the home versions and either their controls or the distinct blandness of their tracks.

Do the control scheme of MK:Wii and MK:DD's large karts lead to those wide courses I wonder? Here's hoping for a similar feel to Mario Kart 7 in any case, taking some of the lessons from Sonic All Stars Transformed.

All of the retro courses being released as DLC wouldn't go amiss either.

Oh, I suppose you can assume that my excitement has been targeted at Mario Kart. I will almost certainly be getting at least 5 of the games on that list however!



Jaz007 said:

I'm not really intrested in getting any of these games. The only game I'm getting for Wii U that's been announced is Batman: Arkham Origins.



nik1470 said:

Why can't I vote for the starfox game I dream about at night and hope they will announce a E3. Seriously though I ran out and got a WiiU of the back of the windwaker announcement and nothings changed.



Rafie said:

Day one purchases for me on my Wii U will be:

Pikmin 3
Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Bayonetta 2 ( love Bayonetta!!!)
Super Mario 3D
Mario Kart U

Everything else I will be getting on other platforms. Not to mention games like Wonderful 101, Game & Watch, etc to be purchased day one as well. The Wii U will definitely be getting some awesome games this year! It just took a little bit to get there.



xDeltasLight said:

3D Mario! I also want Monoliths 'X'.

I am also a sucker for figurines, so I am mildly interested in Disney Infinity. Haha I'm 24, and excited for a kids Disney game.



rjejr said:

Good job on the list - and the general dates. Disney Infinity will sell, we all know that, even if nobody here buys it. I know we won't. Though we would buy Pokemon Rumble U and it's toys. I'm expecting that on the eShop list.

I voted for Pimin 3 (that can't possibly surprise anybody) but had I looked over the list I may have voted for Super Mario U (I'ld like to see the U stand for Unchained w/ a lot of chain chompers running about in HD).

Have to say I don't see how anybody can really vote for 2013 games a week before E3. Pikmin 3 was shown last year at E3 and even though it was never officially a "launch day" title if will be 2 months past this E3 before it comes out. Yet everybody thinks these 10 TEN games we haven't seen yet will be out in the next 6 months? I just don't see how that's even remotely possible.

Bayonneta 2 will be next year as W101 comes out this year as it's more holiday color oriented and Platinum games probably wants to keep it's games spread out and not compete w/ GTA5, AC4, Batman and WatchDogs with Bayonetta 2. I sure as hell wouldn't attempt to take on all of those and would wait until Feb. or March.

I'm also concerned that Mario Kart may just be either an HD version of 7 or a compilation version of tracks from previous games upgraded to HD, in which case I'm not in a rush. The game needs something fresh like Sonic Transformed or online like DriveClub to get me excited enough to buy it.

Yoshi's Yarn Planet should be this year as it seems like a typical Nintendo holiday title like Epic Yarn or Return to Dreamland or DKCR. That's NOT a dead cold winter title.

Monolith X won't be out until holiday 2014 earliest, those JRPGs take YEARS to make.

Can't wait for E3 so I can make an informed decision. My birthday is July 20 and my kids and I have no plans for August after camp and summer vacation in July. A good E3 and we'll be playing WiiU.



Prof3ssorMGW said:

Sonic: Lost World seems pretty interesting. I'm not really anticipating Mario Kart U, but it's defenetly a game I plan on getting. 3D Mario has to be something unexpected for me or I definitely won't be getting that. Bayonetta seems cool though so I'll get that too.



IxnayontheCK said:

@Mqblank completely agree. Yeah it went multiplatform but Ubisoft team worked hard and are one of the companies openly supporting Wii U. Everyone should buy it. And on the Wii U!



orravan85 said:




orravan85 said:

With METAL GEAR SOLID Ghost Babel (GAMEBOY COLOR) on the eShop; MGS:TS HD SDCAE should come with a exclusive download code for it.



Royalblues said:

Never played a Pikmin game and I never played WW. So, those games ar the most hype-worthy to me.
And Mario Kart, even though 7 was sub-par. I want to see the tracks that Retro Studios is making.



Emaan said:

I'm mostly excited for the new Mario Kart and the next Mario game. Can't wait~



aaronsullivan said:

I wouldn't get your hopes up on the Wind Waker addition of missing content thing. It's very unlikely. I sure would love it though! I will give you this: If Nintendo DID somehow resurrect the unfinished temples and complete them they'd have the ability to show COMPLETELY new stuff in the trailers and I think it would have a direct influence on sales.



aaronsullivan said:

I voted for a remake, which I'm slightly embarrassed about. But really, I don't know enough about the others, only their potential. I'm 99% sure that Wind Waker will be worth my time, because it already is.

Will be fun to see this list completely remade after E3.

I misread the article as biggest Summer games when I first read it, but I see now that it's biggest games of 2013. It's just the latest update.



Marshi said:

Anyone know when deus ex is out?Was expecting that in may!Could be the wiiu's best third party game



jayblue said:

3d mario and mario kart.thats it for me weres earthbound and i know its just full price list.



Xilef said:

Right now i'll go with Sonic. Don't know anything about 3D Mario yet.



Mahe said:

This list really isn't very interesting at all. Boooring. Where are Wii Fit U and Wii Party U?



Williaint said:

I'm most interested in "3D" Mario U, Mario Kart, and Rayman.
However, I'm very excited for Windwaker HD...
I'm not actually interested in Pikmin, but even less (not at all) interested in 'infinity' (I don't recognize many of those disney characters). I'm kinda interested in getting Game and Wario, but probably won't... might make a good gift.



EpicGamer said:

Why doesn't this article have Super Smash bros. U? Unless I've gone crazy, i'm pretty sure Nintendo confirmed that they'd reveal some information and that it'll be in playable form at E3 (All this article had to do was put a "TBA" next to the title).
But anyway, i'll probably get all of these game except for:
"Wonderful 101" (it just look chaotic, and it seems that all your doing is running around randomly looking for monsters. Unless it actually has a good storyline, but other than that, no.)
"Rayman Legends" (this has NOTHING to do with it going multiplat. I just don't like the series too much, I tried the "Origins" demo on the 3DS and didn't like it.)
"Disney Infinity" (it seems like Skylanders, but with Disney characters.)
I'm not sure about "Sonic Lost World" (I don't really like Sonic games all that much, BUT it does look a little interesting, I may try it and see what it's like.)

The games that i'm MOST excited for are: Pikmin 3, Watchdogs, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Assassins Creed IV, and the new 3D Mario game.



TG1 said:

@EpicGamer The article is about games due to release in 2013. Even if they show an early work in progress vid of Smash Bros. at E3, it won't be out this year, which I'm sure is why it wasnt included.



Sir_Deadly said:

Hmm interesting to see how many people are closed minded on this site. Especially on a Nintendo console at that. This is a very diverse list and i see a good many comments saying nothin on this list interest them to buy a Wii U. This leads me to believe they only play maybe a couple of select franchise or there only play games every once in a while and thats surprising to see on a website like this. Anyway i am looking forward to all these titles and them some that arent on the list as Wonderful 101, Batman, Splinter Cell didnt really make the list. But the second half of the year is going to epic for Wii U!



AJWolfTill said:

Whoa, there are so many games I wan't coming out this year. I will probs pick up some of these when they go down in price a bit though. Any news on Deus Ex release date?



biglittlejake said:

Can't wait for Pikmin, Mario and Zelda. I wonder how they will make do with the gamepad for Windwaker? Maybe draw the map of where to go while sailing and for the Tingle Turner.



bassoongoon said:

Oh goodness, my body is ready. The ones that are MUST haves for me: Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Rayman Legends, Mario Kart, 3D Mario, Sonic Lost World. Man, my wallet is gonna be hurting! I am having trouble deciding which to vote for in the poll haha.



Gamercake said:

WHAT?!?! No Batman Arkham Origins! I am way more excited for Arkham Origins than I am for Assassins Creed 4 or Watchdogs.But the game I'm MOST looking forward to is the new 3D Mario. The galaxy games were simply amazing and probably the best two games I've ever played.
My list-
1. 3D Mario
2. Batman Arkham Origins
3. Pikmin 3
4. Wonderful 101
5. Windwaker HD



BATRA said:

ware is super smash bros calamity at? nintendo said it will be their i now who is in the game right now



EpicGamer said:

Ah, that makes sense. I saw that Bayonetta 2 had a "TBA" next to it and I thought why not list smash bros too? I just forgot that all these games are for 2013 only, my mistake.



8thGenConsoles said:

@Rafie So instead of buying some 3rd party games on Wii U, you will just buy the exclusives like the typical Nintendo console owner. This is one of the main reasons why Nintendo consoles lack 3rd party support because Nintendo fans only care about the exclusives. Instead of buying Watch Dogs on Wii U and use the Gamepad as your hacking device, you will buy Watch Dogs on another console that has a traditional controller. I strongly believe that Wii U will have the superior Watch Dogs version gameplay wise but seems like you rather buy the version that has better graphics.

I'm not attacking you but i don't like how Nintendo fans refuse to buy 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles, especially those from Ubisoft. Don't complain later on when 3rd parties refuse to support the Wii U because you and others didnt buy their games for Wii U, you bought them for other systems instead...



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz Yes it does sound like you're attacking me for not buying certain games on the Wii U. So instead of attacking back like I intended to, I'll just give you a reason why I'm not purchasing certain titles for the Wii U. Mind you, this has nothing to do with how poor the Wii U sales are or anything like that. This may be trivial from some to most, but I've been one of the few who has been bitten by the achievement/trophy bug. I like to see my own accomplishments when I open my achievement card and trophy card. Some games are sequels, so I like to continue that notion to complete the objectives on the predecessors. Again, nothing to do with Nintendo so to speak.

Now as far as you boasting that Watch Dogs will be the best version on the Wii U...that has yet to be seen. Please refrain from making yourself look like a fanboy by saying things like that. I never once said that I won't buy 3rd party games on the Wii U. I just won't be purchasing them anytime soon. Believe it or not, WiiURockz some people only have a Nintendo console SOLELY for 1st party titles. I want Watch Dogs on the PS4 as I'm getting it launch day. Nintendo hasn't marketed themselves in the best light as of recent, which is why the Wii U hasn't received as many 3rd party support as it should. I know the Wii U is innovative, but not everyone once to play on a gamepad dude for every game. It's nothing's preference!



nilcam said:

I voted for other as I'm most looking forward to The Wonderful 101. It is the reason I own a Wii U in the first place. I'm also really excited for D&D, 3D Mario and Wind Waker HD, if they add something to it. I'm maybe excited about Sonic: Lost World but it's a guarded excitement. Wath-Dogs is a maybe; if it's too open-world, I won't be interested.

I'm hoping we get a Dirt game this year as well.



JaxonH said:

I simply do not understand why there are so many people stuck on boycotting Rayman Legends, and even Ubisoft games in general. A good game is a good game, BE GLAD THEY'RE BRINGING IT AT ALL! Ubisoft is the Wii U's biggest 3rd party supporter- without them the 3rd party line-up would pretty much be dead in the water. Would you prefer to have NO 3rd party titles to play on Wii U? So they postponed a game, yeah it sucks, but get over it! It's not the first time it's happened and won't be the last. Pikmin 3 was postponed 3 times, and all 3 times within a month or 2 of release. I don't see anyone boycotting Nintendo for that! The hell with that bogus logic, I intend to FULLY SUPPORT UBISOFT, and am buying at least 4 of their games this year. They're one of the only 3rd party publishers who actually care enough about us to bring games to the WiiU, GOOD games I should add, and people want to not buy their games because they postponed Legends. How childish.



mikeyman64 said:

I've been waiting for Pikmin 3 for so long that it surpasses my desire to play WW HD and a new Mario title, however I am truly excited for all three.



GamerJunkie said:

  • Skipping Rayman, don't like pikmin, disney infinity is a lil kids game.
  • Zelda remake not sure yet.
  • Mario Kart Yes, Mario 3D yes, Sonic game Yes.
  • Bayonetta, assassins creed, watch dogs can all be had on PC for less money and a better version of the game.


GamerJunkie said:

@H_Hunter Because if they do it right and have great online play and a way to unlock more stuff or rank up and earn things, itd be great with modern graphics, gameplay and this controller.



Senate_Guard said:

I'm really interested as to what the 3D Mario title will be like. But my other ones are Sonic Lost World, Retro's secret game, Smash Bros. 4, and Mario Kart.

I'm really hoping for a surprise reveal of a new Metroid and/or Star Fox too.

F-Zero will probably be awhile, if Mr. Miyamoto's comment from a few months back was any indication.



miiandmario said:

I'm excited for all the 1st party games, Rayman Legends, Sonic Lost World, and Most of all the new smash bros game



8thGenConsoles said:

@Rafie I wasn't attacking you, that's just how I talk. I speak my mind and I am honest. I'm not afraid to let people know what i think. And you often say that i talk like a fanboy, well if that's what you wanna believe then fine but I'm not a fanboy because I'm not loyal to Nintendo and I don't agree with everything they do. I owned a PS3 and 360 this gen and I never cared about achievements and trophies, I don't care about winning fake awards, I just wanna have fun but everyone is different I get it so if you like achievements/trophies then good for you.

And no I wasn't "boasting" about Watch Dogs Wii U version having the best gameplay, I just said that I think Wii U's version will be the best because I believe that Ubisoft will do some cool things with the Gamepad. I still don't understand why you would rather buy Watch Dogs for PS4 but maybe you want those nice graphics. And yes I know that a lot of people buy Nintendo consoles just for 1st party games and they are one of the reasons why the Wii U lacks 3rd party support. You think it's because Wii U has a small install base but really that's not the only reason because GameCube lacked 3rd party support and Wii lacked support as well so no Wii U's install base is not the only reason. Everybody is to blame for the lack of support: Nintendo, the Nintendo fans and 3rd party devs are to blame. Nintendo fans for not buying 3rd party games for Nintendo consoles, Nintendo for not having a good relationship with 3rd party devs and 3rd party devs themselves for being too lazy and not supporting Nintendo's innovations and great ideas.



HeatBombastic said:

@EpicGamer The Origins demo on the 3DS was horrible, and I've heard the port was too, but coming from someone who has played the app everyday, I can assure you that Legends will be one of the greats. So was Origins.

Disney Infinity's gameplay is hardly comparable to Skylanders. Just because it has NFC and Disney in it does not make it a bad, kiddie, casual game. It looks quite fantastic



bassoongoon said:

@StraTTtheRipper , it does not seem like it a big priority for Nintendo. I am guessing most of the casual/family crowd that Nintendo picked up with the Wii will not be upgrading to Wii U. As such, First party console-selling titles are probably a bigger priority. That said, I do not think we have seen the last of Wii U fit.



DerpSandwich said:

My prediction: Mario Kart will be out this holiday, but 3D Mario won't until NEXT holiday. Bayonetta will be some time next year. Wind Waker will get delayed until maybe March or May of next year. Why? Because it's Nintendo. Delaying badly-wanted/needed games is in their blood.



Gamer83 said:

If it does in fact come out this year, Mario 3D. That would move to third spot on my most anticipated list right behind The Last of Us and GTA V.



Gamer83 said:


Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land both came out in the same year for 3DS. I think Nintendo has a similar plan for Wii U this year. Those two games and maybe even a price drop, and Nintendo could bury $ony and M$ this holiday season. Especially if the other two go through with their bs anti-consumer plans.



Yasume said:

I still think that the Wii U is Nintendo's worst console so far, but if they're going to shoot out a brand new 3D Mario in a new universe I'd have to buy the darn thing.



gojiguy said:

Yeah it seems like a great idea to stop buying Ubisoft when they are the number one 3rd party developer on the Wii U.

Come on, dude, that makes no sense. Watch_Dogs looks great.



Psychomalone said:

The first party titles obviously appeal most, but in some ways, i hope they don't come out too close together, i just don't have the budget for too many gsmes these days, and lets not forget, theres still the 3DS gems that'll be out by the end of the year



VeeFlamesNL said:

@Yasume Hey now. Why would you think the Wii U is Nintendo's worst console, because of some... flops? The Wii U is far from Nintendo's 'worst console'.
On to the topic at hand. 3D Mario and Mario Kart are the best of the bunch for me!



Melkaticox said:

@belmont ...Why? What's the benefit of getting the VITA version? Some costumes?

@GamerJunkie Bayonetta? ...On PC? ... ... ...

You do...know the first one wasn't even released on PC, right? And Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U DO know that, don't you?



LavaTwilight said:

Go on then since a lot of us are doing it
1. Pikmin 3 (been waiting for it for at least 8years)
2. Mario Kart
3. Super Smash Bros (please come 2013)
4. Watch Dogs
5. Zelda Windwaker
6. Wii Fit U
7. Mario
8. Rayman Legends

I am going to lose a lot of money this year...



IPete2 said:

For me:

A new Super Mario 3D

The re-make of Zelda Wind Waker (HD)

Mario Karts - I can't wait to see how good this looks in HD as it was great even on Wii.

Watch Dogs

Pikmin 3 is surprising for me, I wasn't interested in this game until the last Nintendo Direct, when it got very interesting watching the beauty of this game come to life.

I would LOVE TO SEE - WaveRace and PilotWings come to WiiU - any body listening? Hello?



belmont said:

@Melkaticox Simple really, I don't have a Wii U yet and I always prefer portable versions of game. Since the release of Vita most PS3 games are identical on Vita so I either cross buy or just simply buy games on Vita.



QuickSilver88 said:

For 3rd party I am very interested in WatchDogs. I just hope it lives up to the hype. I will not be getting a PS4 until next year so will get this on U, as I expect it to look better than ps360 versions. I also think this game is perfect for gamepad featutes. ubi has been very coy about features and I believe they have someting cool planned. Like others I am very much looking forward to Dues EX...i hope the delays mean it is getting a full and proper port, unlike the reent Sniper V2 dissapoontment. Splinter Cell should be on here as it is announced and coming in the fall. The WiiU video showing gamepad features look cool. I know I am in the vast minority but Mario Kart really hasn't done it for me for a long time. I really liked excitetruck on Wii and would love to see Fzero or a new Exitbike64 or Waverace. Mario 3D will be a must buy whenever it hits. Still wondering what retro is cooking up and personally hope it is a new Metroid title because gamepade is dying to be a true scanner and metroid needs to be in HD. Pikman was never my cup of tea but I think this new version looks awesome so may give it a whirl this generation. All in all I think the next year will do a lot to populate the WiiU with lots of great tiltles.



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz I don't care about you speaking your mind, or anyone else that does. That's what forums and blogs are made for. However, your tone should be a little more subtle. To be honest you do talk like a fanboy. You've done so in other articles saying how much the Wii U is so superior to the others while talking down on the other systems. So the proof is there. Anyway, however you classify them as "fake awards" or virtual achievements, they do give some people a sense of accomplishment for some of the more difficult trials they come across. Even the 360 started rewarding gamers for the achievements earned and how much they play. If you don't care about it....GREAT! There are some like me who do. Well to a certain extent for me.

As far as buying games on other platforms, it is what it is! People do it. Hell people here will do it. Whether they admit it or not shouldn't matter. I'm one of those who buy games on a Nintendo console for their first party titles. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I bought a GameCube solely for Super Smash Bros Melee. That was it. I just started to get other games like Mario Kart: DD, Sunshine, Star Fox Adv., etc. Nintendo isn't the same company they were back in the 16-bit days. Then one really is the same. Still Nintendo fell big time, yet they still remain to be the giant that they are. I will support 3rd party titles on the Wii U. It just won't be a lot. Nintendo has a lot of issues to work on as far as their relationships go. How they are the last to get DLC and if games will even come to the system. That's another part of my decision making on buying games for Wii U or other platforms. I'm just happy to have all of them where I have the availability to choose which ones I want them on.

Oh and you keep talking about those "graphics". Yes graphics does play a role in purchasing games, but it really isn't the only reason. Game play is definitely the reason why I would purchase a game. Yes Watch Dogs will probably look the best on the PS4, but it will also be as innovating as the Wii U version. Posting vids of your gameplay, or if you're stuck on a certain part...your friend can jump in and help you. I know the Wii U offers something different with the game pad and that's cool. I'm just looking more forward to the PS4's version. That's not a shot at Nintendo. That's just my preference.



Objection said:

@JaxonH "I simply do not understand why there are so many people stuck on boycotting Rayman Legends, and even Ubisoft games in general. A good game is a good game, BE GLAD THEY'RE BRINGING IT AT ALL!"

See, this is how I feel about people passing on AA5 because of CAPCOM and the download-only thing.

RE: Article-- I also kind of read the title as "big games you can play this summer." Maybe 3 titles fall into that. looks like more waiting for you poor Wii U owners. I wish it wasn't so, myself. I want to get one when it has more than a few exclusive games but at this rate that won't be in its first year.



Funbunz said:

@Fazermint People are mad since it was supposed to be exclusive and already released. I've never been a Rayman fan, but I if I were, I would think twice about buying it because of what Ubisoft did. Gamers can't let them think they can push us around!



I-U said:

The 3D Super Mario game will set the tone of Nintendo experiences on the system, and I hope it's as memorable as Galaxy while returning to the wider exploration experiences of Super Mario 64/DS. That said, I may be looking forward to The Wonderful 101 more, as it has a greater chance to wow since it's new and carries little expectation.



Araknie said:

Ehi New Super Luigi U is getting a retail limited edition, at least it is here in europe in July 26 the same day of Pikmin 3, always here in Europe.
And why choosing Disney Infinity over The Wonderful 101?
Becuase of the target audience of the Wii U you say?

That's a pity Iwata always said that the Wii U a console for Nintys and Hardcore gamers, a multiplatform is not and Hardcore game.
Exclusives and original IPs are.

Yo silly NL.



GamerJunkie said:

The pictures they show of adults using a 3DS make me laugh. Ive never seen a normal looking person play a 3DS or any nintendo handheld in public(im sure many do at home though). Then they show these 20-30 yr old people stylish lookin playing smiling and crap, hilarious. Nintendo needs to make a tablet or phone something an adult isnt embarrassed to carry around.



Gamer83 said:


I still say the Gamecube is Nintendo's worst home console of all time. The Wii U is just getting started. The first year hasn't exactly gone to plan so far but there's still plenty of time for things to change.



dumedum said:

Bayonetta 2 is the most anticipated title for me, even though I've never played the first one, but I'm so glad about this exclusive. Also looking forward for Wii Fit U which is not on the list. Then I hope The Wonderful 101 will rock.

If Mario is Super Mario Galaxy 3 though then I'm most excited for that. This needs to be a trilogy.



MeWario said:

@SanderEvers that's a terrible attitude to have! Ubisoft has supported Nintendo more than anyone. If you want more games then you should support devs that are making great games, like they are. What a pathetic attitude.



SanderEvers said:

@MeWario By the time Rayman legends is released I'll be playing a lot of Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, etc.

Ubisoft lost my sale when they delayed a finished game and put exclusive content on other consoles. (Vita).



TreesenHauser said:

I voted Pikmin 3, but I'm also very excited for Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart, Sonic Lost World, the new 3D Mario, and Rayman Legends. Yes, Rayman Legends. I'm not gonna be the uptight gamer who refuses to buy the game simply because of a delay and loss of exclusivity. At least the game's getting more time to cook before its release, and will still have the edge over its other platform versions.

I've been having too much of a blast with the Challenges App to deny the game a chance to sit on my shelf. Sure, the delay was unceremonious. Sure, the loss of console exclusivity came off as a slap in the face. But I will not be boycotting the game as a result of that. At the end of the day, the developers still worked their butts off to make an awesome game.



8thGenConsoles said:

@Rafie Listen dude we are cool. I have no problem with you personally, I just don't like how you want Nintendo to have a better relationship with 3rd parties BUT you won't buy a lot of 3rd party games on Wii U. You are part of the problem in my opinion but i don't want to continue arguing about this. Just buy Watch Dogs on PS4 if you want.

And I don't care if I sound like a fanboy, I know I'm not a fanboy. A fanboy is basically someone who's loyal to one video game company and I'm not loyal to Nintendo and I don't like all their products. I never bought the Wii because I don't like Motion Control. And no I never said Wii U is superior, I explained why Wii U is a next-gen console. A lot of people say it's not next-gen but it's more innovative than PS4. The Share button on DualShock 4 is pretty cool but I have a feeling that I wouldn't be able to upload my gameplay videos on my own YouTube channel. It will probably be a YouTube channel created by Sony.



readypembroke said:

Basically all Ubisoft Wii U games I am looking forward to. I am also looking forward to the next Super Smash Bros game.... I like that games series



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz I don't have a problem with you personally either. I just feel I have to be the "sensible" guy here when you and others start bashing on Sony and Microsoft because something positive didn't happen for the Wii U. You have to admit that you've been bias with the Wii U as of lately. I'm all for having a console of your just don't have to downplay the others to do so. Also more people may take your post more seriously if you didn't sound as bias as you do. There's more to the definition of a fanboy than you put, but we can seriously drop this.

Before we do that, I do have to address your 2nd paragraph. By you saying the Wii U is more innovative than the PS4 is what I'm talking about. You haven't even seen what it could do. Even if the Wii U does come out to be more innovative doesn't negate the fact that the PS4 has innovating qualities. Let's just wait to see what the other systems can do. I may be part of the problem, but you can put most of the blame on Nintendo for not applying themselves with the relationships that need to happen. I only want 3rd party support on the Wii U so that Nintendo can continue to be the biggest driving force in video game history. Regardless if I buy a 3rd party game from them or not. You seem like cool peoples and you bring valid points to the table that I've taken into consideration. It's just your approach is all.



8thGenConsoles said:

@Rafie For the last time, I didn't bash PS4 and Xbox One. I didn't downplay them as much as you think. People say Wii U is not next gen and I defended the Wii U. It's not about Wii U being my console of preference, it's about ignorant gamers saying stupid things like "Wii U is not next gen". If Wii U is not next gen than PS4 and Xbox One are not next gen either.

I don't have to see what PS4 can do to know that it's not more innovative than Wii U. Sony is very predictable and they've been like this for a decade now. GameCube was more innovative than PS2, Wii is more innovative than PS3, Wii U is from what I've seen so far more innovative than PS4, 3DS is more innovative than Vita, DS was more innovate than PSP. This is a trend that won't stop anytime soon. Sony only cares about making 3rd party devs happy which is why Sony consoles are so powerful because devs want consoles to be similar to PC. Nintendo consoles aren't trying to be like PCs which is why they are more innovative.

I put most of the blame on 3rd party devs, not Nintendo and here's why: 3rd party developers refuse to take risks with Nintendo consoles, they don't embrace or support Nintendo's innovations and great ideas. A lot of developers are too scared to make games for Wii U because they don't want to take risks with the Wii U Gamepad. 3rd party Devs want to play it safe by spending most of their budget on graphics because they know that's what gamers today love. Gameplay is taking a backseat to graphics nowadays for this reason. Graphics is what gamers want the most these days, gameplay and story is second on their wishlist

Wii U's focus is on gameplay not graphics which is why developers are not developing games for Wii U.



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz You do downplay them more than you think. If people say that the Wii U is not next gen, then that's their opinion. If the PS4 and Xbox One isn't named in relevance to that....then why even mention it? Right! We all know that PS4 and Xbox One is next gen and there's nothing you can say to mitigate that. The Wii U is next gen as well. I won't lie of right now it's more in competition with the PS3 and 360.Graphics looks the same across all boards concerning those 3 as well as gameplay.

By saying comments like," I don't have to see what the PS4 can do to know that it's not more innovative than Wii U" only solidifies what I've been debating with you about. These are all OPINIONS. Not facts. Just like the opinion I'm about to give you about the GameCube being more innovative than the PS2. That's laughable. Tell me what is has the GameCube done that the PS2 couldn't? Now is that a fact? Maybe. Still at the end of the day, that's my personal opinion. You have seen nothing from PS4 to substantiate a claim that the Wii U is more innovating. I won't even go into the others because it seems as though you really just don't like Sony. If you don't like them...fine. Stop taking credit away from them. You said you are defending Nintendo from ignorant gamers saying not-so-smart things about the Wii U. You're doing the same thing with Sony. What does it matter whose more "innovating"?! As long as their is progress from the previous and the gameplay gets better....everyone wins. Innovation isn't the only factor that plays into next gen though I admit it's the biggest.

I also want to touch on the blame game. You say Ninty has no blame in it at all and it's all on the devs? Some developers already shell out funds developing and paying the staff. Some devs are more well off than others. Which is why Nintendo made sure they became more "indie friendly" so that these small studios can get their game out on a big console without having to pay the outrageous certification and processing fees that Sony and Microsoft has. Simple right? Kind of. Sometimes its because these developers put so much money on everything else that they have to make revenue back on their product. The Wii U hasn't been very successful as of late. So naturally some devs declined to feature their product on a good console. Is it right? No, but I understand the business aspect. The devs just want to ensure that they are making profit and not at a loss, or breaking even. It would serve no purpose. So partially, yes the blame can be on the devs for not giving the Wii U a chance to blossom. At the same time, Nintendo is the blame as well for not marketing themselves in the proper aspect to greenlight the Wii U as it was suppose to. Graphics is great and all, but gameplay is what most of us fans want. Developers aren't developing games for the Wii U because of it not doing well, not the hardware. Remember, the Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 and 360, right?! Then why have devs still perceive the Wii U as less than the past gen consoles?

Oh things will change for the Wii U. Not doubt about that! We're talking about the present.



8thGenConsoles said:

@Rafie Dude...saying that Wii U is not next-gen is NOT an opinion, you are just incorrect and ignorant if you say that. Most gamers today don't know what the word generation means which is sad. PS4 and Xbox One is always named in relevance to that which is why I mention it. Of course Wii U is competing with PS3 and 360 because the other 2 next gen consoles aren't out yet. Xbox 360 was competing with PS2 and GameCube until PS3 and Wii came out.

My opinion has some truth in it, it's not 100% opinion. Let me explain to you why GameCube was more innovative or had more great ideas than PS2. Let's start with the PS2:

  • The PS2 was nothing more then an upgraded PS1. How do I know this? Because I owned a PS1. I'm not a Sony hater. PS2 had the same controller as the PS1 with just a few minor differences. PS2 had better graphics and online gaming. That's it, it was just an upgrade. PS2 had the Eyetoy also but it wasn't a success because most people didnt like or didnt care about it. PS2 had a DVD player which is great but that doesn't count as innovation because movies has nothing to do with gaming.
  • GameCube was not just an upgrade, it was different from the N64. GameCube introduced mini discs to the gaming industry which wasn't well received by 3rd party developers but it was cool because GameCube didn't have loading times like PS2 games. GameCube also started a trend with the Wavebird controller. The Wavebird was a wireless controller, something that the other consoles didn't have. GameCube also introduced the Gameboy Player. It allowed you to play Gameboy games on your TV. It was also possible to connect several GameCubes to each other and have a big gaming party. 8 to 16 people could play a GameCube game at the same time in one room. GameCube also allowed you to connect your GBA Advance to the GameCube and have a second screen experience.

Do you see the difference? GameCube did so much more than the PS2 and yet most people bought a PS2 instead. Nintendo doesn't get enough credit for their innovations and great ideas. GameCube was more innovative than PS2 but no one cared.

I could go on and on because this is a trend not just my opinion but you get the point i guess. Nintendo consoles are more innovative. And yes innovation does better because new consoles are supposed to do things never seen before and that's how you progress also. The Gameplay always improves when Nintendo releases a new system but same thing cannot be said about Sony because Sony is using the same Dualshock controller since 1996. Sure there are minor differences between Dualshock 3 and 4 but there's a huge difference between the Wii Remote and the Wii U Gamepad.

I NEVER said that Nintendo has no blame at all, I just said that 3rd party devs are more to blame for the lack of 3rd party games on Wii U. Nintendo should fix their relationship with 3rd parties but 3rd parties need to stop being lazy and start developing great games that will sell on Nintendo systems. I understand that if a game won't sell on Wii U then don't make a Wii U version but instead of abandoning the Wii U, try to create new IP's for the Wii U or bring back old IP's and make great new games for Wii U. One of the reasons Nintendo fans don't buy 3rd party games on Nintendo systems is because these developers keep giving us Nintendo fans inferior ports or crappy 3rd party exclusives that aren't even worth renting at Gamefly. If Wii U is not doing well then help Nintendo out like Ubisoft is doing, release cool 3rd party games on Wii U to make the system more successful. Yes it's Nintendo's responsibility to make the Wii U sell but 3rd party publishers should be willing to help Nintendo out. Ubisoft is helping, Capcom is helping, Sega is helping, Square Enix is somewhat helping. Why isn't EA trying to help? Why isn't Rockstar helping? Why isn't 2K Sports helping? These are successful publishers that could help the Wii U if they wanted to because they have enough money but they don't want to. If Rockstar announces GTA 5 or GTA Chinatown Wars 2 for Wii U then you'll see how many gamers will take the Wii U more seriously.

I'm not a fanboy and I don't hate Sony. I bought a PS1, PS3 and PSP and I never bought a N64 or Wii. Sometimes I sound like a fanboy because I'm a very passionate person but I've only bought 3 of Nintendo's 6 consoles and 2 of Sony's 4 consoles. I also do not hate Microsoft, I bought the 360 in 2011.

But this generation, I will be a Wii U only gamer because I'm not impressed with the PS4 and Xbox One. Sure there are still things i don't know about PS4 but I'm pretty sure that i know most things about PS4 already.



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz Who said that I said that the Wii U is not next gen?! I actually did say the Wii U is next gen.There is no doubt that we are in the next gen with the PS4 and Xbox One. I think you're getting annoyed at the fact that people (devs and public) are dismissing it, so you're taking it out on the other formats. I truly believe that because I've been noticing your posts about them when specific articles are up. Oh and I don't think you got what I meant by "competing". The Wii U's graphics and gameplay resonates with the PS3 and 360. The difference in power is still hard to tell between the 3. Am I saying the Wii U isn't capable of more? No. However, the PS3 also hasn't been able to show it's full potential...still! 7 years later and the hardware is still not used for it.

Now let me address your faction about the 2 past consoles (PS2 & GameCube). Now let me say this before I respond to your post. By you telling me that the best parts of the making of the PS2 isn't that innovative or "doesn't count" is downplaying the console. You my friend are doing just that by uplifting the GameCube and what it has to offer.

1. Just because you owned a PS1, (and it sounds like you didn't get the PS2) doesn't mean you can call the PS2 an upgraded system. By that same logic, I can very well say the Wii U is nothing more than an upgraded Wii. Savvy? Another thing is you are wrong about the graphics. I still have my PS2 and GameCube and I can tell you that they were both on par. The GameCube just didn't have enough games to showcase their true potential. Games like Metroid Prime and F-Zero were about it versus the PS2 which showcased a humungous graphical aspect. That doesn't mean the GameCube couldn't do it because it could...if not more. Remember the GameCube was a bit more powerful than the PS2. As far as the EyeToy is concerned...that is a HUGE innovative thing. That was basically the first Kinect. Just because people didn't take well to it doesn't mean it wasn't any less innovative. It was poorly marketed. About the DVD player. You do know that DVD's were extremely popular in the beginning of 2000. So having a DVD player plus a gaming console was unheard of at the time and the PS2 was the first to do it. Please don't bust that down. We're talking about the console itself. That still counts!!! Give credit when credit is due!

2. Now I won't take your route and say the GameCube is nothing more than an upgraded Nintendo 64. I would be solely wrong, as you were about the PS2 being an upgrade. Now let's get into it. First, the mini discs are innovating. Seriously its not. If we say that, then I can also say the UMD's for the PSP is innovating since it's even smaller than the GC disc. Right? Point is, it doesn't enhance or change the game in any way. Just the size of the disc. So that's out of the picture. The GameCube definitely had loading times close to the PS2. Remember that the GameCube didn't have games with huge open worlds like GTA: San Andreas either to mitigate those load times. Not the GC's fault, so I'll give you that. I'll even give you the Wave Bird (which came at a later date! I have 4 of them still! Mario Kart Double Dash ftw!) So that's innovating. Now you do know you can also connect a bunch of PS2's together to create a mass gameplay experience. The very first Xbox did this as well. So innovating...yes! Not more than the other. Also you'll have to give me a link about the whole Gameboy Advance thing. I still have my GBA and I've never heard of that before.

Basically after reading responding to all of your statements, the GameCube looks even more inferior to the PS2 than I first thought. It is not more innovating as you put it. The GameCube didn't even play music. On top of that, the PS2 was backwards compatible. The first console to do so I might add. Also, the PS2 did online before the GC. The GC was not more innovative. Sorry! It still doesn't mean the GC wasn't innovating. I'm just rebutting that it wasn't MORE innovating than the PS2. It looks as if I myself am downplaying the GC and I'm not. I actually gave you some credit. I'm just stating some facts here about how you perceive the 2 consoles. I'm just showing you that you're missing some points with the PS2 and coincidentally missing what the GC couldn't do compared to the PS2. The controller part I will leave alone because it is the same. Ninty beat Sony on that.

You want developers to stop being lazy and develop for the system, but why would they invest in a system that's failing at the moment? Will they get their money that they put into the project back and some...or will they take a loss on making it for the system?! Remember it's a business too man! Devs got to make money! Same thing with you IP's statement. That won't happen until the Wii U picks up in sales. That's the bottom line because of what I said 2 sentences ago. Ubisoft is a great developer and they have a big heart. Big ups to them for wanting to work with Nintendo at their time of need. Though the other developers don't share the same heart Ubi has doesn't make them evil and heartless. It's not's really business. EA is a piece o'crap! They are the exception.

I can see us going back in forth in this debate. Again, you seem like a cool dude and I can tell you're passionate about stuff you care about. You just need a better approach with getting your point across without sounding like biased fanboy. Note I have every single console from Nintendo to date, Microsoft to date, Sony to date, and Sega (minus 32X) to date. I'm a gamer for real and I love games. I just hate to see people downplay other formats just because one isn't doing that well.

You are entitled to your opinion, as I am mines. Doesn't mean one is more validated than the other because we aren't developers. We're the gamers. I for one will be getting the PS4 at launch like I did the Wii U. The Xbox One will be sometime next year. Probably 3rd quarter. Final note. You don't know most things about the PS4 unless you work for Sony. That's it. Everything else shall be revealed during E3. We still don't know everything about the Wii U, but we know most things because it's actually HERE!



EpicGamer said:

I'm not saying I hate Disney Infinity because it's kiddie, i'm just saying that it looks exactly like Skylanders. I love Disney, I don't think there kiddie at all. The problem is the price of the characters. With Skylanders, each character is about $15.00, that is ALLOT for a little toy (and the reason why I only have 5 Skylander characters). And since these characters are going to be Disney themed, there probably going to be at least $20.00 (MAYBE $15.00 if were lucky enough)



8thGenConsoles said:

@Rafie Took me 5 days to reply back sorry. It seems like you don't understand what I'm saying, you think you do but I have a feeling you don't. Instead of giving you another long answer, I'm gonna try to keep this one short and sweet.

I didn't say that you said that Wii U is not next gen, I said that other gamers think it's not next-gen because they are ignorant. I know you're smarter than the average Sony and Microsoft fan which is why I don't mind having a debate with you. Yes I'm annoyed that Devs and publishers are dismissing the Wii U but am I taking my frustrations on those other consoles? No I'm not. I'm just saying that those consoles aren't as great as people think. It's mostly my opinion but there's some fact in what I'm saying, it's not just 100% opinion. The reason why it seems like Wii U competes with old consoles in graphics is because developers aren't trying to make Wii U games look better than PS3/360. They are literally just porting games to Wii U.

I'm not downplaying the PS2. DVD player in a console IS innovative but the problem is that movies has nothing to do with video games. A DVD Player enhances your console experience but NOT your gaming experience which is why it doesn't really count.

1. You're right, I never bought the PS2 but I played it at friend's house many times. I even borrowed the PS2 once and was able to compare it to PS1. PS2 is just an upgrade to PS1 believe it or not. Is Wii U just an upgraded Wii? No because the Wii U Gamepad is completely different from the Wii Remote so the experience is completely different. Wii U also has the Nintendo Network that Wii doesn't have and the Wii U is HD while Wii is SD so it's not just an upgrade I'm sorry. Games built from the ground up for the GameCube were superior graphically than PS2 games. Compare RE4 on GameCube and RE4 on PS2 and you'll see. Compare wrestling games on GameCube and the ones on PS2 and you'll see. F-Zero and Metroid weren't the only games that showed that GameCube was more powerful. Yes the EyeToy was a huge innovation of the PS2. Remember I never said that PS2 didn't innovate but it was less innovative than GameCube and PS2's innovations didn't make a huge impact. DVD was extremely popular yes which is why PS2 sold 150 million units but I'm talking about innovations that enhances BOTH your console and gaming experience. A DVD Player only enhances your console experience, it does nothing for games.

2. Even if you wanted to say that GameCube is just an upgrade to N64 you can't say that because it's not true. GameCube was different from the N64. I wasn't wrong about PS2 because it IS an upgrade to PS1 and I already explained why. GameCube's discs are innovating but it's not just because of the size of the discs, but because those discs reduced loading times. I never had problems with GameCube games having long loading times, never ever. PSP's UMD discs are innovating in the sense that PSP was the first handheld to use discs instead of cartridges. You never heard of the Gameboy Player for GameCube? Here's a link

GameCube is inferior to PS2? LOL no, absolutely not. GameCube didn't play music because it's a GAMING CONSOLE, it doesn't have to play music because music has nothing to do with video games. A Music Player in your console only improves your console experience, not gaming experience. PS2 is NOT the first console to be backwards compatible I'm sorry. The Atari 7800 is backwards compatible with Atari 2600 so no that's not PS2's innovation. I'm not downplaying PS2, I'm stating facts, look it up. GameCube IS more innovative dude, just take the time to compare the 2 like i did and you'll see.

I wouldn't say that Wii U is failing, that's not the correct word for Wii U's situation. I rather use the word struggling, Wii U is struggling. Gamers want games to buy the system, if they put their games on Wii U than it will sell. The reason why their games don't sell is because they give Wii U owners inferior ports. We will not buy inferior ports. Put cool games and people will buy them. Wii U is not expensive to develop for, Ubisoft said this themselves so they are supposed to be putting their games on Wii U. PS4 and Xbox One are very expensive to develop for and yet every 3rd party developer is making games for PS4 and Xbox One. Xbox One is expected to sell less than the Wii U and yet developers are making games for Xbox One. Just business you say? No I think it's something against Nintendo as well but they will never admit it.

I repeat, I'm not downplaying other consoles because Wii U is struggling. I'm just being honest with you and you don't seem to like my honesty. Sony consoles are cool, I owned a PS1, PS3 and PSP, I also owned Xbox 360 and they are not as great as people think they are. Call it an opinion if you want but there is always some truth in everything I say and if there isn't truth in it than I'm just lying but I'm not lying now and I have no reason to lie. I'm always comparing consoles because I don't want to have multiple consoles in 1 generation. I buy the console that is the best in my opinion. This current generation was an exception, I was forced to sell my PS3 because I was broke and then when things got better, I bought a 360 because it was cheaper. That's why I owned 2 consoles in the 7th gen. Wii was cool but I don't like motion control so I skipped the Wii.

I respect your opinion because you're smart and a true gamer but I disagree with your point on view and I explained why. I don't know everything about PS4 but I doubt that Sony can convince me to have 2 consoles this gen. If I buy a PS4 is to play a game that isn't even available for PC. Xbox One is very anti-consumer so I will NEVER buy an Xbox One, it's not worth my money at all.

I told you that i would keep this one short but I couldn't. Epic fail lol. I will write 2 more articles/blogs today or tomorrow and I will link them to you so you can give me your feedback if you want.



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz Okay so I'll actually make mines short and sweet. Well...shorter than yours. Now you say that the PS4 and XBO isn't as great as everyone thinks. Well you're right! They are not perfect consoles, and neither is the Wii U. I can name a plethora of things that can make all 3 better, but it's all about what they can do that's unique to their own brand. I know the Wii U is capable of more than the developers give it credit for. Trust me I know it can. However, I explained that it's the business side of things that keeps developers on edge about developing for the Wii U. It's true dude. EA just came out and said it. Hate them or not, they were at least honest about why they aren't doing much with the system. When we get around to the 3rd quarter this year, you'll see the boost in sales. Especially when the 1st party games like MK8 and Smash hit the scene. Til then, the public sees the Wii U on par with the current gen. Key word..."see"! Not that it is.

Now to the PS2. You said something about innovation between the 2 consoles and I named them. We're talking about the console as a whole, not just the gaming part. Innovation with the PS2 was there. It wasn't just an upgrade. Again, I can say the same thing about the Wii and Wii U. A gamepad doesn't change that. That's just one aspect of innovation...and maybe the only one. It just hit the HD scene where as the current gen did it years ago. Online is still a bit a shaky as the current already has an established online capability. Well enough about that already. I don't want it to seem as though I'm ragging on the Wii U. I love my Wii U. You should see me on the Sony forums when they are downplaying it. I turn into you. Passionate and knowledgeable about they system.(and it gets ugly on my end because Sony fanboys are just as bad as Microsoft's)

Now I stand corrected about the loading times. I turned on my GC and played Melee and Star Fox Adventures and the loading times were minimal compared to none. I'll take the loss on that. You were right. I know the GC was more powerful than the PS2. Also you are correct. In terms of power, PS2 was the weakest of the 3 and yet beat the living ish out of the other 2. The GC was a powerhouse of a console. I just don't think it was any more innovating at all compared to the PS2. Okay so I looked it up and the PS2 wasn't the first, but hot damn when was the last time you saw backwards compatibility? Right! PS2 brought it back. The GC couldn't do that. Yes I know it was cartridges to discs, but that isn't Sony's fault as they were already on disc before the PS2. EyeToy...again not that well received, but definitely innovation nonetheless. More than the GC. Wireless controllers are just about the only thing that was innovating about the GC. Let's not forget online. I have compared the 2 and it's evident to me the PS2 is dominate in innovation compared to the GC. The GC is a better built console, but didn't top Sony in innovation here dude. The Wii beat out everyone in innovation for current gen.

Did I say the Wii U was failing? Damn I did. Sorry that was the wrong term to use. Struggling is the best term as you put. Not to worry. The other 2 will struggle as well. The good games won't come out until 2014, so they will do no better than the Wii U did. I keep telling you that the reason why is business. It's nothing personal. I also believe that some developers don't know what to do with the game pad, so they just skip the Wii U altogether. Yes the PS4 and XBO may be expensive to develop for, but 8/10 the devs will make their money back and some. Depending on how good the game is. Since the Wii U isn't doing that well right now, they developers don't want to devote the time and effort to develop for a console that's struggling. They feel they wouldn't get their money's worth. If it is personal, then you will never hear that out of their mouths. It would look bad on them.

It's not that I don't like your honesty, I think it's a bit misguided in certain aspects. You can be as honest you as can. I can do nothing but respect that. I'll just have an opinion in difference when applicable.

I will admit that I've learned something here in this debate we had. I only do so with intelligent people who knows the the hell they are talking about. I never argue or debate with ignorant people. It wastes my time. You definitely hold your own and I respect that. Was that short enough? LOL



8thGenConsoles said:

@Rafie Your comment was shorter than mine yes I still don't agree with everything you said but that's ok. I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing my views on you. If you think PS2 was more innovative than fine, I disagree and I already explained why. I will soon give you the link to my new blog.



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz Well I still don't agree with your stance either, but as you said....we'll have to agree to disagree. I know how you feel about Nintendo and that's admirable. I hope Nintendo can rise from this slump that they are in soon. The 1st party titles are coming quickly, so the product will move in large quantities. Good debate man!

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