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[i have no friends] :(

Male, 20, Mexico

well, aparently im the only hipster/gamer/indie lover in my town since i have no friends, if you like the same stuff i do, you can consider yourself as my new gaming bud' :)

Sat 1st Jun 2013

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DanielWW commented on EA Has No Publicly Announced Wii U Games Plann...:

"so looking at how things unfold, that's where our focus is right now."
so they are waiting to see how well people recive the xbox one, if its good, theres no need for wii u, but if it isnt... we need games that sell....



DanielWW commented on Video: Check Out Donkey Kong at this Nintendo ...:

OMG my childhood with the song and the snes games, even the 64 i wanna cry, they should make another donkey king country but with the ol' king k rool and the not cartoony stuff that "returns" brought, i loved how real the counrty looked with its pixels! D: seriously wee need one of thoose on the wii u