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Fri 4th Jan 2013

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Prof3ssorMGW commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Sum...:

Sonic: Lost World seems pretty interesting. I'm not really anticipating Mario Kart U, but it's defenetly a game I plan on getting. 3D Mario has to be something unexpected for me or I definitely won't be getting that. Bayonetta seems cool though so I'll get that too.



Prof3ssorMGW commented on Nintendo Confirms Smash Bros., 3D Mario and Ma...:

Today's Direct plus this twitter announcenent made today a pretty good day. Super Smash Bros. will be the game I'm looking forward to the most. If anything I need a release date! Other than that pics/trailer/gameplay footage showing chars/stages/online etc. is what we will most likely get. MK8 should be cool too.



Prof3ssorMGW commented on Sakurai: Online Play Will Be Improved in Upcom...:

I like how "overly defensive tactics" was considered boring. It's not the fault of good players who expose the game for what it is, if the game favors playing defensively, that's what the good players will do. I also like how there was no mention of how boring taunt parties populated online matches whatsoever in there. This is just Sakurai babying a whiny casual player.

People want to have fun, but they also want to win. I'm not going to play in a way that limits me just so my opponent doesn't think I'm playing in a dull manner. It's also good to note that the people who complain about "overly defensive tactics" are usually the bad players who don't know how to use their character, don't know characters match-ups, what works & what doesn't etc.