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Been a gamer since 2002 (first console was an N64), and I tend to be one till the day I am no longer part of this Earth. Thank you Nintendo for showing me your awesome ways. -Kirby's Dance...sort of

Fri 5th Apr 2013

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EpicGamer commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

That pic of Mario giving peach a ring is making me think that there IS an adventure mode after all. Either that, or Sakurai has some REALLY good photo taking skills to make it look like Mario is giving peach the ring.



EpicGamer commented on Pokémon X & Y 3DS XL Systems Hit the West on ...:

I want this, I want this bad. The 3DS XL has recently peeked my interest (after seeing a life-size cardboard cutout of one, my mind was blown, because of how huge it was! I never thought the screens and the system its self was THAT big.)



EpicGamer commented on The Pokémon Company Teases "Special Announcem...:

It's probably going to be about that Wii U Pokemon game they teased.

Which, I think that game is either going to be a Pokemon fighting game (Like Smash Bros, Tekken etc.) Or a console RPG Pokemon game (like the handheld ones.)



EpicGamer commented on Review: Disney Infinity (Wii U):

1. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I heard with the multiplayer, you can play with someone from ANY console. It doesn't have to be with people that JUST have the Wii U version. But, once again, I'm not tottaly sure on this. Maybe just try and see for yourself. Like, if you have a friend or relative that has it on a different console from you, then you can try it with him/her.

2. First off, yes. In order to go to a specific play set. You NEED to put the play set piece on the base. But don't worry, the starter pack has a play set with Monster's University, The Incredible, and Pirates of The Caribbean all in one piece. And, yes, you must do this with the "figures" and "power discs" as well. But, in the toy box mode, it already has some items, enemies, and stuff. If you want like REALLY awesome riding animals/vehicals or weapons, you'll need to collect some power discs. Such as Mickey's car, Mulan's horse, "Khaan," and weapons like Stitch's blaster. But, power discs aren't required for the play sets (you can't use them in the play sets), just for the toy box mode if you want extra content.

3. The figures, play sets, and power discs don't exactly "lock" to your system. The only thing that happens is, once you put a figure on the base, their will be a message at the top of the screen that says "congratulations: you have taken ownership of this figure." Basically, all that really means is the gameis confirming that you own the piece. But, if you were to take the figure to your friends house, and put it on their base, I'm pretty sure it'd just repeat that message. So, the figure is NOT locked to your system. Now, with he power discs, I'm pretty sure you could do that. I don't see why not.



EpicGamer commented on Petition Started To Make Reggie A Playable Cha...:

I've read some of the other comments on this article. And I think it would be better if Reggie was an assist trophy, instead of a playable character. And also the other people that work at Nintendo can be assist trohpies too. Like Iwata, and Miyamoto. Well, maybe not. But it'd still be funny xD



EpicGamer commented on Petition Started To Make Reggie A Playable Cha...:

Lol, I'd so like to see this happen xD
But, the only problem is he would probably look strange and out of place. Trying to put a real life person into a game doesn't always work out. SO, what they should do is have Reggie's Mii as a playable character. Therefore, people that want Reggie can be happy, and people that want Mii's can be happy. Or, whatever Nintendo thinks is the best.

Edit: And yes, I signed it, why you ask? Because it'd be hilarious. Come on people, it's just a video game. The world isn't going to explode or anything. Look at the Wii fit trainer. When she was first revealed, people were upset and angry. But now, mostly everyone is okay with it. In fact, some people actually like that she was added. Of course, you could argue that the Wii fit trainer IS a video game character so it makes sense to add her, and you could say that Reggie doesn't make sense since he's a real life human being. But, remember this is Nintendo we're talking about. If Sakurai DID let Reggie be a playable character, Sakurai would decide the best way to present Reggie. Wither it be cell shaded, Mii, making him look real (there's a picture in this comment section that shows real life Reggie's in smash Bros.), 3D rendered (basically every character in Smash), or whatever Sakurai can think of.



EpicGamer commented on Just 3% of All Ubisoft's Sales Came From Wii U...:

Why can't everyone just forget about the incident with Rayman Legends? I mean, who cares if they delayed it? At least be grateful that they're even releasing it on the Wii U still. You people need to realize that Ubisoft kind of made a good decision. There weren't many Wii U sales at the time, and guess what? Game companies need to make some kind of profit with their games, even if it's just a penny.
Now, if they had kept Rayman Legend as a Wii U exclusive, then there'd probably be quite a few more Wii U sales than there is now. I'm not saying Rayman Legend would of made Wii U's just flying off the shelves, but there'd probably be more sales than there is now. Which, is one of the reasons why it was kind of a bad decision to go multiplat. BUT, like I said, game companies NEED money so they can work on more games. And for Ubisoft, Rayman Legend staying as a Wii U exclusive didn't promise them a profit.



EpicGamer commented on Video: Assassin's Creed IV Takes to the High S...:

@Emblem the Assassin's Creed series you're not just running around killing people for fun (though that's what the player usually likes to do.) In Assassin's Creed 3, when you take the roll as Connor (hopefully I spelled that right) all the people that you have to kill, are the "bad" people. They want to try to kill Washington, they want to try to take Conner's village, and they don't want freedom. Conner is fighting for FREEDOM in that game, mostly for his people. Also, you know that you can turn the blood off, right?

You seriously think the violence in Assassin's Creed 3 is like way too much? You need to get out more. The world we live in is more violent than these games.



EpicGamer commented on Aonuma Is Growing "Tired" Of The Zelda Formula...:

Uhhh no, I like playing as Link, thank you. I think you misinterpreted what he said.

When he said "not specifically with Link but with the ‘Zelda’ franchise". He meant that he doesn't want to really change anything with Link, he wants to try and change the Zelda FRANCHISE a little bit. You know, things he already said: "Not have to complete dungeons in a certain order", "Have it be an open-world, that gives you the feeling you get when playing Skyrim", and....(I don't know if Aonuma said this or someone else said it but) I believe Aonuma said that he's taking voice acting into consideration.



EpicGamer commented on Aonuma Is Growing "Tired" Of The Zelda Formula...:

Honestly, what I really think Nintendo needs to do is give Link more of a personality. I'm just so tired of him being an emotionless puppet (that's basically what he is.) And yes, I do know why he is silent and emotionless. It's so that the player feels like they're Link, so it feels like they're really playing the game. BUT, if you're going to do that, why make Link an official character? Why not make it like the Sims or animal crossing where you can costumize your character to look like you?
Now, with what I mean by more personality, Link wouldn't need to "talk" (persay.) I just want him to have more personality. I'm interested in what Link's personality would REALLY be like. The thing that comes to mind with me is that he's a really nice guy, that likes to helps people, but he would also be a baddonkey, and for some reason, I imagine him being sarcastic allot. Obviously, he would have to talk to be the sarcastic part, but (I know I'm probably going to make allot of people mad) I wouldn't mind if Link spoke, I think it'd be pretty cool. I have seen quite a few people that'd be PERFECT for the voice of Link...of course, depending on how old Link will be in this game, BUT I have seen someone that would be the perfect voice for adult Link. And I have seen someone who would be the perfect voice for young Link.



EpicGamer commented on Eiji Aonuma - The Wind Waker HD is a "Test Cas...:

It depends....what things are they "testing" for the new Wii U Zelda? I know there testing the whole "map and inventory on the gamepad screen" which is very nice, for once we'll be able to actual SEE the world without things cluttering the screen (even if the things on the screen were very minor and you could ignore them.) (And for the fact that they already tested this in that tech demo. I mean yeah, you couldn't control Link, only the lighting and camera, but the idea was still there. So it was kind of a no-brainer that they would ad that feature in an actual Zelda game.)

I was going to say gameplay, But I've never played Wind Waker before, so I would have to play it to know if that's a good thing or bad thing. Because I know that not every Zelda game is a masterpiece. I have....played one in particular that I didn't quit see "eye to eye" with.

The artstyle/graphics? Now that's what i'm worried about. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the artstyle and graphics for Wind Waker BUT for the actual true Zelda game for Wii U? I know that Aonuma said that it isn't going to be ultra-realistic or cartoony-realistic.....the only thing I can think of is a more realistic version of Skyward Sword, or a more colorful version of Twilight Princess.
Basically what Link looks like in Super smash bros. 4. He's not realistic or cartoony. Now if Link were to end up looking like that in the new Zelda game, then...I'd be happy, I'd really be jumping of the walls. :3



EpicGamer commented on New Smash Bros. to be "Something Right in Betw...:

What they should do is make characters with wings actually fly. Now, I know with characters like Meta Knight and Chairzard, there was a way to fly, but I always keep forgetting what to press to make them fly. That's why they should make characters with wings to be like Kirby. (I may be wrong about this but) I think with Kirby, you can press the jump button as much as you can and kirby won't drop to the ground. That's what they should do with other characters with wings.



EpicGamer commented on Fan Campaign Starts for Princess Zelda to be G...:

I don't think I'd want to play as Zelda through the whole game. Unless the story was appropriet enough. Personally I think that Nintendo should do either DLC, OR a little unlockable adventure after you
beat the game. The DLC is self explanitory. With the unlockable adventure, I'd want it to be something like the "seperate ways" campaign in Resident Evil 4. For people that aren't familiar with that, it's a little campaign you get after you beat the game. You take the roll as Ada (she's a side character in the game.) BUT what the difference is that, in the campaign, when you play through it, it shows and explains things that you possible didn't understand in the main game with Leon.
That's something they could do with Zelda. After you beat the game with Link, in the "extras" menu there'd be the campaign for Zelda (I think it would be called "Zelda's quest" or "the secret of Zelda".)



EpicGamer commented on Reggie Fils-Aime's Home In Animal Crossing: Ne...:

-.- You must of not understood what I meant. I said that if you have the train station gate open, the showcase gate, or whatever it's called will be blocked by a fence. (the showcase gate is in the plaza where all the shops are.)
If you have the TRAIN STATION GATE open, then close it right away.
Also, did you even unlock the showcase? There should be a brown and white dog in front of the SHOWCASE GATE. (Once again, you train gate must be closed in order to go to the showcase!)



EpicGamer commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:

I LOVED this game (well it was my first Zelda game anyway.) There was so many things I absolutely adored about this game, such as being able to turn into a wolf, wolves are one of my favorite animals (tigers being my absolute favorite) I found it really cool how Link's personality basically changes when he's a wolf. When he's a wolf, he gets more of a temper on him (aka. wanting to bite Midna, and growling at almost everything), while when he's a human he's usually calm, and doesn't get mad so easily. I also really enjoyed the boss fights, though some were a bit on the easy side, it was still great. Midna is my favorite character in this game...besides Link of course. I just love her personality, and how she's so sarcastic xD
(Warning! Spoiler alert!) When Ganondorf (at the end of the game) broke Midna's helmet, I got so mad that I wanted to punch my TV. I REALLY wanted to strangle him! }:^I
This game is just my favorite Zelda of all time! I did play Ocarina of time 3D and a little bit of skyward sword (terrible Zelda game, imo.) I kept hearing on how Ocarina of time is just the best Zelda game ever hands down, no questions aked. Buuut i'm afraid OOT isn't my favorite, it's fun, yeah, but no as good as Twilight princess
And Zelda in this game doesn't shove you off a fricken' cliff! -.-



EpicGamer commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Sum...:

I'm not saying I hate Disney Infinity because it's kiddie, i'm just saying that it looks exactly like Skylanders. I love Disney, I don't think there kiddie at all. The problem is the price of the characters. With Skylanders, each character is about $15.00, that is ALLOT for a little toy (and the reason why I only have 5 Skylander characters). And since these characters are going to be Disney themed, there probably going to be at least $20.00 (MAYBE $15.00 if were lucky enough)



EpicGamer commented on A Hat In Time Developer Claims Donkey Kong 64 ...:

Erm...Donkey Kong 64 isn't a continuation of Donkey Kong Country, there not even similar at all. The only thing that's the same is the reptiles and King K. Rool being the enemies, and being able to control Diddy Kong.
Donkey Kong 64 is a COMPLETLY different game. Just like how Super Mario Galaxy is different than New Super Mario Bros.



EpicGamer commented on Guys, This Is How You Make A Live-Action Zelda...:

It would be very interesting to see Nintendo make an actual movie of Zelda. Though it would have to be CGI, not live action. The problem with live action is you'll never find the perfect people that look like the characters from the game. The Resident Evil movies (the CGI ones, not live action) are pretty good, so why can't Zelda have a movie? Although, the problem that rises is Link. Since he doesn't talk, it'd be pretty hard to make a movie on Zelda. They'd either have to find a REALLY, and I mean REALLY good voice actor, or don't show Link too much...which would defeat the purpose of a Zelda movie. So here's my idea, they could just have Link talk ONLY when it's absolutely necessary. Like responding to someone with a short statement like "alright", "you can trust me" etc. Though, Link would primarily communicate with body language, like...if someones asks him where they can find this location, Link would point to the right direction, instead of saying something. That way, people wont be too mad.

Though I think they should just start out with an anime series, therefore they can't ruin the whole Zelda franchise. (They made that terrible 80's Zelda cartoon, but Zelda is still with us.)



EpicGamer commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

Why were people arguing about borrowing or buying used games is illegal? What the heck was wrong with "Yamagushi"? Did he seriously think that was illegal (or should be illegal)? That doesn't make any sense what-so-ever. With that kind of logic it's like saying "Oh this book was amazing, I really want my friend to read it, oh wait, I have to make her pay the full price of the book first." Didn't make any sense, right? Sooo why are books any different than games? Oh wait...books are not as important, whoops, silly me. Also with the economy that were in (if you live in America) we can't just go out and buy ever $60 dollar game. Why do you think people actually RENT games before they buy them? So does that mean Gamestop, Gamefly, those Redboxes are all doing something illegal? Well, better cancel my membership with Gamefly then (not really, you think I was serious? lol what?). Thank you so much Yamagushi for showing the world your stupidity, now please go share it somewhere else, thank you.



EpicGamer commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Sum...:

Why doesn't this article have Super Smash bros. U? Unless I've gone crazy, i'm pretty sure Nintendo confirmed that they'd reveal some information and that it'll be in playable form at E3 (All this article had to do was put a "TBA" next to the title).
But anyway, i'll probably get all of these game except for:
"Wonderful 101" (it just look chaotic, and it seems that all your doing is running around randomly looking for monsters. Unless it actually has a good storyline, but other than that, no.)
"Rayman Legends" (this has NOTHING to do with it going multiplat. I just don't like the series too much, I tried the "Origins" demo on the 3DS and didn't like it.)
"Disney Infinity" (it seems like Skylanders, but with Disney characters.)
I'm not sure about "Sonic Lost World" (I don't really like Sonic games all that much, BUT it does look a little interesting, I may try it and see what it's like.)

The games that i'm MOST excited for are: Pikmin 3, Watchdogs, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Assassins Creed IV, and the new 3D Mario game.



EpicGamer commented on Happy 15th Birthday, Banjo-Kazooie!:

Wait everyone! Don't think that Banjo and Kazooie's days are over! Remember the rumor that the ex-Rare employees are making a spiritual successor to Banjo and kazooie? Although, yeah it's not "technically" a banjo kazooie game buuut, it's close enough, right?



EpicGamer commented on Review: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Inf...:

For people that are skeptic about whither or not to get this's actually pretty good. I was like you people, I thought this game was going to be terrible. When I first saw the trailer and saw it was 3D not 2D I was like..."umm what? Why?!" But I decided to give it a shot's actually very good...I was surprised xD
If your a fan of the pokemon mystery dungeon games than you'll probably like this one, the only problems that I have with the game is the TON of dialog, and that you don't take a quiz anymore/choose your gender (though I always choose male anyway but still). Buuut those are not game breakers.
(And just to answer someones question) I chose pikachu as the hero and Axew as the partner.