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Thu 30th May 2013

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Conkers64 commented on Nintendo Download: 6th March (North America):

3ds eshop is honestly the worst. Is it really asking that much to put some snes titles or gba titles on the system? There's really no reason some interesting content hasn't made it's way there lately. I'd willingly buy things like Minish Cap, Super Mario World, Metroid (any GBA or SNES version), or how about either systems' Mario Kart?



Conkers64 commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

I'll go a step further, who wouldn't want a vinyl press of some of their orchestral performances--like the cd that came with Skyward Sword. I would buy a gold zelda cd in a heartbeat or a clear red Mario one for that matter, too.



Conkers64 commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

I've said it before, but there is no logical reason not to sell NES & SNES games on iOS and Android markets. The games are already being black marketed, so why not give the profits to Nintendo? Any profit made from the sales would find new and innovative content (consoles) from Nintendo. If you are concerned about touch control precision being an issue (as I am), then make the games auxiliary controller compatable. Finally, look around public spaces; what portable are most kids using? It's often an old iPhone or a tablet. If you want to rebuild the base, why not expose these potential users to the classics? It's a complete win-win.



Conkers64 commented on Feature: Great Nintendo 64 Multiplayer Games Y...:

Not to be too obvious (see my avatar), but seriously have you played Conkers multiplayer mode? My friends and I used to play it for hours back in the day. Now, my sister and I almost quarterly bust out the N64 just to play capture the flag ("colors"). Great times!



Conkers64 commented on Nintendo 2DS is Actually Made With Just One Sc...:

Am I the only one who finds it fascinating that it only has one true screen? It could be Nintendo trending toward creating a dedicated tablet. This could be their bridge device-- heck, remove the plastic center barrier and it is already. And as for who this targets, the answer is small children, and adults who play at home--but hate the 3d tech (I have several friends who literally hate it).



Conkers64 commented on Iwata: No Chance Of Nintendo's "Precious Resou...:

@DePapier why? I get that new nintendo games are enhanced by nintendo consoles, but what does a nintendo console do for an old 2D game that a phone can't? If they sold them for 4.99 each on iTunes, you better believe people would buy them, and it would ensure a cash stream for future new nintendo consoles-- really a win-win.



Conkers64 commented on Wii U Hardware Still Being Sold At A Loss:

I'm unfortunately one of the "fence sitters," but historically I wait a year after a console is released to consider buying it. Since the price cut is unlikely, I will consider buying one this Holliday season if: new color or great bundle (new mario or zelda). I really do want one, I'm just not "there" yet.



Conkers64 commented on Iwata: No Chance Of Nintendo's "Precious Resou...:

He is right, and very wrong. He is right to continue development of new games and IPs on Nintendo exclusive consoles. He is wrong to not consider selling NES and SNES, and GameBoy games in the Apple and Android stores. They are already pirated (I don't, but I know people do), so why not make profit off them? Those games would easily port--Apple would love to help, I'm sure. It would act as a new revenue stream, which would easily crush the amount of funds that VC brings in. That said, I understand that he wants VC to be a selling feature, but why not us older games on mobile devices to remind people of the glories that the company has (and still can) produce — heck might even get new people interested in new nintendo consoles.



Conkers64 commented on Report Suggests You'll Soon Be Able To Purchas...:

@Ackshiel I completely agree. It's kind of absurd with the technical specs of the 3DS to think that it can't handle any of the vintage software (that includes GC and N64). I would buy a 3DS for that reason alone (that's not to mention it's already fantastic library. As for the remote download, sign me up. I agree too with the author about backups living on the cloud, that's industry standard--the current Nintendo system is simply bad.



Conkers64 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Planning a Wind Waker HD Hard...:

Am I the only one who believes that this would be a direct move from the 3DS playbook? Think about the parallels: a Limited Edition Zelda 3DS was bundled with an upgraded classic Zelda game. Sound more familiar? I don't believe it'd be a high seller, that would be a Mario 3D World bundle, but it is something Nintendo has proven they will do.



Conkers64 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Sum...:

I'm still holding out on buying a WiiU, but a WiiU bundled with a new Mario 3D would certainly get me to join — Pikmin 3 looks outstanding too. Until then, I'll be playing Mario Sunshine (I skipped Cube in favor of PS2, and now am revisiting the hits!).



Conkers64 commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

I've had mine since 1995, and it's the only Nintendo console I never really wanted to collect games for--only had tennis. An odd visual experience is an understatement, but it's unforgettable. Not to contradict the article, but mine has always had an AC connection--never once powered by battery (it could). And as for the complaints .. never hurt my head, really gives a beating to your neck! I could never find a way to play comfortably.



Conkers64 commented on Luigi 3DS XL Model Dated and Priced for Japan:

I like it more than the batch we have in NA, but still feel Nintendo is gipping us of quality colors. Who wouldn't buy a true NES, SNES, or N64 themed XL? What about that neon pink one (it's not XL) that Japan has --it's a manly pink? So would I buy it, sure ... but I dream of more.