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Mon 14th Jan 2013

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IPete2 commented on Video: PolyKid’s Wii U Adventure Platformer ...:

Well I pledged too, the game looks like it has had a lot of attention to detail, the control system looks really sharp - I'd love to see these guys succeed - but maybe there's another funding platform they could move to if KS doesn't work for them? I've posted on my social networks but I don't have many people following me but every little helps.

Good luck guys - all the best!



IPete2 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Sum...:

For me:

A new Super Mario 3D

The re-make of Zelda Wind Waker (HD)

Mario Karts - I can't wait to see how good this looks in HD as it was great even on Wii.

Watch Dogs

Pikmin 3 is surprising for me, I wasn't interested in this game until the last Nintendo Direct, when it got very interesting watching the beauty of this game come to life.

I would LOVE TO SEE - WaveRace and PilotWings come to WiiU - any body listening? Hello?



IPete2 commented on Need For Speed Rivals Not Screeching Onto Wii U:

This is very disappointing, Need For Speed Wii U is a really great looking and playing game. It took me two weeks to decide to purchase it - and as a download, and I can't believe I didn't trust my gut feeling about it. In the videos it looked too good, and people do tend to wax lyrical about stuff, but this was a case of an excellent version of a really good game.

I hope there are other racing games coming to WiiU, and taking the gauntlet of NFS WiiU.



IPete2 commented on Developer Interview: Ubisoft on the Expanding ...:

Ubi Soft supporting the Wii U in a great way here, with the free e-shop version coming soon I can't wait, THANK YOU for finding a way to give something to Wii U owners, who are suffering such a drought on games still.

This sounds like a fab game and FREE, woot!



IPete2 commented on Wii U Software Sales Are "Struggling":

If you can get pre owned, do it.£50 plus is outrageous for any game, oh reminds me of the old SNES Cartridge days... Weren't discs supposed to be cheaper?

Yes in current economy, buying full priced games is too expensive, the world is changing though. Digital downloads will become the norm. Not yet, but soon.

In the meantime...
Pre owned ZombieU £25. Boom! And a much better game than press reviews I have seen. Played for a few hours now. Wii motes control no good on multiplayer, other than that, an excellent purchase.

Love Nintendoland and NSMB Wii U too. Disc bought with console.

Trine also beautiful! Digi download. Mix it up but Ninty needs to feed us if they want WiiU to succeed.