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Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wii Channels

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Pour one out for News cat this summer

Better get those last rounds in with the Wii's Channels before Nintendo starts flickering the lights at closing time, as the company has announced that a chunk of the console's quirky online features are shuttering on 28th June.

This will effect the Forecast, News, Everybody Votes, Check Mii Out and Nintendo channels — the icons won't disappear from the menu, but booting them up won't get you anywhere. Data exchange between friends over WiiConnect24 is also on the chopping block, so say goodbye to the Wii Message Board, sending Miis via the Mii Channel and other data exchanges in "some game titles." This puts the fate of the Mario Kart and Wii Fit channels in question; we've reached out to Nintendo to clarify what exactly this entails and will update once we hear more.

According to Nintendo, the Shop and Internet channels will go unaffected and the automatic receipt of “Today’s Accomplishments” on the Wii Message Board will continue. Online gaming and video services like Netflix or Amazon Prime will still function as well.

The Wii launched with the Forecast and News channels as part of a strategy to work the console into your daily life, but then smartphones blew up and rendered them fairly obsolete. Later channels sought to provide light entertainment and yielded many a crude-faced Mii. Tellingly, none of these shuttered channels have a successor on Wii U.

In early 2012 Nintendo of Japan dropped the Wii no Ma channel, an application that brought targeted advertisements to users as well as "Home Theatre" and shopping options. It never made it outside of Japan, though.

Frankly, we're surprised this hasn't happened sooner. How much use did you get out of these? Sound off!

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Squashie said:

It's a good while since I've used any of those channels, so it doesn't make much difference to me!



Collision_Cat said:

The Check Mii Out channel will be missed, it's a great way to find lots of amusing Miis to download! I hope the Wii U gets something like it.
Also I will raise a glass to poor News cat...



PinkSpider said:

Same here most of the channels were pretty rubbish and kind of pointless. The everybody vote channel was easily one of the worst.



Chunky_Droid said:

You would hope game-specific channels keep going, such as the Mario Kart Channel, as they can still be played on the Wii U.



MagicEmperor said:

June 28? That's two days after my psychiatrist will close his office, and I'll have to find a new one. I'm seeing a pattern here... D:

I have some cute memories with these, but I haven't touched them in about a year, so it was only a matter of time. Goodbye, Check Mii Out and your anatomy-based Mii faces.



goldbricks23 said:

I liked using the Nintendo channel to see how long I had spent playing a game. I'll be disappointed that I can't continue this with my Wii games. Other than that no big loss. Hopefully this will free up server power for Wii U/ 3DS services!



AyeHaley said:

No more sending messages from within Animal Crossing sadly! Oh well only 2 more months to go till we get New Leaf. (Finally!)



GazPlant said:

The Mii Channel really should come over to Wii U, it was a nice feature to bolster your Mii roster



Omega said:

The most important channel for me is the Wii Shopping channel. As long as this is supported I'll be happy.



XCWarrior said:

I used Everybody votes and Check Mii Out Channel a lot back in the day. Not so much anymore. The only one I would keep online is the Nintendo channel out of the ones set for death.

But at least the Wii Shop will still work, that's the big one. And online gaming of course.



TreesenHauser said:

When I got the Wii U, I sold my original Wii to my cousin and he found most of them useless. However, he always likes being able to see headlines instantly pop up through the News Channel icon. He probably won't miss it though, having the whole internet and all.



RaymanFan2 said:

That comment about WiiConnect24 indicates that Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy's friend credit system will no longer function, so I'm glad I got my bobblehead and Screenshot tool last month!



EarthboundBenjy said:

...If it really will make Metroid Prime 3's friend credit thing stop working, then that just makes me think even worse about that game's inclusion of such a pointless unlockable system. I already thought it was a stupid idea to begin with, but never really considered that it would be able to be made impossible just by time flowing forward.

I wonder if it's possible for Wii hobbyists to simulate a friend credit transmission for that game, even with Wiiconnect24 dead.

...This makes me wonder about the future fate of things like Xbox Live. You can't support online things forever, yet still people will want to play old games for the foreseeable future.



Mk_II said:

i really liked the Weather Forecast channel but all things must pass



Sun said:

I do not agree with you Jon, I used the channels quite much and there was no reason to shut them down before the Wii U. So it makes sense to shut them down now but not much earlier as you suggested.

I am going to miss Mario Kart Wii channel if it is shut down because it was much more better than the Mario Kart 7 challenges of running against ghosts all the time. They did something great with Mario Kart Wii channel even being the core game not as good as previous games on the series. If only they had not rushed Mario Kart 7 that much...



ejamer said:

I still use the News channel quite often, and will certainly miss it if NoA pulls the plug. Still wishing that 3DS would get something similar that updates via SpotPass - it would be like having an always current newpaper in my pocket.



MKCustodial said:

I usually pull up the Weather Channel every time I turn on my Wii, and I'll update the News Channel just to have the headlines scrolling there.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I have a question about something I don't really know anything about, but may be helpful in predicting the future for this kind of thing: How are old online things handled for Dreamcast games?
I know that some games like Phantasy Star Online are somehow still being played, but I also know that there are some games like Skies of Arcadia and Sonic Adventure 2 that had DLC... is it currently impossible to download DLC to a Dreamcast game in any way?

...If so, then I can see a problem for the future of this era's games.



Sun said:

@EarthboundBenjy As far as I know all that stuff is being held on fans's unofficial servers. What I do not know is how an original game can connect to unofficial servers.



Pokefanmum82 said:

as long as the wii shop and netflix still work, i don't care about the rest of the channels. i don't have the money for a wii U right now so the Wii is all I got



RevolverLink said:

I can't remember the last time I used the Check Mii Out, Everybody Votes, Forecast or News channels. They were kinda neat for a while, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly.



Chrono_Cross said:

It's disappointing none of them have successors on Wii U. It's by no means a deal breaker, but having some sort of option would be nice.



rjejr said:

Well the good news is I get to comment on something without mentioning the lack of a Pikmin 3 release date... oh wait.

The bad news is - everything else.

I'll admit I haven't used News, (I didn't even know it had a cat), or Weather in a very very very long time, and I thought Check Out Mii Vote was already dead.

BUT - I use the Nintendo Channel all the time. It's how I watch all the Nintendo Directs and videos for upcoming games. Almost everything I've seen for WiiU has been on there. It's almost the totality of WiiU advertising I have seen. And stopping that is a good idea? Does Nintendo think they can bully their customers to upgrading to a WiiU? "Hey soccer moms and grandparents, buy a WiiU 'casue now you're screwed." They haven't had nearly enough WiiU adoption to drop stuff yet. It's just going to aggravate their current install base and make them NOT want to upgrade to a WiiU. (Didn't anonymous attack Sony for dropping "Other OS". Not that this is at that level but people always get annoyed when companies drop stuff. Even stuff they don't use.)

We also use WiiSpeak Channel all the time, and though it wasn't mentioned, I'm guessing that's dropped too. [Can somebody at NL please check on that, I'm serious I have family all over the US and we use it all the time.]

So yeah, nobody here uses News or whatever, but what about stuff people do use? Now is not the time for Nintedno to be pulling the rug out from their customers as they try to get them to upgrade to a WiiU. Next summer after the holidays and everybody has made the move to WiiU (or PS4 or KinectBox), but not now.



A1234 said:

News channel will be missed. I look at that daily. why are they removing these features when you can use them on Wii U? I wonder if the ability to gift will go away?



Nintenjoe64 said:

The Wii was ahead of the competition in so many ways and only gets credit for Wii Sports and shovelware.

They need to integrate some of that stuff into Miiverse!



ueI said:

I deleted the Nintendo Channel immediately after I downloaded it.



rjejr said:

@goldbricks23 - I'm guessing the internal record-keeping for Nintendo Channel - which is handled so much better on 3DS w/ Logs - will still work, just no more videos or Recommendations, anything that is online based.

At least that's what I guess. We check records all the time - SSBB 325 hours, Sluggers 125 hrs, NINTENDO CHANNEL 101 HOURS. My kids really liked Dark Gary and the pair of video gaming guys. We still say "camel sofa!?!?" around my house all the time.



Matty2310 said:

Poor Kitty...
It'll suck not having the Nintendo Channel anymore, but at least the shop's safe.



Peach64 said:

Amazing how so many users of this site claim EA are awful for turning off multiplayer servers for sports games after 5 sequels have come out, but when Nintendo turn off something with no replacement it's 'that's cool, I hardly ever use it'.

I check the Nintendo channel a lot to see how much I've played each game so find this really disappointing.



Firejonie said:

I didn't use any of these channels, besides the Everybody Votes, which I'll miss.



NintyMan said:

I used to go to Check Mii Out, News, and Everybody Votes channels, although I lost interest in the last one because of silly questions and ignorant voters. It would've been better if it had asked Nintendo-related questions such as "Who is the better brother? Mario or Luigi?"

The News Channel had some news I wouldn't have seen on TV. The little black cat was a cute mascot for the Wii online services, but at least its sibling will still be in the Photo Channel.

The Check Mii Out channel had a major impact on my Wii and games that used Miis because of the many cool Miis I downloaded. Some of the results in the contests were unfair, but it was still neat and I wish the Wii U had a similar channel.



blackknight77 said:

I liked the everybody votes channel and My Aquarium was also paired with the weather channel updates so I guess it will lose that feature as well. It won't be long before the wii shop and Dsi shop are a thing of the past.



Jazzem said:

What a shame...I actually used some of these quite a bit way back when; everybody votes was a guilty pleasure of sorts, ha.

I can't imagine many were using them these days, but it's still a worrying precedent of online, doesn't that mean there will be inaccessible content in Metroid Prime 3 now?



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm glad to hear the Wii shop lives on but how am I going to see how many hours I've played Wii games for now? I mean the ones which don't have an in game playtime counter. Do I have to go through all the "Today's Achievements" notes & add them all up?

@Jazzem woah you're right! I'm lucky I already swapped the 12 friend tokens or whatever they were but I feel sorry for those who haven't. Being unable to unlock extras in Metroid Prime Trilogy or Metroid Prime 3 would be really lame.



Whopper744 said:


...ok I'm kidding.
Anyway, glad to see it made it as far as it did. I have to say it's sad to see some of them go. Used them for several years and have a few memories of things like the vote channel with me and my sister. That's one thing I don't like about how the generation of games is going....see, with systems like, the 64, you can still play it in all it's glory, and everything that was there back in the day, is still there. Same with SNES and so on. This is one reason I really don't like the idea of "Always Online" or nothing at all.



Froggievilleus said:

I just hooked my Wii up last night for the first time in over a year and wondered if those channels even still worked.



dustin_g said:

wow, my dad still uses forecast channel daily, he is going to be bummed out!!! how hard is it to keep it running???



sonicfan1373 said:

The channels were fun but I feel if you really want to check the news or weather on your TV you can do it through the console's web browser. As for the Wii Message Board services (which I found was very convoluted) and the various fun Mii Channel, I think they have been succeeded by Miiverse (which not only combines the services but also makes them easier and more logical to use).



fortius54 said:

On the surface, this doesn't seem like to big of deal. I'd like to say before this post that I am a huge Nintendo fan. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt most of the time, but this is typical of them and the place they have been for the better part of two years.

No one Andi mean no one abandons a system faster than Nintendo. For the most pas once the Wii U was announced they have done nothing to support the system. This is just them saying. It's over.



MegaAdam said:

That's sad, especially how it effects features in games that integrated the functionality. The WiiConnect24 and Nintendo Channel especially will be disappointing to see gone. Also, it's surprising they're abandoning such a large install base who hasn't upgraded yet.



Tasuki said:

I can't remember the last time I used those channels if I even did use them.



Ren said:

that's really weird and pathetic. Why has Nintendo gone to such horrible decisions like this? Sure nobody used them much, but their install base is so huge that theres no reason to cut off services like this (that were poorly managed anyway, but not totally useless).
I remember being so mad because the check Mii out channel was a great idea but you can't put more than initials for a public Mii so if you ever make a Mii that looks like anyone but Darth Vader or Mr. T you can't write the name so people can look; killed the whole experience of looking at the less fantastical ones. I still message with little nieces and nephews on there. A year ago they should have redesigned this stuff to clean it up, push the WiiU hard and integrate with it in some way. Instead they've been acting like a company going out of business; its just sad. I prefer my Wii still and I'm not getting a WiiU til at least next holiday if they can get with the program. I'm a big fan who's trying to keep faith a little longer but moves like this tell me I shouldn't bother.



Ren said:

I did use Netflix all the time until I got an Xbox which can do that in HD and actually play movie discs with it's drive. I guess I could use a WiiU for.... oh it can't play DVD's either or store any large files onboard, that's convenient.



SLiM said:

R.I.P. Nintendo Channel. I entertained my toddler for many years with your videos.



HawkeyeWii said:

Nintendo Channel will be what I miss most. Hopefully they start something like that again!



Dpullam said:

I actually quite liked some of the apps mentioned above but I can understand why they chose to shut them down. Oh well.



FluttershyGuy said:

I can live without the rest, but not news kitteh! For a while, I did use news & forecast channel, first thing, every day



Dpishere said:

I hope I can still access the gameplay time counter in the Nintendo Channel. Most likely you can, though there will just not be any videos or ds demos to download.



catsrnice said:

Nintendo Channel was one of my favorite channels on tv. Literally (I only get a few stations though)
But it pretty much died soon after Nintendo Week did so whatever,



CrazyOtto said:

With this and the shut down and Flipnote Hatena being shifted to the 3DS, I guess the Wii and DSi will be discontinued completely around December 31st 2013. I just hope they keep Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit Channels running longer since those are installable on the Wii U.



LeonChamp said:

I'm happy as long as they keep BBC IPLAYER on there!!! If they took that off I'd be F*****g fuming as I use it all the time!!!



edcomics said:

Considering you can't view game videos and trailers in the Wii Shop channel, I would really hate to see the Nintendo Channel disappear. I've held on to my Wii console even after buying a WiiU. I have it hooked up in a different room. With some of my Club Nintendo coins expiring soon, I plan to use them on a game purchase for the Wii. The point is that I, and likely many others, still use the Wii quite a bit... and while I don't mind seeing the News and Forecast Channels bite the dust, I think abandoning the Nintendo Channel is a huge insult, especially considering Wii systems are still being sold at retail. Nintendo could maintain support until the launch of the NEXT home console with little effort. After all, they put little effort into it in the first place, right?



paburrows said:

I gave up on the Wii Channel when they killed the Alison and Gary and Evil Gary show, (I miss that show!). And most of the other things I never used. I'm just glad that we still keep the Wii Shop and hopefully the Mii Maker.



GiftedGimp said:

Nintendo will no doubt reduce services to Wii over the Next year or two.
Channels maintained by 3rd partys may stay active, Netfilx/BBCi etc, but with exception of the Wii Shop (as its part of WiiU's Wii mode) all other Nintendo ran Channels will be gradually discontinued leaving game related channels i.e Mario Kart untill last.

Am suprised about Nintendo Channel though, Surley that could of been used to encourage Wii Owners to move to WiiU as the different Wii channels/services get scaled back.



taffy said:

I used the news channel every now and then. Found it handy to use the wiimote to move the globe and select news from certain countries like how unpopular Gillard is down under



123akis said:

i liked the nintendo channel, to check out the latest videos.. yes we can view videos on the eshop but nintendo channel is nicer for videos



sketchturner said:

I obsessively use the Nintendo channel, mostly to check how much time I have spent playing each of my games. Also, I am worried that the removal of WiiConnect24 means I won't be able to gift games to and from friends.



k8sMum said:

i have used the news and weather channels quite a bit; i'm a news junky. it was decent enough.

as @fortius54 says: nobody abandons systems faster (or more completely) than nintendo.



opeter said:

I use(d) mostly the Weather Channel and the News Channel.

Barely touched the Nintedo Channel. I did not even know, that It existed until I read it here on this website two years ago ...



CoffeeWithGames said:

I use the Nintendo Channel weekly for data reports. While the removal of the Channel will prevent new games like Pandora's Tower from having data reflected in the U.S. (as of now I don't think it's even programmed to reflect it), I hope they will just update it for the Wii U.

Hopefully something like that will happen, but I don't think Nintendo liked some of the data being shown on the WiiWare titles.



TrueWiiMaster said:

That's too bad. I guess it had to happen at some point, but I actually enjoyed the Voting channel and the Check Mii Out Channel. I never really used the News or Forecast channels for fear of WiiConnect24 overheating my Wii, but they were pretty nice too. The Nintendo Channel, though, was my favorite. I've spent quite a few hours on there, watching trailers and Nintendo Week, recommending games, and standing in awe of how long I ended up playing Animal Crossing. I'll miss them all. I wish Nintendo would make new versions for the Wii U, but maybe that's asking too much? Maybe they can just make something like the Nintendo Channel then? I love the new eshop, but I still want a channel where I can go just to watch videos, especially if they made another show like Nintendo Week. And maybe the return of Dark Gary.




@Ren Perhaps discontinuing these services will free up more staff and money to work on Wii U projects. And judging by this decision, it's possible that the services weren't used that often anymore. If that is the case, it would be a waste of money and man hours to continue maintaining them.



IsawYoshi said:

I really liked the Mii contest channel, I used it a lot before, and I actually had (at a point) the forth most popular mii in the world!



chiefeagle02 said:

I don't think the shutdown would affect the Wii Fit Channel as it's not dependent on an internet connection to function, unlike the other channels mentioned.



Setrodox said:

I agree that the Nintendo Channel should not go. There's a lot of great stuff there, most especially the game-play data! I'd like to delete the other channels, but as far as I can remember, they can't be deleted. That's kind of annoying to be stuck with some obsolete channels.



LavaTwilight said:

The only one I'd keep using would be online Mario Kart. I really hope they keep that one going because a fair few still use it. Some of the others (SSBB for example) wouldn't be missed by many but Mario Kart would be! So can someone clarify, the 'Check Mii Out' is that the same as the 'Mii Contest Channel' in the UK?



JusticeColde said:

My gamps loves using the News Channel, it was very good to use when the local news was stuck on one story for the whole day.



OptometristLime said:

So... Nintendo's overall strategy is revealed: a retreat from the home console market! xD

I guess they've forgotten where their install base is, the Nintendo Channel is quite an important tool in publishing the 'good word' of Nintendo. And of course many have noted the slashing of Nintendo Week's archives as an unfortunate sideeffect. This is a sign of the times (and a low blow to loyal customers) when features of intrinsic value to the console can be dissolved. Why not just brick all the old consoles? I'm sure we would all adopt Wii U then... :F



FriedSquid said:

I've been wondering when they were going to shut down the Nintendo Channel. I think the last thing they featured was trailers for Kid Icarus Uprising.



cyberman67 said:

I will miss the cat on the news channel. Luckily the one in the photo channel stays. They even have names! See I think we should force Nintendo to give them both they're rightful place on the Wii U, after serving us so many years without complaining. Maybe Mr. Myamoto will come up with an idea for a game with them both? 😉

And now for something completely different: I hope - are you listening, Nintendo? - that there will be a replacement for the nintendo channel. Not only a youtube channel, no no no. It must be more Nintendo, more news, more direct, more fun to watch. Maybe something from fans and customers to the fans and costumers.
Think about it - i guess there are many good websites and fans who would help you immediately.



Balaclavab said:

Most of the channels are useless, but not the Nintendo Channel!
I always liked that there was a way to check my total play time for games, and I reckon I will still be playing the Wii for at least another year or so



HouseofBees said:

Also quite surprised it hasn't happened earlier.

Even so, I thought the forecast, everybody votes and news channels were excellent little ideas - I wasted a lot of time on those. Nintendo Channel was great, too.

The Wii U really needs an equivalent, and most of all, to get the TV channel working if we're not going to get another iplayer channel in the UK!



SMW said:

All Dreamcast DLC was/is downloaded through the web browser, which still works. Because of this openness, you can still find all DLC content on fan sites. Same with game saves.

As for online gaming, each game was handled differently. Some servers were from SEGA while others were hosted by individual developers, and others were hosted by GameSpy Tech. A few GameSpy-hosted games are still up like 4x4 Evo. Quake 3 on the other hand, is still online due to it being (mostly) compatible with PC servers. Finally, a small amount of games are online due to unofficial servers.

Now back to the article! Check Mii Out will be missed by me, but perhaps a website could serve just as well. I assume there are Mii-sharing sites which use QR codes? Also the Mario Kart channel refuses to let you do tourneys without WiiConnect24, so its become useless to me now on Wii U.



Tony_342 said:

The last time I used the Weather Channel or the News Channel was when I was in college. That was...more than 5 years ago. But I found myself, just the other day, wishing the Wii U had a Photo Channel. I actually got quite a bit of use out of that one.



Number_6 said:

Not happy. The Wii U has been out in the US now for less than 6 months. I actually use the News Channel slideshow every morning while getting ready for work. My daughter just had a question that she submitted used on the Everybody Votes Channel (the one about travelling/staying home during vacation). I understand that nothing last forever, but to shut it down mere months after the new system is released AND while the Wii is still being sold rubs me the wrong way.



NoirUsernameHere said:

I'll miss the News Cat.
I'll also miss the Check Mii Out Channel,The rest you could make them explode into flames for all I care.



Jukilum said:

@Ren Of course on the Xbox you have to pay over $100 a year for Xbox Live Gold to use Netflix.



TheKingOfTown said:

I'll miss all of them tbh. For a while I used the Forecast Channel first thing in the morning before going to school. I also really enjoyed Nintendo Week back in the day. Not to mention voting was always fun. R.I.P. Wii channels



iphys said:

I won't miss the Weather, News, or Everybody Votes channels. I feel like Nintendo should have supported WiiConnect24 at the very least for a year beyond the Wii U being introduced though. I'm going to be sad that I can't view my gameplay hours in the Nintendo Channel anymore. I wish there were a successor to the Check Mii Out channel, because it was pretty good for finding cool miis to have around to show up in your games.



RaymanFan2 said:

Yeah, NintyLife, would you add to that 'reaching out for clarification' and ask if that includes Metroid Prime 3? Because if it does that really sucks for anyone entering the Metroid fanbase late.



Neram said:

Wii Channels were one of the most missed areas of potential in that little system. It's too bad Nintendo didn't actively update them, or add any more.



Emaan said:

Aww this is kind of sad for me. Not that I still used them, but the Check Mii Out Channel and Everybody Votes Channel garnered some nice memories for me with the Wii. It's all pretty surreal. It's the end of an era..



McGruber said:

These apps weren't that special, but this just reminds me of how sorely lacking both WiiU and 3DS are in terms of functionality. I'm not surprised though since there's not much in the way of games either... can I at least get Youtube on 3DS Nintendo? At least?!



Senate_Guard said:

The only channel I frequently used was Nintendo Channel. I'm one of those people who looked forward to new Nintendo Week episodes. I enjoyed seeing Gary, Allison, and Dark Gary talk about upcoming games with funny skits, interviews with developers, and even a few good tips for newer games. Sometimes those Ultimate Wii Challenge videos were entertaining too, kinda like LPs with family-friendly trash talk. I was heartbroken when they stopped doing NW.



Chariblaze said:

Noooo Nintendo Channel. ;-;

Yeah, I wasn't the biggest user of all its stuff, but there's a lot of exclusive content there, aside from Nintendo Week (which NintenDaan has thankfully put on YouTube! ). Yeah, Ultimate Wii Challenge as Austroid said, some kinda Excitebots challenge where some people are in a casino or something, a 7 or so minute piece on Retro when Prime Trilogy was coming out... Looks like I'm buying a capture card to back up this stuff. That is, if NintenDaan didn't already back that stuff up. He was good about that.



Wheels2050 said:

Aargh, I'll be disappointed to lose online functionality in my games (e.g. Metroid Prime Trilogy) as I haven't had much time over the last couple of years to really play those games.



FyreeTSG said:

NOT overwhelmingly sad---I did like spinning the globe around, and the cat...but WHO still uses these, and apparently DOESN'T have Satellite/Cable, Internet, Twitter, FB, and other media outputs??

I wish we would've seen a few more USEFUL channels---but this is the logical decision, saying the Wii Menu on Wii U has NO WiiConnect--and even the Wii Speak channel is null and void. SPEAKING OF WII SPEAK--the peripheral with about as much game support as the Virtual Boy--it was too bad it never really got a whole lot of usage



tripunktoj said:

I am really going to miss all of them, sure I used them much more time back when they were launched, but I still check them 2 or 3 times a week each. We get news and forecast in many other ways, but Ill miss their style (the cat mostly). Dark Gary and Alison will live forever in my Wii memories (I cried during last episode). Check Mii Out left a legacy of Miis which wouldn't otherwise come to exist (including my 200+ Miis, yes I made a Mii for every contest... and only placed 1st on one). I wonder if my perfect attendance record of Everybody Votes polls will remain or be viewable.



AtomicToaster said:

Wow scary! I've thought about buying a ps3 slim for last of us, but if its lights on a lot of stuff a few months in to Ps4 maybe I'll wait! This is an awkward time! You don't want to buy the old because they may stop supporting it in just a year but you don't want to buy the new yet because there won't be any games and no back compatibility. Its a good thing games are long because it sure is a waiting game!



ecco6t9 said:

Rassie and Runda, need to live on either with the Wii U or 3DS. Or maybe a Wario Ware game.

I am having all sorts of ideas....



timp29 said:

Wii channel is a joke anyway. Wii games should launch in the WiiU much the same way Gamecube titles worked.



Gameday said:

This is truly sad ! i use to send messages all day on there , and why take off the news ? I thought it was weird when i didnt see the message board on the wii u's wii... lame.

Fun times on the check me out & everyone votes i love that kinda stuff. So yea a sad day maybe they will make something new heres hoping for the future !

What about the wii speak channel ? lol i still use that for Uno Wiiware and such...



LittleIrves said:

Agreed that these were neat ideas that, honestly, haven't been used in this house for some time. But Everybody Votes was super-cute.... I loved how the percentages would be tallied by a bunch of color-coded Miis running around. Hope the dropping of the Wii services allows some extra bandwith for similar programs starting up on Wii U. Seems they'd make even more sense on Wii U since the uptake on connecting system to internet is way higher than it ever was on Wii.



Urbanhispanic said:

Wow, that sucks. I have used the Forecast, News and Internet channels on and off since I bought my Wii back in 2006. But I really used the Nintendo, Everybody Votes and Netflix channels almost every time I played with my Wii.



ThreadShadow said:

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Not the Nintendo Channel!! I love checking up on how much time I've spent with various software!! Please Nintendo, update the Wii so the time tracker is a native app, please!!



Windy said:

Well it's ok anyway since well to put it blunt.......The online services Sucked that the Wii had to offer. Very weak effort on Nintendos part. Netflix was good and in the end the Youtube app other than that just a frustrating bunch



ompgsag said:

I wish I could delete them off my menu.

Except Nintendo Channel, for the same reason as ThreadShadow. I like seeing how much time I've spent with each game.



Windy said:

In addition to Bad Online Channels from the Wii. I bet they bring Dragon Quest X to the west which is a Wii Title and Make it a Wii-U title. I'm going to be pretty bummed with the Big N if they go this way. I know the Wii is dead But Dragon Quest X would be a nice way to go out. Even better Idea why not Cross Compatable with Wii-U so that everyone could play. I just have a feeling it will not come down to cross compatable



GotWii said:

very Sad
I used all these channels a lot.
Nintendo should not be turning these off so soon. In fact if no one is using them then whats the band with and impact of keeping them up? The only reason for them to stop the services is to attempt to force us to buy a newer system. Nintendo has made a lot of bad moves over the years and I have already decided we are skipping the Wii_U. And this move only proves to me that Nintendo still has no loyalty to their customers. I will likely be getting an X-BOX next go around. I still enjoy our Wii and many of the Nintendo Games but the company itself is so self absorbed they could care less about their customers.




I truly do not want the forecast and news channels taken down. It is a very pleasant way, music and all, to calm down without all the hype of newscasters involved. To sift through and read what interests you without the sensationalism and non stop banners on the news channels. This was a nice simple feature. It really upsets me. Would it really hurt to leave them???? The globe is a fun feature to look around the weather systems of the planet.



gryphonent said:

Stupid decision, really. The News and Forecast channels shouldn't go. I've used them every day during breakfast. Both were a piece of art and genuine usability. Surely it cannot take an excessive amount of bandwidth to keep them alive and honour loyal Nintendo customers. Is there a petition to sign somewhere? I don't mind the Nintendo channel, Shop channel, and all the other gimmicks… but the news and forecast channel are integral to my Wii experience. And since yesterday they're gone… for good probably.



JoeTheDirk said:

It's a sad day! I had no idea such a thing could happen! I was browsing on the web today on my Wii and wanted to check the weather GONE! The news GONE! Nintendo channel GONE! WHY WHY WHY!!!! I worshiped the Wii channels because they were so fast, no ads to slow you down. I would always move around the world to see how it was going to be where I would call family where they lived around the world. I was facinated with the weather. NEWS I would read every article. I am quite dissapointed! Nintendo...BAD MOVE! Just because you decided to not support us any longer doesn't mean I will abandon the Wii. I spent hard earned money for my toys and can't always get the latest greatest so I need to take care of and enjoy what I have. RECONSIDER! Keep the system supported. I waited decades to get my first Nintendo system and sure enough the Wii will be my last since you don't support your products, sorry to say. Without your support , you lose more than Wii!



Rockerbaby35 said:

Actually, I'm really really pissed off! I use those channels every day! My 5 year old little girl loves the contests and voting! She loves the globe on the weather channel and we use it in one of her lessons. I'm incredibly irritated! Dear Nintendo, I want my money back jerks!



evotava said:

I'm with gryphonet. The news and weather forecast channels were designed to work the Wii into a daily part of people's lives, and for many people, that's how they were using it. So why take them away? Those channels complement Wii Fitness very well, especially if you do your workouts in the morning.

I'd be up for signing a petition on this, if there's one available and it would make a difference.

EDIT: Actually, since I found an easy way to create a petition online, I created a petition for this if anyone else is interested. Maybe if enough people sign Nintendo will consider bringing these channels back?

Here's a link to the petition:

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