With plenty of development ongoing for 3DS and the all-important task of preparing for the launch of Wii U, Nintendo has plenty of work on its plate. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that it will be Wii that loses focus, the latest example being the decision by Nintendo to drop the Japan-exclusive Wii no Ma service, with it being killed off on 30th April.

This application was released on 1st May 2009, serving as a channel that brought targeted advertisements to users, as well as 'Home Theatre' and shopping options that came along in later updates. At the time, Wii owners outside of Japan looked on with envy, though services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus have since, arguably, made the idea of Wii no Ma outdated.

Wii no Ma has been downloaded 4.49 million times, with 8.11 million users, but that's not been enough to save it. Japanese gamers can probably be safe in the knowledge that Wii U will have a far more substantial alternative in the future.

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