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United States

Tue 2nd Jul 2013

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JoeTheDirk commented on Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wi...:

It's a sad day! I had no idea such a thing could happen! I was browsing on the web today on my Wii and wanted to check the weather GONE! The news GONE! Nintendo channel GONE! WHY WHY WHY!!!! I worshiped the Wii channels because they were so fast, no ads to slow you down. I would always move around the world to see how it was going to be where I would call family where they lived around the world. I was facinated with the weather. NEWS I would read every article. I am quite dissapointed! Nintendo...BAD MOVE! Just because you decided to not support us any longer doesn't mean I will abandon the Wii. I spent hard earned money for my toys and can't always get the latest greatest so I need to take care of and enjoy what I have. RECONSIDER! Keep the system supported. I waited decades to get my first Nintendo system and sure enough the Wii will be my last since you don't support your products, sorry to say. Without your support , you lose more than Wii!