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Sat 26th Apr 2008

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Omega commented on Review: Fenimore Fillmore "The Westerner" (Wii...:

I have finally played and beaten this game. There were indeed a few glitches but nothing too bad. Similar games on PC like Monkey Island IV have at least as many or more bugs.

Here are the problems which I had:

On three occasions the game froze and I had to turn the console off. After loading the last save-game everything was fine.

In some cases the graphic was distorted but after changing the location and coming back the distortion was gone. (Always happend at the entrance of the town- nowhere else.)

And one time a character (Stella) blocked the entrance door so I couldn't leave the house.

On the last battle there were no problems with the german language. (Played this part two times to be sure). I did not had to set the language to english. (Maybe they recently updated the game?)

Only at the very end of the game it froze again. But that was after(!) the outtakes and after the credits,- so no problem.

My conclusion:

All in all, I was very pleasantly surprised with the game. It is a good Point & Click adventure with graphically very detailed locations and characters. For a WiiWare game it was much more than I expected. And other games have glitches too, even the ones from Nintendo.

Without the glitches it would easily a 9/10 in my book. Even with them it's still enough fun. It's a game for those who can appreciate a good mouse-driven Point & Click adventure with 3D environments.
My only advice: Don't forget to save often!



Omega commented on Review: Deer Drive Legends (WiiWare):

There is a zebra, a rhino, a bear, trees, grass, flowers and a dinosaur. Seems that the game has a lot more to offer than the title first suggests.



Omega commented on Review: Viewtiful Joe (GameCube):

... Viewtiful Joe is a difficult game ... demanding that players face frustration...
I agree. But it's fun despite it's difficulty. And it's more like an action-adventure-platform-puzzler and not one of those uninspired boring beat'em ups. Come on, Six Machine! (And there are 2 sequels one for the GCN/PS2 and one for the DS.)



Omega commented on Review: The Last Ninja (Virtual Console / Comm...:

Also worth mentioning:

  • You have unlimited continues: If you loose all your lifes then you can continue as much as you want in the same stage with the amount of lifes you got when you entered the stage. (Until you reset the game or turn the Wii console off without using the suspension save.)
  • There are many occasions where you have to steer in a diagonal direction. (Especially in the river, swamp sections.) This is very hard to do with a D-Pad. But you can use a Gamecube Controller and control the character with the left analog joystick. This makes moving to the diagonal directions total comfortable and pain free.
  • On the Classic Controller the analog joysticks are not supported! (For whatever reason.) Thus, playing with a classic controller is as akward as playing with the Wii-Remote held sideways.
  • Nunchuk is not supported. (Do Ninjas use Nunchuks after all? Or Nunchakus?)
  • A Gamecube controller is highly recommended to play this game!!! It makes playing the game easier. And I mean much easier.


Omega commented on Retro City Rampage Has Only Sold a Quarter of ...:

Either brilliant or despicable marketing, or maybe both. First he tells the press that the development impacted his health. And that he doesn't earn a cent. And the game is a $20.000 gift to the fans?
Oh, come on. We all buy the game out of pity right now.



Omega commented on UK Gamers Rate Wii As "Best Ever" Console:

The Wii has plenty of good games.

And the fact that the Wii has 400 Virtual Console games (with manuals unlike the games on these classic collections!) makes it a haven for old school at heart gamers like myself.

Especially because it has games from systems that never officially made it to Europe like the PC-Engine/Turbografx or NeoGeo.



Omega commented on Wii Mini Generating Little Interest in The UK:

People are still interested in the Wii. And there are enough that don't care about online and just want a cheap but reliable console. Give the mini a few months and I guess it's cheap enough for everyone.

Face it, this console is a piece of junk which has no reason to exist.

However, this is only your opinion.



Omega commented on Wii Mini Generating Little Interest in The UK:

I don't understand why people think this is terrible.

  • The fact that Nintendo forces you under torture to buy one is terrible?
  • Playing "Xenoblade Chronicles", "The Last Story", "Pandora's Tower" or "Super Mario Galaxy" is terrible?
  • Everything that is not the newest console hype is terrible?
  • Not caring about online is terrible?


Omega commented on Review: Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (Wii U...:

Why are there three reviews for this game? A 3DS-review, a Wii Virtual Console review and a Wii U review? And also, why are there two reviews of Ghosts'n Goblins (NES)? Aren't they all the exact same emulated games?



Omega commented on Review: The King of Fighters '98 (Wii Virtual ...:

I wonder if they'll release the complete NeoGeo library on the VC. I would like to have "Pulstar" and "Last Resort". I could buy Last Resort on the SNK Classics Collection but for some reason or another I prefer the Virtual Console.



Omega commented on Review: The King of Fighters '98 (Wii Virtual ...:

^ True. As far as I found out, 156 NeoGeo MVS games were made and 32% of them are fighting games.

Action (34) --- Driving (4) --- Fighting (50) --- Misc (7) --- Puzzle (20) --- RPG (1) --- Shooter (15) --- Sport (25) --- 156 total

But if we count Action and Shooter together, there are almost as many as there are fighting games. And now, dear D4, can we have some Action and/or Shooter please? Just for a change?



Omega commented on This Is How You Recondition A Game Boy Advance:

"I would actually feel comfortable licking this GBA at this point," admits Wiggins.

I can imagine that.

He held his GBA in his hand and was licking along the L button, slowly sucking it into his open mouth. His other hand held the end of a thick screwdriver that he pushed into it's open battery compartment [...]



Omega commented on Legend Of Zelda Hacked To Make Zelda The Hero:

Why not replace Zelda with the Master Chief? And make Pikachu the new protagonist? And then transfer it to an NES cartridge and sell it as a super rare previously unreleased item for 100.000.000$ on ebay?



Omega commented on There's A New Turrican Game Inbound, But Super...:

I just checked the german Wii shopping channel again and both Turrican games are still there (Super Turrican and Mega Turrican). Though, I wonder why we never got Super Turrican II. Especially since it was developed by a German company.



Omega commented on Amazon UK Lists Wii Mini For £79.99:

In Germany Amazon lists it for Euro 109,99. Release date is march 15nd. A normal black Wii with Mario Kart and Wii Wheel (with WiFi but without GCN compatibilty) costs Euro 139,00.



Omega commented on Rumour: Wii Mini on the Way to Europe:

The normal Wii costs used between 70 and 100 Euro. So this one has to be under 70 Euro. To be honest, since it lacks some features and isn't really smaller I wouldn't pay more than 50 for it.



Omega commented on Review: Metal Slug 4 (Wii Virtual Console / Ne...:

WaveBoy wrote:

Some gamers would rather get lost into a colorful fantasy based world rather than a grimey drabbish brown and grey post appocolyptic setting.


Also, however, games like Metal Slug are in my opinion kinda morally questionable. I like Contra III (aka Super Probotector) better. Although Contra has a post-apocalyptic setting too, it's inspired by fantasy movies like Terminator and not making fun of WW2.