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Thu 27th Jan 2011

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Setrodox commented on Feature: How We'd Like to See amiibo Used in C...:

I haven't played the game yet, so this idea might not work. But here's the idea.

Could this game be approached like a Time Trials in Mario Kart? Amiibo could save ghost data so you and friends could compete for best completion scores.

Eh, that would probably take up too much memory anyway.



Setrodox commented on Expect To See More Spin-Off Titles Like Hyrule...:

I get the feeling Miyamoto's quote is being taken out of context. He said "one part of our plan to do so is to use 'spin off games', which allow us to use our major title franchises, but create on a smaller scale and we are working hard on making these sort of derived products."

That does not mean "more spin-off releases like Hyrule Warriors." Maybe or maybe not. Also, spin-off does not equal cross-over. And don't forget the part about "small scale."

Actually, the whole quote makes me think of games like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. That's a spin-off and small scale.



Setrodox commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Nintendo's First QOL Pla...:

If done right, this could be an evolution for "health entertainment" and gaming. This will clearly have a different demographic than the gaming marking. When I become concerned about my health someday, I might fit this demographic.



Setrodox commented on Iwata Cites "Same-Generation Hypothesis" For S...:

I've been thinking the same thing being 29 with 2 kids and plan to grow the family more. I haven't fallen off the grid yet. I figure that if I can ever convince myself to stop buying games I don't have time to play, I have a ton of games to go back and replay - if I can find the time for it.



Setrodox commented on From the Forum: To Buy or Not to Buy? SPIKEY W...:

I'm not impressed with any of the contributions to that debate. There are some select ideas I can resonate with, such as I agree that I don't want to see games that I consider junky, but I still can't really fully agree/disagree with either position.

Here's a thought. What if Nintendo could follow Amazon's example with a "Not Interested" option so the buyer can have a little control over individual store fronts. I think that could alleviate both sides of this debate.



Setrodox commented on "Mystery Travelers" Are Waiting to be Found in...:

The potential of Wii Street U treasure hunts really has my imagination running. Nintendo-themed geocaching? What if there were small, game tie-ins? I'm going to try it out!

Last I remember, you can't post screen shots on the Wii Street U MiiVerse. Is this still true?



Setrodox commented on Weirdness: Yoshi's Real Name Is Both Silly and...:

Maybe I'm missing something... You seem very focused on the YoshiSAUR while quote clearly contains the word DINOSAUR as well.

"the young dinosaur and the plumber became fast friends."

That's the upper-hand on the debate.



Setrodox commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I'm partially disappointed. While something more exclusive and special would be nice, I also like game downloads. But this game list to doesn't quite hold the same value as last year's Majora's CD or other rewards. I doesn't feel like anything special at all.



Setrodox commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Highlights Its eShop an...:

I can completely relate to being picky about the name and branding. It can be difficult because your logo looks more like "nintendolife" (no space and no capitalization), and the url is "nintendolife". One of those could be updated if you're worried about consistent branding.



Setrodox commented on GameStop Defends Xenoblade Chronicles Pricing,...:

It's probably been said - there are too many comments to read - but there is another option. If there is a market for a game, print more copies. Should be easier than scrounging up used ones (or supposedly printing new copies and selling them as if used).



Setrodox commented on Iwata: Getting The Attention Of Gamers Is Hard...:

One reason I haven't bought any smart phone or tablet technology is because I prefer to spend my time gaming on my 3DS and WiiU. I know I would get addicted with the phone or tablet even though I know I would enjoy it less.



Setrodox commented on Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wi...:

I agree that the Nintendo Channel should not go. There's a lot of great stuff there, most especially the game-play data! I'd like to delete the other channels, but as far as I can remember, they can't be deleted. That's kind of annoying to be stuck with some obsolete channels.



Setrodox commented on Review: Travelling the World with Wii Street U:

I agree with every praise and suggestion for improvement you listed. Leave behind comments for friends like a digital geocash. Is that what it's called? MiiVerse integration with screen shots would also be great.

The oldest photo I have found was June 2007. My block during those batch of pictures was skipped, which is strange. I live in a fairly sized city, my neighborhood is easy to get around, and it is fairly busy. It's time they update their database where I live and not skip my block.

I found a temple in India. There was nowhere to walk. It was pretty.



Setrodox commented on Nintendo Hints At An Additional Platform In Th...:

A console at home and gaming on the go. Who needs a 3rd pillar? What I hope the integration means is better services: natural-cross-platform games (like what their doing with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate), unified network IDs across platforms, cloud saves, a Virtual Console across platforms so you don't have to re-buy games for simple new features...



Setrodox commented on Rumour: 3DS Cartridge Could Allow Handheld to ...:

I would hope and expect some connectivity between the Wii U and 3DS, and if they go all the way and give it all of the functions of the Wii Gamepad, even better! The only problem is they've already said the Wii U can only handle a maximum of 2 gamepads, and I doubt connecting a 3DS would increase this limit. Unless their limit was conservative and only theoretical. Either way, I would expect some kind of connection between console and handleheld, which has existed in various degrees since SNES with Super Game Boy and perfected very well with the GCN & GBA on Final Fantasy CC and LoZ.



Setrodox commented on Miyamoto: Pikmin 3 To Be More Like Series Orig...:

That sounds great! Pikmin 2 was a longer game, and it was enjoyable. Then again, I liked the the strategy and time-management of the first a lot better. Without the strategy, collecting treasures in Pikmin 2 got kind of dull. I'd like to see the caves be taken out of the main quest but remain on the side for challenges and multiplayer.



Setrodox commented on Talking Point: Are Wii U Games Going To Be Too...:

I avoid paying full price anyway, but a $60 price point makes perfect sense. Maybe when the next Sony and Microsoft systems come out, the price point can drop across the board. For now, it's the same price for a comparable product across multiple systems.



Setrodox commented on Feature: The Desire for Physical Media:

One perk of physical media is that when great games misses the market, the price drops. I've picked up over a dozen games in the last year for under $20 each! Digital media will never have extra unsold copies of a game floating around the market.