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GotWii commented on Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wi...:

very Sad
I used all these channels a lot.
Nintendo should not be turning these off so soon. In fact if no one is using them then whats the band with and impact of keeping them up? The only reason for them to stop the services is to attempt to force us to buy a newer system. Nintendo has made a lot of bad moves over the years and I have already decided we are skipping the Wii_U. And this move only proves to me that Nintendo still has no loyalty to their customers. I will likely be getting an X-BOX next go around. I still enjoy our Wii and many of the Nintendo Games but the company itself is so self absorbed they could care less about their customers.



GotWii commented on Nintendo Sends Direct Wii U Marketing Message ...:

The release has had so many mistakes it is hard to keep track of.
-Lack of advertizing and if there is one its all focused on the Controller
-Customers are tired of buy new Nintendo devices just to find out it an upgrade
I.E. DS, DSlite, DS-XL, DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, 3DSXL (of all these there is really just two devices here)

-No Games! come on why buy a console with no games
-Wii online VS other systems sucked
-More competition for casual gamers; when the Wii came out the IPAD did not exist nor did all the Android devices; I trully think the real reason no one is buying the WiiU is because they can get a tablet to play most of the games Wii had at a fraction of the price..



GotWii commented on Satoru Iwata: 'We Have Not Changed Our Strategy':

I think Nintendo has a big challenge ahead of them.
The Wii sold to a giant number of homes this would be a good thing. Except that most homes got board with the unit in less than a year and then it sat collecting dust as they instead played games on there IPAD. The Wii had some great games but lets face it it had a lot more pure crap games (Nintendo let any junk game sell on the Wii this hurt the impression of the Wii). The majority of the homes that have Wii's will not be very eager to buy another one to collect dust.
Our house plays the Wii everyday but that is an exception to the majority of Wii owners out their. I think the great sales of the Wii will be the down fall of the Wii-U.
And its great to have the philosophy to make great games but you also need the hardware that can grow with your ideas and not restrict you. Remember the Wii only having the 512k of memory, this has been an obstacle for the system its entire life, the memory and the lack of HD dug the grave for the Wii during its middle age. Early on we saw 3rd party support drop off because the system could not support the new version of the games. Its fine to focus on making games but you can not do that if your hardware limits your creativity. I think Nintendo is in for a bad roll-out of the Wii-U just as with the 3DS. Which we just bought our first 3DS and while it has some neat features it has not WOW'ed us over the DSi I really hope the Wii-U does well but I just do not see it. Those that are banking on the success of the Wii sales better look an see how satisfied were all those millions of soft-gamers that bought Wii's and how eager do you think they are at going out and buy another system (to collect dust)?



GotWii commented on Feature: GameCube - GBA Connectivity and Wii U:

I would have to agree with Kawaiipikachu #17
Wii-U had better come with at least the option to use the DSi/3DS as controllers for the WiiU. Other-wise I am forced to now have another device that has limited ability as a just a controller. Not to mention what is it going to cost to replace a controller pad? at least double if not triple the $50 bucks to replace a Wii-Controllers (that I have had to by 5 replacements for already). I for one have not seen anything amazing about the Wii-U that will make me go purchase it 1st year.
I will wait for Nintendo to fix everything and get their act together. Remember when we could not save WiiWare to the SD cards and it took Nintendo years to get that fixed. Well I remember and because of that I will never by a first year Nintendo product gain.
So all of you go buy a Wii-U first day and then complain like crazy so they get everything fixed in a year or two; then I can go buy mine.



GotWii commented on Review: MotoHeroz (WiiWare):

Sounds like a great game, but I have got a bitter taste in my mouth for WiiWare lately form cost vs quality. Also like @65 rjejr said, issues about transferring, and/or upgrading to WiiU. Plus as many have mention $15 is steep for online downloads. At this time most CD titles for Wii are selling in stores for $20.
WiiWare is dying for many reasons; A lot of garbage games, priced way to high, no updates, very few demos. I was once an avid WiiWare buyer but now most of my online buying is on Apple I-Store, and Android Market. Much better pricing, almost all have demos to try before you buy, updates are constant unlike WiiWare were games have serious bugs that never get fixed.
At $10 this game is still expensive compared to other online gaming, but I may have got it for $10.
For $15 I have to stand on principle and say NOPE!



GotWii commented on Current Wii Model to be Discontinued:

My thought is that Nintendo is doing this so they can sell the warehouse of current Wii's. Once people here this news and have been on the fence to get one they will run out and buy them up.
In our house almost 50% of our game use on the Wii is for GameCube.
Pluse we have several VC titles that use the GC-controllers.
Nintendo should have supported at least the Games and you have to use classic controllers. In fact with the supposed power of WiiU why could they have not have used a VC emulator and still support GC.
Sad move Nintendo



GotWii commented on Feature: The Future of Nintendo Gaming - 2D or...:

I think both 2D and 3D will exist. They each provide a different approach to gaming. It is almost as much as when you think of Arcade VS RPG games.
2D Are more Arcade style with a forced flow with obvious goals, 3D is more RPG style with a roam and discovery approach. In our home both types are loved, but I do find that the 3D games get more hours of game play and I think its do to that discovery time. Now if 2D is going to last they need to get some new ideas, too many similarities going back too many generations. Like lets get rid of the floating blocks with some other obstacle.



GotWii commented on Review: Burn the Rope (WiiWare):

Lets face it ALL of Wii download games are over priced WiiWare and VC
But this one is just an insult, I don't even think I will get it for my Android or IPAD. $10 is way way over priced for this game. Give me a break! Even at $5 I would half to really consider if it was worth it.
Nintendo get a clue why your online shopping is so low!



GotWii commented on Koizumi has "Too Many Ideas" for Mario on Wii U:

Actually; it would have to be very very outstanding to make me be a 1st year buyer of Wii U, I really do not see the big deal about having a Pad-Book as a controller and the rest of Wii-U that they have shown is very lack luster HD nice but most of the Games on Wii are not using the current ability. In fact it would have been much cooler to have the Wii use Ipads, smart-phones, or for common sense my DS, DSi, and DS3 as the new controller. Quit trying to sell me $100's of dollars of peripherals.



GotWii commented on Review: Cosy Fire (WiiWare):

Great now I just need a minion SIM that would provide a character that would simply complement me all day of my greatness.
"Your the Best", "that's a great idea", "You look marvelous".......
(That's a joke please don't develop this)



GotWii commented on Review: Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Tim...:

The future of WiiWare........................
You can't place all the blame on Stickmen Studios, they are just pumping out what Nintendo allows them to pump out.
Nintendo needs to up the quality control. If I can't even be guaranteed that these games wont crash and burn without any recourse for updates then WiWare is greatly losing its appeal for me. I have several hundred dollars of WiiWare and I am already questioning what happens to my purchases when the next game system is released? Am I going to lose it? Now we have bug ridden games being sold on the WiiWare.
This is not the first like the UNO game bug that won't let you adjust the rules for local multi player even though the user manual says you can. Where are the updates and fixes for these?



GotWii commented on Review: Around the World (WiiWare):

Its too bad they did not polish this, everyone can use more geography skills.
This media could allow for a very fun and interesting way to get it but then they drop the ball. asking to find a city on the planet by its name only? That's like asking some one to find James Smith in New York.
This could have been cool I guess I will have to wait. A 5 for this does sound generous!



GotWii commented on Review: Fireplacing (WiiWare):

They need to add a new Genre "CRAP" so we now right from the start.
Also why is there a 500 point entry for WiiWare, even if this was a quality fireplace sim it would be worth about 200 max.



GotWii commented on Review: My Aquarium 2 (WiiWare):

You have got to be kidding a 7?
The first one I have and it is just plain bad! For a fish tank sim to be worth it, it needs realism which neither of these 1 or 2 versions have.
This is crap it was popular because people like fish, it was cheep $5, and with the name Hudson you would think you would have quality, No No No! My Windows 95 screen saver had more realism than these do.



GotWii commented on My Aquarium 2:

NO WAY! This first one was bad; very bad.
I like fish and water theme but this is just bad.
If it had some realism to it at all it would have been OK
Instead the first "My Aquarium" sits on our mem-card and never gets used.
It is one of my top 5 all time worst WiWare titles and the fact Hudson made it was a let down.
I use to be confident in their name.



GotWii commented on Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers:

And you guys wonder why no one gives information out about the games. Obviously neither of the first two above have ever developed video games before. One of the last things you add into a game is the shadowing. First you work on game play and speed then you make it pretty. Duh! So quit casting judgment on a few screen shots and a small paragraph about the game when you have no idea what you are talking about.



GotWii commented on And Yet It Moves:

This is a great game, my son and I played the demo it is very cool and starts out easy and has a good difficulty curve. Reminds me a cross between Defend your Castle for the graphics & sound, but the game play is like WofGoo. Please release this one!!!!!



GotWii commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

I guess I need to get my VHS player and tapes replace!
Please what a joke this list is.
Yes they are new technologies that will help springboard a movement but these things take time. Just look how long VHS held out against DVDs and the improvement was enormous over video-tape. I have a huge collection of DVD and I am already switched to digital video (Blue-Ray is 2008s version of the RCA laser disk (nice but too late). Natal's technology is way cool but it will not come close to zapping the Wii the Wii consoles power will be its death of Wii and replaced by a more powerful Wii2. Plus Natal's technology will not replace the controller and I bet you nearly all software that uses Natal's will also require a remote but it is the direction that the next motion controllers will take. Analog TV's already have a foot in the grave just try to find a store that still sells them. FAX is only alive because of legal documents outside of that it’s been dead.
What’s more funny is how mush of a response this joke of an article received.
By the way the Gasoline powered automobile will be gone next year too and my keyboard replaced by a microphone LOL

Now time to use my out dated wireless mouse to click send.



GotWii commented on Review: Wii Fit Plus (Wii):

Once Again I have to pay more $$ to get what I should have got from the start. (I.E. motion Plus) Not happy Nintendo! I use to be able to bank on the Nintendo name for quality purchases, but it seams lately I have to be skeptical and triple check anything they offer. WiiFit was a great Idea but the software was/is crap.
What was lacking was the data and reporting and changing and monitoring goals, it seams they may have expanded the ability for adjusting goals a bit but I have not seen much reviewed on that. The addition of having workout routines is great but then once again they limit my choices? Why Nintendo? So I can buy a 3rd version that allows it next year! One of my big complaints was that a device they marketed as a weight scale on hyper drive but then they did not include the simple program to check weight! It should have a scale program I click on and its works as a scale, without going through the entire daily test mode stuff.
WiiFit is my biggest Nintendo purchase disappointments. To me WiiFit was much like using a demo program it seams everything it did was unpolished. By reading this review it seams that they have fixed maybe half of the issues. This should have been available for shipping and media expenses to current WiiFit owners $10 or less (at $20 THIS IS A RIPOFF to get what I bought to work a bit better)
This is defiantly Nintendo milking their new cash cow!



GotWii commented on Dragon Master Gameplay Video:

I am waiting on the review. As everyone has mention this resembles a low N64 release in its appearance but may I remind you that an N64 title will cost you twice the price as this. So give it a chance for the review. I still have some hope they can pull out decent game play.



GotWii commented on Family Card Games:

I like card games, and I like the fact this has online play.
But I have been burnt by the family title already.
I will wait for the review, if the online is done well I would agree with KnucklesSonic8 this could redeem the series a bit.



GotWii commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

For the HDD I assume you mean hard drive; There is no hard drive in the Wii it is all flash memory.
Or if by HDD you are referring to HD (Hi-Def-Video) then Yes the Wii has the 480i (720x480) Component cable HD, but it does not have HDMI support.



GotWii commented on Review: Brain Challenge (DSiWare):

I have the WiiWare version of this title and it is a good Brain Game.
In fact I own the Nintendo's Brain Age on DS and Wii and I prefer the Gameloft one mostly because I can't stand that annoying narrator professor in Nintendo's Bran Game and the endless blah blah blah I have to skip through. As Ledgend Marioid already stated if you don't have a Brain Game you can't go wrong with this one.



GotWii commented on Pop Plus: Solo:

Pop on WiiWare was over-rated!
Its a so-so game, that had an original idea.
The problem is it gets so-so-boring after playing it for 5 minutes.
You Pop Bubbles for a score that's the entire game, add some different points for size of bubbles and combos, a hint of color and direction variety and you have the entire game. May be worth $5 but $4.99 is more like it.



GotWii commented on The Wii Sports Resort Events That Didn't Make It:

I am still on the fence for getting WSR it seams too pricey in my opinion.
$50 Game 1M+ ($60 3m+) = $110, seams like a lot to me.
Motion Plus I think is over-priced. I mean basically Nintendo did not get the WiiMote’s working in time for launch and we all got stuck with half-working motion sensing. Now we have to pay %50 of a full remote to fix it. Maybe I am the only one but I feel shafted.



GotWii commented on Cocoto Festival:

Thanks that is good information. I will put it on my ever growing list
It would be nice if this turned out a 8/10



GotWii commented on Cave Story:

Not sure on this one looks like a full featured game, but from the video it seams too dated (mid-late 2D area). I will wait for reviews but I do not think I will be downloading this one.



GotWii commented on Carnival King:

I love Point and Shoot games, and the Wii is a perfect platform.
I will be getting this if its priced fair. Plus being aged friendly means my younger boy can play also.



GotWii commented on Bobby Carrot Forever:

This looks interesting , I wonder how difficult the puzzles are? Because I am thinking this would be a good child's game for my younger boy.



GotWii commented on Arcade Sports:

We have Wii Sports bowling, Wii Play Air Hockey, and Pool (both bad)
So why should I try these?
They should have put at least one original event in there.



GotWii commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

Great review, the game looks like a must have, but $110 for a game I just don’t know if it’s worth it.
I may be alone on this but I am a little put-off by the cost of this game and the Motion-Plus? This game was meant to be multi-player so why just 1 M+?
Cost: $50 (Game + 1st M+), $60 ($20*3 2nd, 3rd, 4th M+)
That’s $110 + Tax for this game.
I know everyone will say “you can use M+ in other games". Yea all 4 of them and 3 out of four are the same type of game! Yes I know more will come (maybe).
So I have to spend $20/$25 per controller to get it to perform as it should have performed out of the box. That is way over priced M+ should have been $10 tops (the cost to have had it built in the Wii-mote from the start).
You know the Wii was all hyped as being the cheaper 3gen system out there but when I add up what it took to get a full system it is the most expensive.
Wii Console $250, 3 more Wii-Motes ($150), 3 Nun-Chucks ($60), 3 Classic Controllers ($60)
OK that's already $520
Now add 4 Motion+ ($80) Total: $600
Then add the Wii-Fit although really not part of the console but still cost $80
Total cost for my Wii Console $680 (That’s a pricey system)
How much more should I dump into this system that has no HD/HDMI, no DVD, no hard drive, 512MB memory, clunky online friend codes, etc.
Don’t get me wrong I love my Wii but I am starting to feel like the kid getting his lunch money swiped by the bully.
Nintendo Give me a break will ya.



GotWii commented on HB Arcade Cards:

No-Multi Player???????
What were they thinking??????????????????



GotWii commented on Review: Penguins & Friends - Hey! That's My Fi...:

17. Adamant
Thanks for the advice, finally got back and read your comment.
I was thinking of them playing against their friends not really each other but you make a good point. But you may be surprised at the talent of these young kids with the strategy games.
They do have Mario Party: and yes that is a good level for them.



GotWii commented on Incoming!:

From the video it seams very repetitive, but it does look like it was developed well even if it is a simplistic game. For 500 points maybe, I will wait for the review though.



GotWii commented on Winter Games:

I loved this game as a kid played the Atari 800 version (this like most of the Atari 800/C64 games were identical). My best friend as a kid had the C64 and we played the same games on both systems) I would get this one just for nostalgia. This era of gaming lacked content and graphics, but in its day it was a WOW! This is diffidently the best of the Epyx Games series. The most polished of the series (opening ceremonies to the anthems and medal ceremonies. I have also played other system versions of this and the C64/Atari 800 versions were the best.
Why is this not out yet in the US!



GotWii commented on Space Invaders: The Original Game:

Everyone has said it 800 points way way too high for this.
For less or even free you can get this for so many other platforms.
I loved this game when it was in the arcades (the sound of the missiles and the march beat was cool for its day) but it has aged so very badly I got bored just watching this video clip. Give us a break Nintendo



GotWii commented on Review: Penguins & Friends - Hey! That's My Fi...:

After looking at this review and the game it kind of made me question if an age bracket is needed to fairly judge a game like this. While this game does not appeal to me I think that perhaps my 4 and 9 year old may enjoy it. I would not get this game for myself but I may get it for my kids.

Also when mentioning getting a WiiWare title instead of the actual game, I started to wonder what is going to happen to all my Wii downloaded titles when I upgrade to the next generation? Will these port (free) or am I going to have to re-purchase them all over again? I hope we will not need to re-purchase downloads after we move to the next system.



GotWii commented on The Incredible Maze:

This game is not bad when played with the balance board. It is horrible with the Wii-mote.
We had some friends over and played the entire night it was fun watching everyone try to balance on the Wii-board and go through the mazes. Well worth to 500 points IF YOU HAVE the Wii-balance board. I usually trust this site very much on their reviews but this is one score I grossly disagree with. This should of been around a 5.



GotWii commented on Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 in "Not Coming to Wii" Sho...:

OK I am so tiered of hearing about the SD card solution not being a real solution.
Not to pick on you warioswoods, there are many that have said the same thing.
Do you know not one program on any system EVER has run from a disk or any storage device? It’s true; every program ran on any system PC or game system first loads the program from the storage device to MEMORY. This is basically what the Wii SD solution is doing. The issue with the Wii is the lack of internal memory to even load the programs, plus a speed issue with the transfer rates from SD. While this could have been a bit better if pre-allocated cash buffers could have been used to make this a bit more efficient the solution is solid. Now the whole SD menu thing is the weak part of the solution it could have all been tied into the one main menu. With the slow SD I/O rate and the lack of core system memory I doubt Wii will see much of an increase in WiiWare title sizes at least not in this first Wii Generation. It could be done but hey it took over 2 years to get SD games to load and this would be much harder!

As for this game not making it to WiiWare this is a good thing last thing we want to start seeing are watered down versions of games just so they can get some Wii market space; that would be bad. I am glad to see the good choice made not to port a game if it can’t be 100%. I just hope that Nintendo is learning from these mistakes (never limit your system on storage or memory). As for us Wii Fan-boys we will have to wait for WiiHD or Wii2 or Wee or what ever they end up calling it and hope they did learned there lesson.



GotWii commented on Jungle Speed:

I got this game and it’s a lot of fun to play with the entire family.
If you have family and friends to play with then you gotta get this game.
If you don't then skip this game single player is OK but gets boring rather fast. This is mostly a multi-player game.



GotWii commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

I think I will have to get this game. Looks like it will be really cool with the point and shoot Wiimotes.

I downloaded Onslaught yesterday and it is one great game. Very fun you can keep it simple and easy with the weapons or get more advanced. It is a great game for the zap-gun too. I would agree with this review 100%.



GotWii commented on Gradius ReBirth:

I like the Gradius games I have played them on several platforms in the past.
But 1000 points seams a bit high for a 5 stage old classic style game.
I still may get it but it will be low on the list for sure. If it had co-op multi player I would have got it immediately. I have a family of boys and multi-player is important in our house.



GotWii commented on Bit.Trip: Beat:

This game looks cool but the screen noise looks like it could be frustrating. I am just curious about how annoying is all the background noise on the screen. If anyone who has played could give me their opinion that would be great. I am one of the older gamers and often too much image noise makes it too difficult for me to see the actual game elements, and causes too much frustration. Otherwise I think I want this one.

Update: I got this game a while back and thought I would update this post.
This game is very well done for what it is. This retro is a perfect blend of old and new. It’s very hard in a repetitive way meaning, depending on how well you can memorize patterns, as each level plays out exactly the same each time. The scoring method will keep you coming back for more. The screen patterns can really mess with your eyes, but it’s not intolerable and part of the challenge. I love the “near-death” screen instead of just dying it gives you one last chance to save yourself in a 70’s version of the game in Black&White and with beeps for sound. Fill your meter bar and you are saved to continue the game but miss too many and you are done.
The US version is slightly crippled with how the game-saves works you have to achieve a personal best score plus finish the level. It took me several level finishes to finally get a game-save. In fact what I ended up doing was deleting my save file, because I managed to get a great score without finishing a level. Once I deleted it and went through the level I got my game-save that then allows you to jump to the next level at game startup.
Once I finish “Beat” I will be getting “Core” for sure. Great game highly recommended.



GotWii commented on Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame:

For 500 points I got this one. It is simple but fun and very well done for what it is. Wow and only 43 blocks too! One of those fun puzzle games you can spend 5minutes or an hour with. Has good multiplayer which is a big plus for our family. About the only con I have is with the “score records” it is kind of clumsy to see your records. But good game for the price.