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Wed 5th May 2010

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Chariblaze commented on Nintendo Download: 6th August (North America):

Huh, interesting that Shin Megami Tensei IV is the first Atlus game to be getting a permanent drop to $20. I would have some thought some the earlier stuff like Etrian Odyssey IV and Code of Princess would have gone first. Whatever, if they then cut 50% off that $20, that'll be enough for me!



Chariblaze commented on Video: This New Pokémon Bank Trailer Shows Th...:

@MF_MaxiMillion They're supposedely applying their VGC filter to the BW/BW2 to XY transfer. From the official site (

"Note: You may find yourself unable to use Pokémon Bank or Poké Transporter to deposit any Pokémon created illegally by software unauthorized by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo into your online Boxes, or to move these Pokémon between online Boxes."

So, you may start finding RNG'd and "legally cheated" Pokemon, but there shouldn't anything outright impossible.



Chariblaze commented on Nintendo Download: 12th September (North America):

@OptometristLime Don't know about DSiWare being dead, but a price of 300 points on the DSi Shop is a first. The original categories were Free, which was the Internet Browser and Flipnote Studio, 200 points, 500 points, and 800+ points (I believe there are three "+" games, those being Shantae at 1200, Thorium Wars at 1000, and Cave Story at 1000 points). Until now, everything fit into one of these categories, period.

And after checking the game on my DSi, I've found that the game is still in the 200 points category, which makes sense. Definitely an oddity.



Chariblaze commented on Nintendo Sends Direct Wii U Marketing Message ...:

@BlackSpy Yeah, the ads used to be kinda confusing, odd, and dubstep-filled, but Marketing decided to take a hard turn toward the casuals. There are three commercials roaming around now that involve three different families visiting NoA to play some Wii U. All start with someone saying "Nintendo!" so the consumers know what they're seeing. The three ads then deviate a bit: There's one with a father and his son, where the kid just goes crazy over the thing, proclaiming it the "Bestest system in the whole world" or something, and the father says "I like this!". Another has a family with a father with a soul patch, and it basically ends with the mother basically saying "[The Children] need to play, that's an important part of their childhood". And then lastly, we get a family saying they've seen a Wii U at the father's brother's/friend's house, where they kinda enjoyed it. They also mention that they didn't know it was a whole new thing. And then at the end there's a banner saying, "See why more families are upgrading to the Wii U!".

Yeah, the ads have completely lost any focus on teens/gamers, but for the current market Nintendo's trying to hit, I'd say they're pretty effective. It's like Marketing just said "Ok, yeah, people keep thinking this is an upgrade, let's just outright target that."



Chariblaze commented on Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wi...:

Noooo Nintendo Channel. ;-;

Yeah, I wasn't the biggest user of all its stuff, but there's a lot of exclusive content there, aside from Nintendo Week (which NintenDaan has thankfully put on YouTube! ). Yeah, Ultimate Wii Challenge as Austroid said, some kinda Excitebots challenge where some people are in a casino or something, a 7 or so minute piece on Retro when Prime Trilogy was coming out... Looks like I'm buying a capture card to back up this stuff. That is, if NintenDaan didn't already back that stuff up. He was good about that.



Chariblaze commented on Mythical Pokémon Genesect to be Distributed t...:

Yeah, this was quite the surprise. I mean, it was surprising enough when it was announced for Japan, but then this happened... It's such a short gap. Many are saying Game Freak is rushing Gen V, and I'm inclined to agree--Gen V has been weird being on the same system as Gen IV, so it'd make sense to try to get out 3DS games in the form of Gen VI as soon as possible. Some are speculating it may be a sort of a parallel to Gen II as Gen V was to Gen 1; only 100 new Pokemon or so, and maybe some evolutions of Gen V Pokemon.

As for a Europe announcement, even if one isn't announced for whatever reason, this event should work fine for European games. At least, the European Wi-Fi event for shiny events last gen worked for NA games.



Chariblaze commented on Mario Kart 7 Update Available Now:

@Red_Kinetic Not sure about Wuhu Island Loop and Bowser Castle 1, but Wuhu Mountain Loop had a part that would let one fall of the track and come back 30 seconds ahead of everyone else.

So Time Trials will always still be able to be borked, as the patch is deletable, but this is wonderful news for online.



Chariblaze commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update v. 4.0.0-7:

Just something minor: When you boot a 3DS or head back to the menu with some in-app button, your icons of the stuff on your SD card takes a bit of time to load. These used to be blank spots, but are now blank slates.



Chariblaze commented on GameStop to Sell 3D Classics: Kid Icarus Too:

Darn, darn, darn.

I was assured by a Nintendo rep two months ago (yeah, lots of stuff can change in that time) that 3D Classics Kid Icarus would not be available in the eShop. I suppose that meant that it could still be sold elsewhere. Ah, well.



Chariblaze commented on Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ:

"The 3DS will make use of standard SD cards and there is currently no announced limit as to what size SD card can be used with the system."

It wasn't completely confirmed, but on NOA's 3DS site:

"The Nintendo 3DS system has SDHC card compatibility to increase your storage space even further."

It didn't specifically mention SDXC, so it can be assumed that the limit is 32 GB. Also, I could've sworn someone specifically said 32 GB, but I can't find that right now.



Chariblaze commented on What Do You Make of This 3DS Prototype?:

It's not necessarily confirmed, but there was a footnote in the interview about OoT 3D, and it says it is scheduled for Spring 2011. Then again, the facts could simply be old, or it could be a translation of a note in an old interview.



Chariblaze commented on Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time:

^ I was thinking the same thing, and it was in a press release for the game back in September. They didn't really care about the game, but they said "Our New Favourite Game Title Ever". The developers then took that quote, and made it look as if they meant the actual game and not the title itself.