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Redesigned Wii U Tablet Controller Is Revealed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

QA tester at TT Games to blame?

It's just a couple of weeks before E3, which means that we should be prepared for impatient industry insiders to leak some of Nintendo's big reveals ahead of time. It seems that a QA tester at TT Games — the developer behind all of those LEGO games — has posted an image of a redesigned Wii U tablet controller online.

It didn't take long for the offending tweet to be deleted, but the image has already spread around the internet like wildfire. The big revelation appears to be that 3DS-style Circle Pads have been replaced by analogue sticks, which may please some. There's been some rearrangement of buttons as well, and the Wii U branding appears to have survived, suggesting that Nintendo may stick with its original name for the console.

So what do you think? Are you pleased with the analogue sticks, the Wii U branding and the overall design? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cipher said:

Personally, me no likey, but we'll see what it's like to use come E3.



JustAnotherUser said:

I love this new design.
I hope this is the final version.
But I wonder what those squares are though...



Aviator said:

Changes seem good.

Let's hope they changed the tablet part of the controller.



Axl_abe said:

I dont like just cause all that open space. I mean look where the Dpad is, too much open space between the the screen and the edge of the device. Plus the buttons look really small :/



Haywired said:

It looks even bigger (certainly in terms of width). Was hoping they'd make it smaller... Oh well. Looks cool though.



JayceJa said:

i actually think it looks worse now

and a flat controller wont work with analogue sticks comfortably like circle pads would



spidey1010 said:

I'm neutral about the loss of the circle pads. I like them just the same as analog sticks...
I'm happy about the name, though. I really like it.



grumblebuzzz said:

It does look bigger, which isn't a good thing from a gaming standpoint. Oh Nintendo, I seriously hope people buy this thing and you don't have a Dreamcast on your hands here...



Wildfire said:

I really thought that they would change the name.
Despite that, I actually like the controler. Now give me a new Star Fox and I'm sold!



ThomasBW84 said:

@Kirk That may be right. The original tweet, after I found a screenshot, said 'Nintendo fanboys alert: look what we have at work!'. Maybe that's a fake-out, and as I've said in the article that tweet has now been deleted, but the concensus seems to be that this is a new design.

Still, who knows, E3 will be definitive either way.



Obvious78 said:

I am very happy to see the these mini joysticks on the controller and I hope they will implement the click in it also making it for a FPS a much better controller!
Nintendo keeps us amazed!




Yes the analogue sticks will be greater than the circle pads. The thing's big anyways, no sense putting in little circle pads. Makes sense on 3DS cuz it has to close, but it wasn't helping WiiU at all



19Robb92 said:

Plus and minus button change is great. The analogs however look out of place and very uncomfortable. They stick out way to much.

But I won't judge it until I've tried it.



Nin-freak said:

Analog sticks, better placement of them, better placement of + and - buttons, and an overall better shape. Yeah, looks great!



Nin-freak said:

@zranoll People are suggesting maybe NFC use, or even a sync button on the bottom. Another interesting idea is that the upper one could be a tracking pad to slide your finger on to move an in game pointer. Some of these have been used on smartphones and laptops before.



Token_Girl said:

I think the analog sticks, but I wish that either the screen was bigger or the tablet as a whole was smaller. There's a lot of extra space.



Kirk said:


Yeah but unfortunately that consensus hasn't come from any concrete source/s other than one guy on neogaf who has only now decided it must be the new design, which is contradictory to what he initially said when he first posted the patent images, and he has now come to the conclusion that the patent office has for some obscure reason decided to arrange the images in the patent differently to what it normally would.

I dunno but I'm not buying that, unless that guys supports that conclusion with some compelling evidence and reasoning...

Right now my instinct tells me that what we are looking at is an older model than what was shown at E3 2011, or at best a parallel model.

Doesn't mean the final design can't or won't end up looking like it does in the latest image but I'm just not convinced we're seeing what amounts to the latest Wii U controller.

I'm still more inclined to believe Nintendo would give us something that is more of an equal balance between casual and core (like the design officially shown at E3 2011) than something that's clearly more swayed towards the core audience, despite preferring the most core-centric design myself.

I would however love to be proven wrong by Nintendo.



NintyMan said:

The controller looks good to me. I wouldn't have minded circle pads or analog sticks, but I guess analog sticks would be better to handle on a console game. It does look very big, but that's because the picture makes it look so wide. It's likely going to not be so big as it seems once used in person.

What I'm curious about is what that little squre is below the D-pad. I guess those buttons on the lower right corner are for the NFC.



BenAV said:

The right square seems to be a clickable button whereas the left one looks like it's not, so that might support what @Nin-freak said. We'll just have to wait and see.

Also, I'm sure the analogue sticks are going to be quite comfortable if they're there on the final design.
I'm sure they've gone to a lot of effort to make sure they're comfortable to use, and they look pretty wide and they don't stick out much, compared to previous analogue sticks such as on the nunchuck and Classic Controller Pro.

Why is E3 still so far away? I want more details.



kyuubikid213 said:

I don't care. I like both the "original" design and this "newer" design. Either way, I'm getting a Wii U once I scrounge up the cash. The ONLY way I would have an actual opinion on the new controller is if the Final Product ended up being the same size as the CPP-infused 3DS (not the top screen, just the touchscreen, face buttons, L, R, Zl, Zr, Left and Right Circle pads, D-pad, start, select, home, and power buttons). By then it'd only be about 7 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches.



BenAV said:

I believe that this probably is a later model than the one at E3 last year.
For one, the buttons just seem to be in a much more practical position. It'd be a shame if they decided to move them just for the sake of it being slightly more visually appealing.

Also, if this was an earlier version, I don't see why it would have a Wii U logo on it and the more recent E3 2011 model would not, unless they'd already decided to change the name before the newer version, which they clearly hadn't.

I think there's still a chance for a few changes before E3 this year, but it does seem more likely that this is a newer model to me.



Mk_II said:

I trust Nintendo to come up with the goods so im already saving up for the Wii U launch



ThomasBW84 said:

@Kirk I've just been exchanging some tweets and it looks like, as I hinted at in the article, someone at TT Games has been silly. Not long after the image was posted the profile was deleted, then the image, and the suggestion seems to be that the guy responsible is in a bit of bother, as he's possibly broken non-disclosure agreements.

I'm personally with those that say this is a recent image that someone foolishly tweeted to show off. You may be right though, so time will tell



Silvervisiona said:

Definitely looks more practical from a gamer standpoint, but also looks like it's still in a tech prototype stage. How does this compare to the controllers used in the Rayman Legends trailer?



acelect24 said:

Those analog stcks look weirdly placed, but I think its gonna be good once you get your hands on the controller...and is it just me or is the controller bigger/the screen smaller...?? The screen looks very small now relative to the controller...



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I don't particularly like this new design... I didn't like the sticks because of how big the controller is, and the buttons almost look out of place.

But if this is the final design, I'm sure Nintendo has a good reason behind it.



Silvervisiona said:

The controller shown in the Rayman Legends trailer is the officially revealed one with the slider pads. But of course, all will be revealed verrrry soon!



cc-plus said:

I see the mysterious Nintendo ninjas are efficient as always but unfortunately they let this one slip. I'm happy the circle pads have changed to analog sticks. I never realised how inaccurate they could be until I started playing Tales of Abyss on 3DS. Sometimes I'd press left/right on the circle pad and it would register as down. The new placement of the +/- buttons is better as well, they're more accessible.



Nintendaholic said:

yessssss. i really wanted to change from circle pads to analogue sticks. they just feel more stable.i hope they are like the wii analogue sticks



PokeTune said:

Lovin`this new controller design.Only thing I would change is the position of the analogue sticks,need to be below the buttons and d-pad.Btw how large is this controller?Will it fit most hands or only adult hands?



Birdman said:

Keeping the Wii U branding is really dumb imo. I think part of the reason why the 3DS floundered at launch was because of its name. Average Joe consumers who don't follow the industry that closely thought it was a minor upgrade from the DS line (like a new DSi), so they decided to hold off on purchasing what they thought was a $250 upgrade and not a new console here to stay, and that hampered sales. The name better change at E3.



BalrogtheMaster said:

I don't think this is the final version we'll see at E3 2012. Nintendo knows how to keep its fans on their toes



Hokori said:

Is that the pic of the new one or the old one, because it looks the same to me



Kinioka said:

It looks better, and i bet it plays better too. What's that button below the D-pad?



hYdeks said:

@Kinioka no button, just plastic square, they usually have those alot with prototypes.

me personally, I like the new layout BUT I don't like the joysticks, I was growing fond of the circle pads, it looked better with the circle pads too



Highwinter said:

Not a big fan, it looks very "toy-ish". I'm happy to see analogue sticks replace the circle pads though, even if the 3DS pads were really good.



BenAV said:

@EmpireIndustries With the E3 2011 model, there was a headphone jack on the top of the controller.
That seems a bit weird to me as I'd imagine it'd be a lot better being on the bottom, but we'll see.



Knux said:

This new design is a LOT better simply because Nintendo replaced the Circle Pads with actual analog sticks. This controller looks like it's going to be awesome to hold and use.



Polaris said:

I didn't like the wii remotes that much either but whatever. If that thing is heavy or as big as my tv I'm not holding it. I don't like unshapely controlers.



Shotgunryugan said:

@Knux I agree with you 100%(seriously i kinda hate circle pads).

The design is great,but can't believe TT revealed it,well either way i am not getting it day one,i'll probably wait a year or so for the price to drop(that's what i did with the Wii).



Polaris said:

I didn't like the wii remotes that much either but whatever. If that thing is heavy or as big as my tv I'm not holding it. I don't like unshapely controlers.



nfzeta007 said:

Now i would prefer if this was just the older version, the circle pads seemed like a good choice for a tablet-shaped controller as it would be just like playing a 3DS, but most likely with upgraded pads.
Also this version looks both more uncomfortable and more unnecessary space is used therefore also making the touch screen less assessable, if you guys want to see more of what i mean read this:

Honestly although everyone seems to be used to analogs i don't have a very good experience with them, having played with them much on an 360 but on PS3 they are fairly uncomfortable even after and extended amount of time getting used to them and it is worst when playing shooters.



BlueBana said:

the name of this console.. I don't have the right words for it.. I'm disappointed.



shadow68966 said:

Before i was planning to buy Wii U but with the change in the controller i might change my mind



tjhiphop said:

It seems more fit for purpose but the new analogue stick and the placing of the start button makes it look all unsymmetrical and ugly.



KingH3nrry said:

Now all it needs is clickable analog sticks, similar to ps3's L3 and R3 buttons. And a cool name change would be nice, but that's a distant second desire.



Seancy said:

E3 couldn't be coming any slower... I'm too excited to see more details.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm more than thrilled to see that the Start and Select buttons are moved closer to the player's hand. This allows for quicker movements, in my book. However, on the analogue sticks... I'm wondering if that won't be slightly awkward at first going.



Ren said:

much prefer the analog sticks. I still don't love the sliders on the 3ds, sometimes they slip and sometimes it's too easy to hold it off center misjudge where it is when making moves. It's great for a handheld but theres no reason to go there with a home console.
This looks nice and very comfortable but I think the "letter" buttons would be best a little higher and to the left next to the right analog. it's more natural to reach a little left than way down if you have to use those buttons AND the stick for things. then the start/select should be on the other side since they're more non-game options that you could well use your movement hands for when needed.
I like where this is going but overall this tablet thing is weird and risky. I also hope this isn't a dreamcast.



WingedSnagret said:

I honestly don't know what to think about the controller at this point. I'm just going to wait until we see how exactly this thing works before I put in an opinion.



pntjr said:

Hm. I have very mixed feelings about this. Let's see what happens at E3.



Alienfish said:

@grumblebuzzz #11 and anyone else who thinks that way:

WiiU can never go the way of the Dreamcast for one very simple reason: the console before it was successful. Go ahead and compare it to Sega Saturn, but don't compare Nintendo's console to Dreamcast until this one fails and the next one is ready to come out.



kdognumba1 said:

I like the redesign. It looks quite a bit more slick, I like the button placement more and prefer the real analogs to sliders.



Chris720 said:

@Aviator I see now... I see... I like the older model more, but I'm glad the Start and Select buttons have been moved.



rjejr said:

The more I look at both models the more I dislike the controller as a whole. I really prefer "sticks" over the "Sliders" but the screen is too low. I know centered is a better look for the screen on the pad but think about how you hold a book or a tablet, at or near the bottom looking above your hands. I'ld rather this thing were turned 90` so the controls were on the bottom and the screen above them, as if adding a screen to the top of a classic controller rather than in the middle. I feel like I'll need to hold the controller too much in front of my face blocking the tv in order to see it clearly.
Has anybody else had this reaction?



CommanderAudio said:

Game developers with half a wit. Another bane for game excectuives. Anyone remember when a worker at Crytek leaked the name for the new Xbox? (Durango, if anyone's wondering)



Tasuki said:

Personally I liked the slider pads more than the analog sticks but I can deal with either of them. I just felt like the slider pad was Nintendo's own twist on the analog stick like Nintendo did way back with the cross pad on the NES when everyone else used joysticks.

Other than that it looks a bit wider to me as well.

Anyone know what that square button below the crosspad is for?



Pete_Stooge said:

Ok, this starts to look like it...analogue sticks, thank you!

On this thing i actually could PLAY.



ThePirateCaptain said:

One blueprint showed that this design is a little bit smaller as well as having a concave in the back versus being flat. I don't know if it was real but it would seem so.



FJOJR said:

Not sure why I feel they are trying to do too much with the control. Hope they bust the doors open with games that use it smartly at E3. Then I'll be convinced. I also hope the Wii Remote Plus becomes the standard and make the original Wii Remote incompatible with WiiU games.



Mercury9 said:

After playing with a circlepad, you can keep your analogue sticks.
I would put money on it that using this Wii U pad with analogues for a usual play session will hurt your hands unless they were set further down. Put them in the middle and make those buttons bigger! I'm not a 3 year old

I'd love to see a splash of colour maybe in the style of the SNES. I'm a bit bored of all white now.

I like the design but it just looks top heavy.



Mercury9 said:

Move the Dpad down to where the odd square thing is and move the analogues to where the Dpad was. And I'm not a fan of all those buttons next to each other. What's the need to bunch up the face buttons when there is so much surface area to fill?!

Plus and minus down by the home button ta!

Does anyone know what the weight distribution of it is? Where is it's battery housed?



DrDaisy said:

I don't mind the analog sticks as long as they don't wear out easily like pretty much every first-party analog stick on a Nintendo controller I have come across. Some of my Nintendo 64 games are almost unplayable, and that may be thanks in part to that stupid octagonal ring surrounding the control sticks.



Mercury9 said:

An option to hold it upside down for left handed players would be fantastic. I'm a righty but because the Wii U pad looks virtually identical when viewed upside down, a control scheme for lefties would be great

Shame about that ridge thing round back...



SMW said:

I'm convinced that this is just an older model. Either way its still obviously a dev kit with the unmarked buttons and control sticks looking weird. I say to just wait for E3.



TheRegginator said:

I'm happy that the circle pads have been changed to analog sticks and that the + and - buttons have been moved to a more convenient location.

I would like to know what the new square shaped buttons to the left of the power button and below the d-pad are.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I liked the Circle Pads, but if the analogue sticks are clickable then I'm all for it; as well as the staggered face buttons and D-Pad. Give us analogue triggers and we're all set!!



hendie001 said:

i love the new analog sticks look the same as the wavebird and i love the stick on the wavebird. everyone should just chill till e 3 then we will get the real offical spec s from nintendo then we can give and educated opinion till then its all bs




If you enlarge the image by clicking on it it looks nice. The main issue for me isn't too much what it likes like. I want it to work well. Analogue sticks are a step in the right direction.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Ohhhhhh buddy -_- that looks so uncomfortable to play with look like for the first time ill be taking a break of gaming every half a hour :I



drumsandperc92 said:

im happy about the analog sticks, i was worried about the circle pads...there was no point in choosing those over sticks for a home console.
the new location of the + and - buttons is more convenient for quick and easy access, you wont have to move your hand, your thumb should be able to reach them now from the normal position.
also, what is with the random grey square located under the D-pad?
May be a simple sticker or something on the concept.
furthermore, i agree with everyone/anyone who has asked for clickable analogue sticks.
The circle pads wouldn't have had a clickable option, but now that they are going with sticks they should include clickable sticks.
This allows simply for another two physical inputs, not to mention Nintendo has been ignoring clickable sticks for two console generations already.
But I'm happy with this redesign. Looking forward to E3!



Henmii said:

The good news: Real analogue sticks!!
The bad news: Aren't they placed pretty high (the analogue sticks), or is that just me?



MagicEmperor said:

The problem with me is... I simply can't give my two cents until I try it for myself. I will hence reserve judgment until I get my hands on the Wii U.



Mercury9 said:


The analogue sticks are indeed on both sides but look at it upside down. It's the same layout as it is when upright. The buttons would help cater for lefties as when it's upside down, the buttons are in the same place they would be for a right handed player.
All I'm saying is because the layout is the same both upside down and the right way up it could be used to help both righties and lefties

Helping players play a game isn't stupid...



Shining-Void said:

After staring at the redone controller for 5 minutes it kind of looks better. I just think the buttons could be a tad bit bigger. Also did you guys notice the ring around the home button. I think it functions the same way as the one on xbox controllers.



Neram said:

Still looks very prototype-ish to me. Perhaps it's just an updated prototype that was given out to developers? Maybe this isn't the final format.



luminalace said:

My biggest concern with the Wii U controller was the circle glad they have returned to the excellent Nintendo Analogue sticks! No need to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place!



Splat said:

This controller does nothing for me what so ever, I have lost all interest in Wii U.



cheleuitte said:

WE NEED A BIGGER SCREEN!!!!! Why do the aways try and come up with cheap stuff at the launch and then improve? Give it to us from the get go, Or at LEAst try



MikeyMikeMike said:

Very glad for the analog pads make sense when you have to constantly keep the controller (and your wrists) tilted upwards in order to see the screen as you would on a handheld. Even, still...the Sony PS Vita has shown that analog sticks can be comfortable on a portable. Plus, don't forget that the Wii U will continue to support the Wii-Mote and therefore its plugins such as the nunchuk and classic controller/classic pro. Later Wii games supported additional controller options so there is no reason to think Wii-U games will not continue to embrace these welcome options.



Doma said:

Analog sticks were always gonna be the better choice, it'd be hard for a gamer to take the thing seriously without 'em. But does it have those handle grips that were also seen on the back of the original design (before the inferior E3 model)? If so, all there'd be left to fix is the ridiculous oversize and stupid name.



MitchVogel said:

It had better not be! The analog sticks are a good thing, but that new button layout is TERRIBLE!



47drift said:

I'm skeptical. I don't like the +control pad and face buttons being moved closer to the center, and I much prefer circle pads after getting used to them on the 3DS.



Slapshot said:

Thank the god's of Final Fantasy! Analogue sticks are better than Control Sliders any day of the week!



XxGame_LoverXx said:

The Wii U is gonna rule and da the 3DS is gonna dominate the hand held generation... man all Nintendo need to do is go back to their old roots to what made the NES, SNE, N64 and Gamecube popular... don't get me wrong Playstation make good exclussive but they die out fast... everythang Nintendo always made has had longevity to it... Mario and Zelda is still one of most popular francishe that is still being played and bought 2day... ion thank their gon fail... I thank their finally get ahead of the competion and their using osme Sega elements to get them where they need to be... like fahreal jus watch and see the Wii U gon blow the doors off the Playstation 3 and 360



XxGame_LoverXx said:

I jus wonder how da sports game, fighting games, and Grand Theft Auto type games are gonna play and look... I hope that every thang be all shiny and glossy not all dull and plastic looking like most games are... if your gonna be the "next big-thing" at least blow our freaking minds and keep us guessing... I hope the sound quality on the countroller is good... I wanna feel like Im at the arcades or something even tho Im at home in front of the flat screen... I want it to be so intense to the point I almost pee myself for not wanna get off the game... that da type gameplay inovation Im looking forward to



BenAV said:

@Mercury9 You try playing the thing upsidedown and see how that goes for you.
There's no way you'd be able to get a good grip on the controller, and good luck using the shoulder buttons probably on the bottom of the controller.
A left handed mode is completely unnecessary considering the system is practically symmetrical. The dpad can be used as face buttons for a game that uses the stylus, and for the rest it'll work just fine how it is.
Also, considering you asked, the analogue sticks and buttons are all near the top so you can actually use the shoulder buttons without having to stretch out your hand how far it would go.
It looks very comfortable how it is now... What you suggested sounds painful.

@DAaaMan64 Multitouch is unnecessary.
For a system like the Wii U, there are going to hardly ever be a practical use for it.
The touch screens on the DS systems continues to work really well, and there's no reason for them to fix what isn't broken.
I'm also really not to fond of the touch screen on my phone, either.



SuperKris said:

Come on Nintendo! Its a tad bit bigger now...and the layout is not that great. I don't understand, but I guess we'll have to wait until E3 to see it in action.



BenAV said:

@Mercury9 I wasn't trying to be mean.
You have a right to your opinion just like everyone else, so if you think those things will benefit the system, then that's fine.

I just wanted to point out that personally, I don't see how the things you suggested would be practical with how the controller is set out.
But hey, I could always be wrong!



Nintendaholic said:

how can you all be complaining about the controller. you have never held it. nintendo is not stupid they wouldnt make the controller uncomfortable or hard to play with



NImH said:

What is wrong with you?! Have you failed to realize that we are an army of self-righteous children and 30-year-old, Mom's-house-living know-it-all's?
We haven't seen the light of day since sometime on Friday! We are stir-crazy, and this conversation has been the most passionate moment of our day. Mom said you should just keep your opinion to yourself.



DAaaMan64 said:

@BenAV, give me break. Zooming and right clicking, all basic features that users expect of touch screens have to be implemented in some bass-ackwards way now because Nintendo can't get with times as usual.



BenAV said:

@DAaaMan64 I suspect that the Wii U will use the touch screen for mostly the same sort of things as the DS/3DS does, and probably less often.
The 3DS's touch screen works perfectly fine for everything they need it to do, and I don't see how the Wii U will be any different.
I understand that many people like you would much prefer it if they included a multitouch screen, but I'm also pretty sure there's a lot of people like me who'd prefer they just leave it how it is.
Both ways have their positives and negatives, but what they have now has been proven to work on their handhelds and will works just as well on the Wii U.
No matter what Nintendo do, they're not going to please everyone.



motang said:

Nintendo must not be liking this dude much right now. He just blew off the lid, not good.



SamsonCat said:

I actually like the new controller. With those analogs, Nintendo might lure in some of the hardcore gamers! I dunno the circle pads wouldn't feel right on this controller in my opinion. Feels better on the 3DS.



DAaaMan64 said:

@BenAV, this screen is huge, I love to see two people touching it. A mother with a child in her lap for example. This stupid limitation `is like creative violation when it's been a standard for 6 years...



Smooth27 said:

Hell yeah I'm sold thanks to the analogue traditional sticks, now I can sleep a little better.



Chobi said:

The new Wii U controller design looks pretty good to me. I'm digging it. Looking forward to this year E3 for more information on the system.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Great to see analogue sticks. I hope we'll see a lot of what the console can do during the E3 conference.
And while i'm still not sure about the name if it really makes heavy use of the Wii's controllers it might actually be the right choice.



Flowerlark said:

I think WiiU is kind of a weird name that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but honestly it doesn't matter what it's called so long as it's fun to play. I'm also happy that there will be analogue sticks over circle pads.



BenAV said:

@DAaaMan64 Sure, that's one use of a multitouch screen but I can't see the system being used for too many things like that even with a multitouch screen.
This system appears that it's going to be like a DS expanded into a home console rather than anything else, and in my personal opinion using the same touch screen tech that they've been using for their DS systems is a good choice.
It's accurate and you can use your finger, fingernail, stylus or whatever else you choose.
Seems like a good choice, but that might just be me then.



JimLad said:

I don't believe it will be uncomfortable in any way, Nintendo have never made an uncomfortable controller. I do wish they would make the buttons a bit bigger though, there's no need to have them so small on a controller that big. Also they need colour really it makes them easier to identify. Clearly a choice of style over practicality there.
I'm glad they chose sticks though, slide pads are good for handhelds but for long console use I wouldn't want to use them.



kyuubikid213 said:

@rjejr I don't think that will be a problem. The WiiU is basically a Giant 3DS. When I play my 3DS, I don't find that I have to look at the touchscreen at the same time as I see the 3D screen. I think that when I use this, I will look mainly at my television and if I need to use the touchscreen for anything, then I will do so and once I'm done, I'll just look back at the TV. The only way I would encounter something like this is if they had a Call of Duty U and you used the controller to Aim Down the Sight (ADS).



ajcismo said:

Its funny reading the praises/complaints when the fact of the matter is not a single person on this board has actually tried this thing out yet.



MAB said:

Looks pretty damn special to me. Ninty puts alot of effort into making comfortable controls so I don't think they would go through numerous changes if its not going to feel good to hold and to the people saying there is alot of space between sticks and buttons to the screen remember there's alot of tech going on in such a small unit, well it is a standard controller/tablet/streaming viewer/another window into the game world/and many ? we don't know yet device. E3 is gonna be sweeeet



3dbrains said:

I have played on the original wiiU controller earlier this year. It was extremely comfortable to hold, to the point where I forgot I had next gen in my hands.



James said:

Yummy yummy. Just makes me want it more.

Clickable analogue sticks are a must if Wii U is going to offer the core games we all claim to want.




I love the controller! Both designs are great, but I would probably prefer analogue sticks than circle pads, but not overly fussed. As for those that think it's too big......I'll bet your the first to moan that you think the screen is too small when you use the controller as your main screen!

Nintendo contollers are winners. Always have been, always will be.



Onett said:

I like the old layout better. Everything is mapped out similarly to the 3DS and the circle pads are travel friendly. I can't tell you how many times I've had my gamecube analogue sticks wear and tear because they protrude out of the controller and are often pressed against something when they are packed away on the go. The circle pads are a great way to prevent the same types of wear and tear like the gamecube controllers and insure that the owner won't have to spend a fortune replacing it. I'm almost certain that the circle pads are going to be on the newer model. I'm calling it now.

In addtion, the missing "Wii U" logo on the older image leaves room for the possible name change at E3. I'm not holding my breath though. Both controllers look fantastic. I'm so excited I can almost pee my pants.



AVahne said:

I hope they have two versions available for people to choose. I prefer Nintendo's circle pads over analog sticks now and find them much more comfortable and just as responsive as sticks. Only difference to me is that the pads feels much more natural and comfortable to move than sticks. I can imagine that they'll be much more satisfying to click than analog sticks (I HATE how the click feels on PS3 controllers, feels way too disjointed).



Onett said:

After looking at the images some more, it makes sense that the analogue sticks/circle pads are up so high. How else are you going to click those L and R triggers without having to maneuver your hands in an awkward manner? I imagine if everything were to be moved down or centered, this thing would be too top heavy. It would be silly to do that just to fill the empty space.

Clickable circle pads? Mmm... core-gamers.



Mahemoth said:

It looks good enough and I bet its comfy enough too. To be honest, Nintendo has to screw up alot of things for me not to buy this awesome system.



MeloMan said:

I wanted to see what the slide pads felt like but I won't complain about the analogs. I'm just ready to get my hands on it.



ajcismo said:

Good to hear. I can appreciate your experience with it. It just bothers me that there are some serious opinions either way in the comments section without any sort of proof/experience with the topic at hand. I'm pretty excited to try it out myself, it looks rather comfortable.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

I like analogue sticks better than circle pads i think its easier to control so i would be one of the people it would please so.. yeah.



SonyFACE said:

Hmm... Cosmetically, this thing looks horrible. It probably won't be any more functional either, and either they made the screen smaller or the sides longer. Either way, that's not good.



3dbrains said:

The sides are now wider to accomodate stick placement and probably because Nintendo spend 1000's hours testing comfort and strength of all of their products... and saw this was much better.
The screen is exactly the same 6.2" we have all grown to love.

I just found out something VERY dissappointing about WiiU.
2 weeks to go!



TimboBaggins said:

I personally do not care about the analog sticks unless they are clickable. If they aren't clickable, whats the damn point? I would rather have the slider pads if that is the case. I like that the sticks are no longer directly above the other buttons, but they could have pushed them even further. Great idea to move the +/- buttons to the right side, this gives them the ability to be used as additional buttons for future games, kinda like how they were used for Metroid Triology. They would be impossible to reach while using the joysticks if they stayed in the center. Also, instead of circular holes I hope they go with the octagonal hole shape for the joystick similar to the Wii nunchuck because it is very hard to hold a joystick straight for a long period of time without a notch to push it into



NintendoMaster said:

The controller looks great, but I feel sorry for the guy who leaked this. My question is why would you leak something like this knowing that you would get fired and possibly sued by Nintendo for not keeping the NDA?



Volmun said:

i just noticed what is that in-between the Power button and the power light?? lol odd un-marked button's



Joshume said:

NINTENDOFACE,don't be picky now.I'm sure it's improved.And besides,you haven't even tried the prototype yet.I know,'cause I'm stalking you right now.In fact,I'm in the same room you are.Heh heh...........Yeah I'm just kidding.




mexlost said:

They could have dropped the da*n screen out of the design. If Nintendo wants to be 3rd place (at least or at best), the screen has to go. 3D was gone from the 3DS, so why not forgetting about the screen on the U? (a name change would do wonders too).

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