It's just a couple of weeks before E3, which means that we should be prepared for impatient industry insiders to leak some of Nintendo's big reveals ahead of time. It seems that a QA tester at TT Games — the developer behind all of those LEGO games — has posted an image of a redesigned Wii U tablet controller online.

It didn't take long for the offending tweet to be deleted, but the image has already spread around the internet like wildfire. The big revelation appears to be that 3DS-style Circle Pads have been replaced by analogue sticks, which may please some. There's been some rearrangement of buttons as well, and the Wii U branding appears to have survived, suggesting that Nintendo may stick with its original name for the console.

So what do you think? Are you pleased with the analogue sticks, the Wii U branding and the overall design? Let us know in the comments below.