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Wed 11th Apr 2012

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Enzo_V commented on Feature: Nintendo in 2012 - Part One:

Woah at first like I was buying kid icarus on march then the other games this 2012 and now it's 2013 that was a flash hoping for more Awesome years with nintendo. Greatest company ever ^ u ^



Enzo_V commented on Wii U Price And Release Dates Confirmed:

i hope nintendo life is gonna post the wii u hates i red from and gamestop they are all like THE WII U IS GONNA FAIL. Lets see how the ps4 fails in the future .-.



Enzo_V commented on Michael Pachter Admits That Wii U Pro Controll...:

MEH still buying it i dont care about his opinion if he does not love it better shut his mouth about it. Gets to the conclusion wii U is blah blah as expected from idiots who never played wii u but gives their opinion about it.



Enzo_V commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

im lazy ...

<a href=" face/wildduckburger59/okay-face-n1299530375611.jpg?o=23" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>



Enzo_V commented on Japanese Charts Bring Golden Results for Nintendo:

the game is about ur a boy and u get to make babies with the girls XD
and let ur children join u in battle o.O -poker face-
I think its cool? but weird xD

ok thats it satoru fire emblem is going to AMERICA =.=



Enzo_V commented on We'll Probably See Some New Nintendo Character...:

well i liked the anime styled characters like in fire emblem. we need lots of those or even characters like in street fighter. characters with guns and stuff. peach and daisy has their own rivals. side characters from mario galaxy.