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MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: TNT Racers (WiiWare):

That was my point, that there were no negatives spoken I was curious why the score was what it was..I haven't bought this and was looking for advice on a potential purchase which includes fair critiques



MikeyMikeMike commented on Talking Point: Wii U Bundles Need to Suit Us All:

Definitely hoping on a bare bones version. Many people myself included have spent significant $ on extra Wii controllers of different kinds and would definitely not be interested in paying extra for things I don't need. 1 console & 1 gamepad pelase...



MikeyMikeMike commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

Consider the difference in cost between the Wii when it came out, and the PS3 & 360 (don't forget those are often sold without a hard drive etc..). A lot of people aren't willing to invest hundreds of dollars on a console and if the Wii-U is affordable, more consoles will move which should make it a more profitable proposition for developers. The issue with the original Wii is that it was so far behind the others in graphical output that only high profile games had the time and money invested for graphical optimization. As a gamer I want developers to spend their time on design creativity, not figuring out which corners to cut to make a game look and run decently on an underpowered console. Hopefully the Wii-U strikes a happier medium.



MikeyMikeMike commented on Redesigned Wii U Tablet Controller Is Revealed:

Very glad for the analog pads make sense when you have to constantly keep the controller (and your wrists) tilted upwards in order to see the screen as you would on a handheld. Even, still...the Sony PS Vita has shown that analog sticks can be comfortable on a portable. Plus, don't forget that the Wii U will continue to support the Wii-Mote and therefore its plugins such as the nunchuk and classic controller/classic pro. Later Wii games supported additional controller options so there is no reason to think Wii-U games will not continue to embrace these welcome options.



MikeyMikeMike commented on Rumour: Retro Studios Preparing Star Fox Wii U...:

I would much rather see a new Starfox than F-Zero. I have to disagree with comments about an open-world fzero and perhaps even question those that say its time to let go of the game's forced rail scrolling. Those things allowed the developers to create tight, planned scenarios... Star-Fox was never intended to be a flight sim nor do I think it would benefit from being able to spend tedious hours flying amidst empty space with AI fighters. The game's strength always sourced from being able to maneuver around grounded environmental obstacles (or in parts of the game between floating yet basically still fixed objects.



MikeyMikeMike commented on Descent:

This game was awesome back then...I hope they up the resolution in this version for TVs that seriously exceed the computer monitors this game was originally designed for...controls are the other big concern...



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: TNT Racers (WiiWare):

While an informative review of the game there isn't any justification for score. Only positive things listed were listed outside of local only leader-boards?



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Aya and the Cubes of Light (WiiWare):

Motion for jump? in a platformer? with no alternatives? Idiots!...I'm probably preaching to the choir but the Wii has been out for 5 is it that developers still don't have a grasp for when motion controls are best. Anything with analog recognition of tilt, single or multi-directional, anything that could use a bounding box or mouse, and flicks that are recognizable by direction. Worse, how have they not figured that not every game released for the Wii has to have Wii-specific controls. At the least, offer us an alternative...



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Burn the Rope (WiiWare):

Even if they upgraded the amazing static screen graphics to fit a TV I can't see this above $5...which I might have spent. But when games like Lost Winds cost $10, who in their right mind thought a $.99 I-phone puzzler would sell at that price on Wiiware???



MikeyMikeMike commented on Bobby Carrot Forever:

@8, If they are similar to Chip's Challenge that's a good thing. I was addicted to that game.
@9 I actually favor DLC in concept, the pricing structure just has to make sense that doesn't make the game seem like a demo without it (space invaders get even).



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Heavy Fire: Black Arms (WiiWare):

I honestly think the first game did well because it was the only sort of realistic looking shooting game on the service. Since my expectations for it were roughly the equivalent of Carnival King in military camo I actually thought it was passable...Carnival King is miles better though...still this second round is unquestionably a pass.



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Liight (WiiWare):

The overview states the game is for "2" players...but I didn't see any mention of it in the review. Is that a split screen mode in "nonstop" or some kind of a co-op mode?



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Bomberman Hero (Virtual Console / Nint...:

@37 Maybe "outright broken" was a bit of an exaggeration, but Exed Exes as well as the "date and overpriced...Capcom arcades" were all released sequentially with no bright spots in between. I am an avid fan of the VC but when three versions of one of those arcade games are already available on the VC, at least two of which were clearly better and the third about the same (Ghouls and Ghosts, Super Ghouls and Ghosts etc...) you start to strongly question the decision making process of releases. There are good games which are completely unreleased on the VC, and there are games of which there are better versions or good sequels too that aren't yet available either, that's all. If I didn't consider the VC to be such a great concept, I wouldn't be so critical of some of the execution.
@38 you're right, the stream has been better than what's been on wiiware lately, but I don't get exited over something I'm not thrilled with because something else is worse...



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Bomberman Hero (Virtual Console / Nint...:

I'm glad to see any releases on the VC just to keep it moving, there have been so few lately; but with so many great potentials I just cannot understand the need to release some of the complete garbage that we get...I can understand spacing out the great games to make some money off the average ones like Bomberman Hero but much of what we get borders on outright broken let alone fun...doesn't Nintendo realize that for gamers new to retro games, such purchases may hurt their consumer confidence in the VC & discourage them from future purchases that they may actually be happy with...just a thought..



MikeyMikeMike commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Likely to have...:

Definitely looking forward to this. The physics didn't feel natural but after a half hour or so Sonic was doing what I wanted him too, possibly even in a more precise way (not really sure where I stand on this). What I want to see out of the next version though is: Levels that do not resemble those of the past (nostalgia was nice but enough), multiplayer of some kind, new powerups-rocket skates, diving suit, high jump shoes, gloves for wall climbing etc..., maybe some vehicles, some kind of RPG style abilities tree (it's a good basic formula but I'm ready for some depth).



MikeyMikeMike commented on Features: Games That Should Already Be on Virt...:

Oh yeah, how could I forget Contra Hard Corps...there are way less popular games that have gotten released on VC...this is one that did well originally and is still in high demand now...what does it take for a game to get released on VC!!!



MikeyMikeMike commented on Japan Getting Online Multiplayer for a Virtual...:

It's about time Nintendo allowed companies to adjust their games for VC. Is it really necessary to play 16 bit games on the Wii with their original slowdown. I appreciate authenticity based nostalgia, but how many games such as Metal Slug 2 would become suddenly that much more playable if they didn't try to emulate their paltry original hardware...or how difficult would it be to add leaderboards to all those shooters released on VC...puzzle games like Magic drop would definitely pick up sales...the articles suggestion of fighting games or Mario Kart being given online multiplayer would be awesome but I think that's wishful dreaming...I only hope to be wrong (I would gladly shell out ten or twelve bucks for that Mario Kart purchase). Hopefully SEGA's move will nudge the big N in the right direction.



MikeyMikeMike commented on MotoHeroz Trailer Unleashed:

Really hoping this has online multiplayer...looks awesome, hoping the level designs are truly clever and well varied. Wiiware's been in dire need of a good racer.
Between this and what Shinen will offer hopefully that niche will finally be catered to.



MikeyMikeMike commented on JellyCar 2:

Jelly 1 was a free game so it wouldn't be on WiiWare

This game sells for $0.99 for the iphone so I hope this isn't just a straight port for $5.00...



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Metal Slug 2 (Virtual Console / Neo Geo):

It's 2011 in two days....where's MSlug X?
Being as it will inevitably arrive at some point, that's a pretty lame tactic to release the inferior version first...not that we haven't seen SNK do that before on VC (Street Fighter anyone?).



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Metal Slug (Virtual Console / Neo Geo):

The problem with flicking the wiimote for grenades is that often you need to throw them in streams of 3 or more, especially with bosses. Hitting a button is just faster. manleycartoonist said it "helps conserve your grenades", shouldn't that be my choice, rather than forced?



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Inkub (WiiWare):

Though a simple and somewhat repetitive game I rather enjoyed Dive, and had gotten the impression that Cosmonaut Games understood the core aspects that make video games fun...waggle in the presence of free buttons, let alone the idea of a physically swung object i.e. tennis racket kills the impression. That's even with the other issues aside...



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Frobot (WiiWare):

How long approximately does it take to get through the single player stages? How hard (how many replay's) is it going to take approximately to attain the goal times?
Also, as someone already asked, how many levels? Do levels consist of a single fixed frame, or are there multiple rooms to a level?



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Astro Bugz Revenge (WiiWare):

Actually I beat about half the game in two sittings hoping later levels would get interesting, then deleted it since they never did. Sorry if it sounded personal...but I put up with that boredom for a few hours trying to figure what you liked about this game, and purchased it on your recommendation....too each his own I guess.
I guess it seemed worse than it is due to high expectations. Still, this is the most boring game I've ever played in my life

Would have loved to see a review that sounded like the one you gave that Fester's Quest game the quote where you stated that this will make you want to do other things like "clean your kitchen."



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: BIT.TRIP FATE (WiiWare):


10. MikeyMikeMike United States 27 Oct 2010, 04:40 BST

Great game! If you took Geometry Wars Galaxies, turned it into a forced scrolling shooter & then added a rail, this is roughly what you'd get. The rail is the unique element and a clever one at that. Beautiful graphics, music which I like better than any of the previous releases (not that those were bad), and the layering based on how your doing is still a wonderful idea. The only criticism I can lay on this game is that it's short, with length based on difficulty and replay-ability (it has taken me a day to beat more than half the game). On the other hand I'd rather replay these six than have them so hard I'd wonder if I'd ever see the last level (Bit Trip. Core please stand up).

Either way big thumbs's nice to see there's a reviewer on here who's recommendations I can almost always rely on.

A difficulty option would be nice...I can handle a tough game, but that fact that whether your playing Beat, Void or Core with 1 or 4 players offers you exactly the same level of challenge makes even the second of only three levels in each of these feel frustratingly hard for a single player. Fate is notably easier than any of these though...



MikeyMikeMike commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1:

Tried it today, great!!!
First off, this isn't 16 bit as someone said (Furthermore it's wide screen).
4 areas with 4 acts each. You still have to collect the emeralds to become super sonic. Some new ideas like balancing on a ball or walking through a dark level with a torch and some other good stuff. Everything feels well updated. You have a double jump. The physics feel a little different and kind of bothered me at first but I adjusted to it. In the original your more of a your momentum in a curved landing comes to a halt at some point and start to fall straight down, earlier than what seems natural...on the upside you seem to have more control though but it takes some getting used to as the original felt more earth like. Online leaderboards for times and a level select from the start for score hunting (though you can't take on the boss levels till you beat what precedes them in each world. The new bonus levels have you rotating the world with a wii tilt option (think And Yet It Moves).
All in all as both a retro gamer and someone who appreciates innovation I'm happy. It keeps to the formula but polishes and updates it quite a bit.



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Astro Bugz Revenge (WiiWare):

Do Not Waste Your Money:
This game is a testament to bad game design. While it initially appears to have potential, there are numerous frustrations to be had.
(1) Sometimes when you pop a bug the explosion seems to collide with you and make you lose even though there isn't a reason for it.
(2) Sometimes there are bugs positioned in such a way, that there is no way to break them without causing yourself to lose (they are by themselves and hanging really low), so you are actually wasting your time when you should just restart the level...thought the devs could have figured out that one.
(3) Sometimes you are given bugs that aren't applicable unless you wait for the whole thing to turn over by which point you will lose...but firing them off may not help you as they may either cling to a non visible portion of the mass or worse, you'll keep getting the same color 4 times in a row. Since the game tracks your accuracy to decide if you go to the bonus round or not this is particularly annoying.
(4) On many levels you just can't get the right color no matter how many you fire off and lose within the first 20-30 seconds. This brings me to a more important point....If you can survive the first 30 seconds of any level, then you will most likely beat it in the following flipping a coin. The game isn't hard, it just doesn't feel as though you are the main reason you win or lose (each time a level restarts the bugs are randomized so there isn't a "correct" solution).

By the way...the reviewer stated that you may want to avoid the wildcard (this power up actually matches whatever it isn't really wild and you definitely don't want to avoid it). Furthermore the reviewer stated that you are not playing for the power-ups...I should elaborate. When you pop a strand of 5 or more bugs, stars fall out...collecting these stars places powerups (which are typically necessary to beat a level) on the various bugs...You Are playing for the powerups.
(5) Occasionally you'll catch a flame power up which if sent through a bomb in the middle will single-handedly clear most of the level taking out any strategy or challenge with it.

The positives of this game lie in the interesting control method of bugs in the revenge mode as you can stear them after well as co-op and versus modes. If you plan to play this by yourself you should stick to Bubble Bobble.

I often disagree with reviewers, but if I feel they were attempting to be objective I respect that...even if I personally dislike a game. In this case though I feel the reviewer has done all readers and buyers a disservice...



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Super Turrican 2 (Virtual Console / Su...:

If I had to pick the top four run-n-gun games of the 16 bit console era it would be Metal Slug, Contra III, Gunstar Heroes and Super Turrican 2. This is one I originally missed and am glad to find on the VC. Some VC games I've downloaded with slight disappointment as the games have not aged as well as my fond a gamer who has no original memories of this game to compare with, I am very impressed with how great this game looks and feels today. The controls are spot on with only a "?" about why I can't shoot up or diagonally since my freeze laser and grappling hook both do it, but it never feels cheep as there is always a way to hit everything. The grappling hook in particular is very useful since it lets you telescope up and down it in addition to swinging and clinging to walls and ceilings. Lot's of variety and lot's of levels, adjustable difficulty...very impressive!



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Block Breaker Deluxe (WiiWare):

This is what it means to breathe new life into an old game. For a game based on precision control it's important to have analog controls that never make you feel as though losing a life was the game's fault and these are fast you are and incredibly precise. The gathering of power-ups through the use of the pointer inevitably involves some decision making calls. Getting too greedy trying to collect them can be the reason you lost a life adding a layer to the core gameplay mechanic. The level designs are strong though sometimes quite difficult. The powerups are clever. They even found a way to overcome that annoying last piece that you just can't seem to hit, having it grow dynamite blocks that string together. Add to that the ability to purchase permanent upgrades and an open-world style map to go between and you have one of the best Breakout clones to date. A significant improvement on the earlier versions. The only criticisms I can really lay on this game is the slightly odd task of collecting bikinis, shoes, jewelry and the like. If you can overlook that, this is a great game.



MikeyMikeMike commented on Review: Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers (WiiWare):

That's too bad. I rather like the pointer based shooting while driving concept. The waggle for reloads seems like the most blatant and glaring mistake, though it sounds like all other aspects of the game were rather uninspired and worsen an already damaged idea. I wonder why it has such a high price tag?