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Sun 20th May, 2012

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tjhiphop commented on ​Early Adopters of Xeodrifter Actually May N...:

@Peach64 Untrue. There are two methods of doing Cross-buy on Nintendo systems, which is chosen by the developer.

Method 1 is account-based, if you've bought the game on one system, you can download on any other system with the same account. This is open to a little exploitation since you can link multiple 3DSs to the same NNID and other people can download a free copy of a game (I think that's what the exploit was at least...).

Method 2 appears to be the method that Renegade Kid is taking. It basically amounts to receiving a 3DS code when you buy on Wii U and vice-versa. This method not only can't be exploited, it allows games to be gifted if you only want one version. That means this method is not account-based whatsoever and is reliant on the code found in the receipt. I can only assume that it is impossible to add a code onto the receipt after the purchase, hence the "technical difficulties".



tjhiphop commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

@mjc0961 I want the Special Edition on the day of release, such is my confidence in the game. It's ink-redibly unlikely I can achieve this goal without pre-ordering. Because of this, I've pre-ordered and have no intention of cancelling. There is a point to pre-orders, especially when few of the downsides apply to Splatoon.